12 Best Travel Humidors and Buying Guides in 2018

Travelling with cigars is not as straightforward as it sounds; we are not talking about just grabbing a few Havana’s and stuffing them in your pocket like some pocket change.

Without storing your cigars in an appropriately humid condition (which is thought to be a humidity level between 65%-70%), they start to lose their flavor as they begin to dry up. Here’s where cigar humidors come in. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a much lengthier business trip, you would need one of the best travel humidors to retain the authentic taste of your cigars.

For hundreds of years, cigar aficionados have relied on cigar humidors to preserve the flavor and aroma of cigars. That said, finding the perfect travel humidor is not an easy task since there is a handful of factors to consider and multiple options to choose from. Just to make your decision easier, we have compiled a list  the best travel cases for cigar.  Check them out to see which suits you the best.


Before we start discussing the which travel humidor you can buy, we must briefly explain why you would need one in the first place. A humidor is an essential cigar accessory you should buy to keep your Smokey as fresh as the day you bought them.

To maintain their genuine flavor, cigars need to be stored in a befittingly humid environment. Tobaccos are endemic to tropical regions, and if you are a cigar lover living outside the sun-kissed shores of the tropic, you would need to resort to a simulated arrangement to ensure the appeasing puffs you deserve from your smoking treasure.

Humidors recreate the native humid condition of tobaccos and keep your cigars smoke ready all the time. If you travel frequently and have a regular urge for nice smoke, you should use one of the best portable humidors to carry your cigars along.

Even if you are not much of a traveler, a humidor will prove quite useful to you since it gives you the perfect moist required for keeping your cigars in top notch condition. Many cigar aficionados argue that just like wine, cigars get better as they age and a proper humidor is necessary to retain the majestic ingenuity of your cigars.


Here are the factors you need to consider to find out which are best travel case for cigars on the market:

  1. Size

The size does matter when it comes to choosing the perfect travel humidor for you. Make sure the humidor you are willing to buy has ample space to store the number of cigars you want to store. Cigar humidors come in various sizes and shapes; some are as big as a giant room, and some are compact enough to carry around in your pocket.

Room humidors are used by cigar collectors or distributors who need to store thousands of dozens of cigars for a substantial period. We are talking about more personalized versions here, which are small enough to be carried along wherever you go but how small should you go for? Or should you just pick a bigger portable version?

In case of smaller humidors, you would have to stuff your cigars which, in turn, would compromise the flavor of the cigars because the humidor wouldn’t be able to allow ambient air supply to facilitate the aging process of the cigars.

Larger humidors, on the other hand, could lead to a case of “humidity overdose’’!  We did say that humidity is good for preserving cigars, but exposure to excessive moisture could dampen the cigars. Damp cigars cause uneven burn in cigars, meaning different parts of the cigar would burn in different rates; this phenomenon is also termed as “tunneling.”  Dampening also brings about unwanted swelling in the tobacco leaves used in cigars, which makes them difficult to smoke.

So, just pick the size you would need to store the exact amount of cigars you intend to store. Many customers might highly rate a specific humidor model as one of the best travel humidors, but if the size is not right for you, then it will do you no good.

  1. Portability

Since we are talking about best travel cigar cases, portability should be one of the most crucial factors to keep in mind while you are shopping for humidors. Needless to say, a travel humidor is a must have if you are a frequent traveler but even if you are not, it would be a wise investment to make for any cigar enthusiasts. The best potable humidors should be relatively smaller and lighter so that they could be easily put aside in your backpack or pocket while you are out on your roadside adventures.

Always try to maintain an optimal balance between size and portability; don’t over-compromise the size when buying a travel humidor. Portability is vastly essential but what good would it be if you can’t store the right amount of cigars in it?

In such cases, you should also look at the materials that are being used to design the humidor, go for lighter components if they are stable enough. You would find the travel humidors to be a bit more affordable than other size humidors because of their compactness and subtlety. On an average basis, you can carry up to a few dozen cigars in a typical travel humidor, which should be sufficient to accompany you on your trips. We would even recommend buying a travel humidor even if you have a larger humidor.  We all have a craving for a lazy puff now and then; wouldn’t it be great just to take out the humidor from your pocket and put one in your mouth instead of having to walk to your humidor?

  1. The Seal

If the seal in a humidor is flawed, no matter how frequently you fill up the humidor you won’t be able to retain the target level humidity, which ideally lies between 65%-70%. The perfect travel cigar case boast an airtight sealing system that recreates the exact humid condition required for cigars to sustain their ingenuity.

Before buying a travel humidor, always remember to check the seal carefully. Here’s a simple method to test the seal of any humidors-first, take the humidor and close the lid. Next, take a dollar bill, any dollar bill would suffice, and try to slide it between the closed lid and the base of the humidor. If you can’t slide it past the crack than the seal of the humidor is in excellent condition with fantastic insulation properties. Conversely, if the bill could be easily slid into the humidor or can be easily pulled out of the crack, the seal must be in a very poor state.

  1. Wood

Good travel humidors are usually made of Spanish cedar, which is also a favorite building material for other humidors. Spanish cedar is a premium wood, not to be confused with the cedar used for making souvenir and closet linings, which offers outstanding insulation and a charming aroma. Spanish cedar is also known for enhanced durability as it expands and contracts over time to prevent cracking. But Spanish cedar is an expensive option to look at, and if a Spanish cedar humidor is out of your price range, you could opt for maple, mahogany, oak and cherry wood humidors.

  1. Types of accessories

A hygrometer and a thermometer are commonly used together with cigar humidors. A thermometer, which I’m pretty sure we all are familiar with, is a commonly used tool that measures temperature. Hygrometer, which is not a common sight in households, is a device that is used to measure humidity levels.

Some travel humidor models have these devices built in, but you can also buy them separately if you insist. We prefer the travel humidor models which conveniently incorporates a hygrometer and a thermometer into its design. Built-in thermometers and hygrometers allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity levels regularly so that you can remain assured that your cigars are in perfect condition.

BEST TRAVEL Cigar Cases in 2018

After intense scrutiny and extensive research we have shortlisted the following items as the best travel humidors in the market:

  1. Cigar Caddy 3240 Travel Cigar Humidor

Cigar Caddy 3240 Travel Cigar HumidorCigar Caddy 3240 is the perfect travel humidor made for avid travelers and outdoorsmen who refuse to sacrifice the safety of their cigars during their excursions. This conveniently compact model is built with virtually impenetrable ABS molded plastic and features an airtight seal to bring us a humidor that can float on water and remains unaffected by water down to a hundred feet.

The cushioned interior of this humidor has a humidification disc which can hold 10 Churchill cigars in a smoke ready condition. Designed to protect your cigars from abrupt exposure to environmental forces, the interior of this humidor also features two separate detachable foam pads, each capable of holding 5 cigars at a time. The pads make sure the cigars stay in place regardless of the terrain’s roughness; you can even expand the interior space by removing them whenever you want.

The inclusion of a lanyard further adds to the versatility of this model. Home, out in the wild, or en route to your destination-wherever you are the Cigar Caddy 3240 10-Cigar Waterproof Travel Humidor has got your covered, making it in an ideal candidate for being named as one of the best humidor for travel.

  1. Xikar Cigar Travel Humidor Carrying Case 

Xikar Cigar Travel Humidor Carrying Case - 5 Count Cigar Holder

Going fishing? Mountaineering? Worried that your prized smokes might get withered out in the harshness of Mother Nature?  Xikar’s travel humidors have been made to keep your cigar concerns away, allowing you to focus entirely on your outdoor pursuits.

Xikar travel humidors are water resistant, airtight and are made of tenacious ABS mold plastic, which makes them crushproof as well. Xikar humidors come in a variety of sizes; they could be as small as a 5 cigar holder with the larger ones capacious of containing 80 sticks, the model we have chosen to review is a 15 cigar holding case.

Xikar’s travel humidors are considered to be one of the top travel humidors because of its advanced security system featuring sturdy, long-lasting hinges and latches. You can also use the built-in molded lock to make sure no one else gets to your precious cigars without you knowing.

  1. The Novelist Leather Book Travel Cigar Humidor

Prestige Import Group - The Novelist Leather Book Travel Cigar Humidor

Looking for something a bit more classy to carry your cigars in? If you are longing for a travel humidor which goes beyond the function-we would recommend the Novelist Leather Book Travel Cigar Humidor from Prestige Imports Group; cloaked in a deluxe leather book jacket presenting a dazzling alternative to the myriad of hard plastic options that are commonly seen in the market.

The Novelist Leather Book Travel Cigar case has everything you require to bring out the best of your cigars. Perfected with the addition of a humidifier and a hygrometer, this is one of the best travel cigar case that keeps you posted on the humidity level.

Another nifty inclusion we should mention is that of a guillotine cigar cutter which is firmly positioned by recessed magnets. The inside portion of the humidor has been lined with a cigar and contains a removable disc that can hold up to 5 clouds of smoke. Removing the disc would make room for 5 more cigars.

  1. AMANCY Popular Cedar Wood Lined Portable Travel Leather Cigar Humidor Case

AMANCY Popular Cedar Wood Lined Portable Travel Leather Cigar Humidor Case,Packed By Nice Gift Box

Since the brand first hit the market in 2002, AMANCY has caught the eye of cigar lovers for its sleek designs. This model is a continuation of AMACY’s long line of elegant cigar humidors with a PU Leather exterior complemented by a cedar lined interior so that your cigars remain fresh and humid ignoring the adversity of the outside environment.

The AMANCY Cedar Wood travel humidor simultaneously takes pride in its timeless design and stubborn build. Even though the polysynthetic leather skin won’t recreate the exact conveniences of original leather, it still poses an eye-catching demeanor and provides protection from normal spills and bruises.

A hygrometer is favorably placed on top of the lid, allowing effortless observation of the humidity levels without having to crack open the lid. The humidor’s interior design consists of a cedar insulated wall and humidifier that can easily stock 5 standard sized cigars.

  1. Guardsman Travel Black Cigar Humidor 

 Guardsman Travel Black Cigar Humidor Capacity 10-15 Cigars

Next, upon our best travel humidors list is Guardsman Travel Black Cigar Humidor. Constructed of reinforced high-quality ABS plastic, this humidor resembles the design of a vintage ammunition case, which may or may not be the reason this humidor is called Guardsman. This design should also add an extra appeal to you if you happen to have an interest in gun culture.

The humidor comes with a stainless steel hinge to foster portability and a silicone seal on the lid to ensure air and watertight storage for 10-15 cigars. You could also lock down the lid so that the cigars remain safe while traveling on rocky, uneven terrains. The humidifier disc is easily accessible and regulated so that you could maintain your desired level of moisture and humidity every time.

  1. Mrs.Brog Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor for 10 Cigars

Mrs.Brog Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor for 10 Cigars

Mrs.Brog travel cigar humidor is one of the top humidors for travel with a substantially powerful build. Crafted with high quality, long-lasting ABS plastic mold, this humidor is immune to external shocks and impacts; basically, it’s indestructible. Besides its resilient structure, the humidor would catch your eye with its stunning design and distinctive color palettes.

On top of its hulking exterior, Mrs. Brog travel humidors interiors are adorned with foam cushioning and lined with a silicone seal. So, you would never have to worry about your cigars getting wasted even if you go through adverse weather conditions and withstand unfriendly natural surroundings. Whether you keep it in your travel bag or just stash it away somewhere in your house, your cigars will stay fresh and crispy.

Built for the roughest outdoor adventures that come to mind, Mrs. Brog cigar travel humidors is a great option use for camping or trekking trips. The humidor is also water resistant which makes it usable in wet and rainy weather conditions.

  1. AMANCY Beautiful 5-10 Capacity Cedar Wood Lined leather Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Case 

AMANCY Beautiful 5-10 Capacity Cedar Wood Lined leather Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Case ,Easily Carry Anywhere

Just like the AMANCY travel humidor, we had discussed earlier in this article, this travel humidor from AMANCY is also brilliantly handcrafted using sophisticated Spanish cedar and PU Leather covering. Spanish cedar lining plays a vital role in maintaining the warranted humidity rate, and the polymerized leather coating safeguards the humidor from water and external shocks, making it an ideal choice for your cigar holster.

This beautiful, envelope-shaped humidor can store 5-10 standard sized cigars and is conveniently compact in size. Alike its rivals, this model comes with a hygrometer etched right on top of its lid, which lets you monitor the humidity level of the humidor whenever you want.

  1. Cigar Caddy 3400 Waterproof Travel Cigar Humidor 

Cigar Caddy 3400 Waterproof Travel Cigar Humidor for 5 Cigars

Cigar Caddy is a prominent name in the world of cigar accessories, and this mini travel humidor is a glorifying reminder of their standards. Cigar Caddy 3400 is for adventurers, who are more of an occasional type of smokers and are happy with a minuscule stock of 5 cigars only.

Being small in size, this model is very easy to carry around. It has a sturdy ABS plastic made hard-body, airtight and waterproof up to 100 feet.

The most noticeable aspect of this travel humidity is obviously its economical price tags.  In a budget, this is one of the best travel cigar case you can buy.

  1. Visol VCASE 452 “Little Joe” Travel Cigar Humidor Case

Visol VCASE 452 "Little Joe" Travel Cigar Humidor Case

Speaking of small-sized travel humidors, Visol Products’ VCASE 453 “Little Joe” is definitely worth a mention. This cylindrical humidor is, in fact, one of the smallest humidor models you would come across, with a storing capacity of 1-4 cigars.

It’s quite obvious that this model wouldn’t be of much use to those who prefer to maintain a larger smoking arsenal or for lengthy excursions but this could be a handy accessory for your daily commutes since it would easily fit into the pocket of your jacket or pants.

In spite of being diminutive regarding size, “Little Joe” has a shiny stainless steel exterior to protect your cigars from external forces. Besides, it also comes with a hygrometer.

  1. Mantello Black Leather Cigar Case 

Mantello Black Leather Cigar Case 

This Mantello travel humidor takes pride in its exquisite leather casing which would not only keep your cigars fresh and lively but also serve as a glamorous piece of accessory that helps you emanate a consolidated fashion statement.

The best thing we love about this model is its flexibility in size. You can quickly adjust the length of this case to accommodate your cigars better.

The exterior ends are finished off with premium grade stainless steel while the interior is elegantly lined with Spanish cedar for better humidity control and persistence.

  1. Scorch Torch Travel 10 Cigar Humidor Humidifier

Scorch Torch Travel 10 Cigar Humidor Humidifier

Scorch Torch travel cigar humidors have made it to our top travel humidors list because of its polished cherry finish and increased holding capacity that sees it carrying 10-24 cigar sticks horizontally.

Scorch torch is a well-reputed brand, and their attention to detail, especially in this specific model is praiseworthy. The transparent plastic top adds an artistic touch to its look. The humidor comes complete with a hygrometer and humidifier.

Scorch Torch travel cigar humidor falls in the least expensive range of the price spectrum, which is another plus point!

  1. CiTree Cigar Humidor

CiTree Cigar Humidor

The last but not the least of all inclusions are CiTree’s travel cigar humidor. With premium grade cigar casing enclosed with heavy-duty zippers, this model is quite a travel-friendly humidor indeed.

Just to beef up your cigar experience, this item comes with a jet flame lighter and a stainless steel cutter. The interior cedar wood panels ensure optimum storing condition for your cigars.  The cigars are being separately held to eliminate the risk of damaging each other during travel.

CiTree Cigar Humidor is a great choice for a beginner because of its ease of use.  You can simply refill the humidifier with distilled water or humidor solution.


The last but not the least of all inclusions are CiTree’s travel cigar humidor. With premium grade cigar casing enclosed with heavy-duty zippers, this model is quite a travel-friendly humidor indeed.

Just to beef up your cigar experience, this item comes with a jet flame lighter and a stainless steel cutter. The interior cedar wood panels ensure optimum storing condition for your cigars.  The cigars are being separately held to eliminate the risk of damaging each other during travel.

CiTree Cigar Humidor is a great choice for a beginner because of its ease of use.  You can simply refill the humidifier with distilled water or humidor solution.

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“What’s Your Best Cigar?”

Ask any B&M cigar store owner how many times someone’s asked the question “What’s your best cigar?” and I bet you’ll hear a wide variety of answers that boil down to this: A LOT.  They’d probably be able to throw in some other subjective adjectives that can be substituted for best like favorite, strongest, or mildest that are commonly asked as well.  I witnessed this very exchange happen last week and it got me to thinking.  I know, that’s probably not a good thing, but oh well…

As a cigar blogger (albeit not a regular one lately), I take my cigar smoking seriously.  I try to thoroughly evaluate any cigar I smoke so that I can properly transcribe my evaluations and observations to you my readers.  I give you my opinion on cigars based on the experiences I’ve had with the cigars I’m reviewing.  And the truth of the matter is that my opinion is just that, an opinion.  I try to remain as objective as possible and tell you about objective characteristics like burn, construction, wrapper appearance and the like.

But, does it taste good?  What is the aroma like?  Is this the best cigar I’ve had or is it just so-so?  I can answer those questions for myself and describe them to you, but can’t answer for you.  I like full-bodied cigars.  You might not.  I think that thinner ring gauges hold more flavor.  You might disagree.  I might like woody flavors whereas you like more spice.

So, if you ask me what my best cigar is, I’m going to give you my opinion.  If you ask me what my favorite cigar is, you’ll get my favorite answer for that day/week/month; however long my current favorite remains my favorite.  And, if you tell me what you like, I can guide you to things I think you might enjoy based on my experience and knowledge.

But, if you’re looking for the best cigar, you’re going to have to find that one for yourself.

If you already know, tell me what your best cigar is and why…  Maybe it’ll help others find theirs.

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14 Best Cigar Lighter To Choose From!

best cigar lighter

Are you a smoker? I do not appreciate you to do so, but I know you are needed for cigar lighters. Are you looking some cool, stylish and best cigar lighter to light your cigar? If your answer is assertive, then you are in the right place. Continue your reading to get the honest reviews of cigar lighters in today’s market.

“Cigar lighters”- they are the must thing for a cigar smoker nowadays. A true cigar disciple will never be found without a cigar lighter. Because not only they light the cigar but also provide high pleasure, satisfaction, and eminent experience. The best lighter will take your cigar smoking to another level of experience.

Among all the cigar lighters in the market, selecting the best one is little bit tough one. But it is the most important also. So here is a list of best cigar lighters for you. You can check on them.

Our number 1 selection is Alec Bradley The Burner Table Cigar Lighter

Alec Bradley The Burner Table Cigar Lighter- best cigar lighterAlec Bradley The Burner Table

Cigar Lighter

Alec Bradley is one of the trusted and famous names in today’s world for its high-quality product. Alec Bradley The Burner Table Cigar Lighter is a class itself not only for its looks, design but also for the features it provides.

This lighter works in such a way that you can settle on your table expecting until you get the motivation to light your felicitated stogie rapidly.

The lighter is made of metal, and its ignition type is electric. The lighter has a stylish and exceptional gorgeous design. It’s also advantageous in case you want some credit in your friend circle.

Generally, it is momentous firepower to a serious smoker. With the help of single flame source, you can ignite your cigar in a second without too much rotating in it.

Moreover, its 1.4 oz retention can lights maximum 1,000 cigars before recharging the butane. It is a wind resistant lighter. You can use this table lighter under a ceiling fan.

This lighter has a facile fuel adjuster & also high comment chrome ends. This table cigar lighter is special for a crowded place, but you can also use it for home. It also has a relatively low price.

At last, we can say that Alec Bradley The Burner Table Cigar Lighter is an amazing lighter both for personal & overall use. You will also get a gift box with this.

 Why do you need a Cigar lighter?

It is obvious that you can light your cigar with any fire source you want to. You can certainly use a candle or a paper match or a stove. So, why use cigar lighter while having other regular sources! Do you really need one?

Well, the answer is you surely need one. Because using candles, stove or paper matches contains chemicals and flavors, which affect the taste of the tobacco. Even though you can use a match by waiting for it to burn down the sulfur and then light the cigar.

So, this process is very tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, this is very much old-fashioned now. So, forget all this and use cigar lighter to make your smoking an enjoyable one.

Take out your cigar, lit the tip or foot of the cigar with your lighter and forget all other things! Just enjoy!

Choosing the Best Cigar Lighter

Although everyone has their preferences while selecting a cigar lighter, you should consider some key things in order to get the best one for you. Such as:

Torch Lighters

When you light a cigar, what you want to enjoy? Of course the flavor of that cigar. It’s the main reason why Torch lighter are in the leading position when it comes to popular cigars. This type of cigar lighters has almost no odor. If you are using torch lighters, you never have to worry about the other scent that will disturb your smoking. These lighters guarantee you to enjoy the absolute taste of your cigar.

Flame Options

If you are fond of thin, small cigar, then this option is not that important for you. But if you generally take bigger or larger cigars, then you must consider the flame power of your lighters.

Lighters are available up to triple flames. The more the flames are, the more easily you can light your cigar, especially with large ring gauges. It’s also quicker to light the cigars evenly if you have more flame power. Also consider the fact that with more flame power, you can resist the air more conveniently while lighting a cigar.

We strongly recommend you to go for double flame options. Because this will give you all the benefits you want, at the same time not wasting too much energy.


Many lighters may look very eye catchy and stylish, but most of them provide inferior functionality. If you want to improve your smoking experience, this is another crucial point to consider.

The lighters have facilities like larger fuel tanks, fuel level viewing window, natural trigger position, cover for lighter, flame adjustment options, efficient burn time, etc. You can justify the quality of any lighters by considering these functions.

Fluid Meter

Last option but not the least one. It’s an important feature for those people who prefer to refill their lighters rather than buying a new one. But in both cases this feature is helpful.

You can easily track the amount of fluid your lighter has and take preparation or actions according to the meter reading.

Review of 13 Best Cigar Lighters

Mantello Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Cutter
Mantello Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Cutter


We chose Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch Lighter from Mantello as our 2nd best choice. If you are searching a conventional lighter with smart functionalities as well as cutter also, this product is for you.

This is a premium lighter comes with an ergonomic grip that provides one-handed cigar punch attachment to light your cigar. The metal body will give you an absolute look and feel that you want from a lighter.

This lighter is three jet flame. They will ignite your cigar with no waiting time. It doesn’t matter how large ring gauge your cigar has.

The flame also adjustable and butane is also refillable as well. So you can use it the long time, and the procedure is the easiest one. The flame stands strong in the air also. You will feel no problem while lighting your cigar in the open air.

If you want to gift someone a lighter, this is your way to go as it comes with a gift box. Moreover, this product comes with a punch cutter also. If you are cigar lover, you must understand how valuable this feature is.

But one important thing to remember that this product doesn’t come with full butane. You must refill it before you use it. Otherwise, this product has all the features to claim itself best in the market.

XiKAR Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighter
XiKAR Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighter

XiKAR Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighter is incredible in lighter industry. Heavy and solid feeling but hands-free with high heat.

It is seriously great for table or deck lighter on your perfect choice. Lights it up whenever you want, no matter what the wind conditions. That’s why the performance of this lighter will go beyond your expectation.

XiKAR Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighters functionality is also excellent. The Volta weighs in at over 2 pounds with a well-constructed tabletop lighter. Its lucrative push button will enlighten your mind as its flame is so adjustable with an outsized wheel. It is made of red inspire fuel gauge and black finishing.

Its also has large flame which could fire your cigar from a few centimeter away, and it feels premium in hand. The most magical feature of this lighter is double and very powerful flame that can fire your cigarette in a second.

XiKAR Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighters has a perfect looking design & round finishes which gives a comfortable feel. It has a smooth finish and also has the good protection that will not harm user in any way.

So why cool, grab it in a hurry with the hot attractive gift box and a good warranty..


ST Dupont is one of the famous names in cigar lighter industry. One of the finest product of this company is ST Dupont MaxiJet Black Matte Torch Flame Lighter.

This lighter is a smallest in size. If you are in need of a lighter that you can take or hide anywhere, this is your type. It weighs only 1.6 ounces. The outer design is also simple but classy. The plain outer surface of this lighter looks very decent.

The lighter has only one jet flame, and it’s adjustable. You may think that the flame power of this lighter is poor. But trust me it’s more powerful than you think. You easily light your cigar in the open air without any disturbance.

It’s effortless to refill this lighter when the fuel is empty. And you can always monitor the butane level on this lighter.

Lastly, this Dupont lighter comes with a 2-year warranty as well. So, you will always have that mental satisfaction in you that you are safe. And the amazing part is Dupont might, however, fix or replace your lighter if craftsmanship produces the fault after 2 years.

With all these features, this Lighter one of the best one in the market. It’s worth of every penny it costs.

CIGARISM Black 4 Torch Red Flame Cigar Tobacco Lighter W/ Cigar Punch
CIGARISM Black 4 Torch Red Flame Cigar Tobacco Lighter W/ Cigar Punch

CIGARISM Black Tobacco Lighter is a 4 Torch Red Flame Cigar lighter which formed in a full metal body. The cigar punch of this lighter is very handy to use anytime and anywhere.

The Lighter is very popular for its stylish and glossy design. It has a dual color like black and silver. The size if this lighter is also very hand catchy. That’s why if you want to gift someone a lighter, this is the lighter you should go for.

Another extra feature of this lighter is the gas volume, which is visible. The butane is refillable. It has a regular punch by which give you the opportunity to adjust the flame in anytime.

One last thing to mention that the lighters may come empty because of post mail rule. So, you must have to load the fuel before using it. You must have to fill it with 100% pure butane gas. You can always adjust the variation if the crest is not proper.

If you consider the design, size, flame power, this CIGARISM Black lighter is the best match. Besides, it comes with a perfect gift box. If these are your demands, go for this without any hesitation.


New Vertigo by Lotus Bullet cigar lighter is a surprising double wind covering torch flame cigar lighter. This lighter is especially for those customers who want to make optimum use of their money. This is a quality product in a minimum budget.

Generally, vertigo lighter always comes with unique design & finishes. This lighter is not different. It also comes with some special features along traditional & flare crest system. Retractile cigar punches also included with it.

This lighter has a robust metal bestowal. As the similarity of other lighter this lighter also has single ignition. It also has a large flame fitter which helps you any condition to fire. It can also work in stormy weather.

Vertigo lighter are designed as well as the ladies are jeweled designed. So, this lighter is well furnished also. A window also found in this brighter to see the optimum level of fuel. Moreover, it also has a soft-sided bladder. All of the vertigo lighters come with the 2-year official surety.

New Vertigo by Lotus Bullet cigar lighter is formed & designed with price in mind. It is best for the optimum budgeted chain smoker. You can purchase this lighter without any doubt & can get maximum satisfaction by using it.

High-End Table Top 4 Jet Adjustable Torch -Windproof Lighter
High-End Table Top 4 Jet Adjustable Torch -Windproof Lighter

This Andolfy Butane Tank Lighter is one of the finest and highest qualities Italian cigar lighters you will find in the market. The will feel one kind of premium experience at the time of using this big flame.

This lighter is a very comfortable one to grip in your hand. The size is so friendly to your hand. It’s also effortless to use as it has singular button ignition.

The fuel tank of this lighter is very big, and it has 4 movable jet head. So, you can quickly adjust them to your own preferences. Having oversized tank also provides you the benefit of no refilling tension over a short period of time.

It’s also famous for its durability. Though it comes with a 1-year guarantee with money back facility, its last more than that in most cases. This lighter also stands firmly against the winds and storms.

One thing to remember that this product will have no butane with it. This is because of USPS air rules. But if you are a real cigar lover, this problem is not that big at all for you.

We can confirm you that this is the ultimate one for you. What doesn’t it have? Durability, design, functionality- it has all those benefits that you want in a cigar lighter. Though it costs a bit, it is worth for a try.

Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter Gunmetal
Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter Gunmetal

Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter Gunmetal is a fist butane lighter. It is a large desktop model with a solid metal form. This lighter has a great triple torch flame. It also has tremendous fuel reservoir.

The strong triple torch flame helps to light your cigar rapidly. The lighter has a strong windproof flame. You can use this in stormy weather.

Besides, this lighter has a stylish design & finish gorgeously. It comes with a metal body. It also has a large fuel tank. It will give you maximum afford to light your cigar.

Moreover, this desktop lighter has an adjustable flame. By using the adaptable flame, you can adjust the flame that you need. It is also refillable with 100% pure butane. Ignition type is piezo.

Eventually, the popular Vector lighter comes with no proving warranty. The color of this very lighter is gunmetal. A gift box also included with it.

At last, we can say that Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter Gunmetal is a great lighter all over the world. Everyone accepts it for its nice design & mighty triple torch flame. Its large fuel capacity also makes it efficient for a chain smoker. You can purchase this lighter without any doubt.

Xikar 9652GM Gun Elx Lighter
Xikar 9652GM Gun Elx Lighter

Xikar 9652GM Gun Elx Cigar Lighter in black is one of the most famous lighters on the earth. It is popular because of its simple ignition, strong dual jet flame & demand style.

Xikar’s lighter is unique for its fantastic design & shape. It is created for boast thunder fast quick flame ignition. It also has 9mm cigar punch which is conveniently concealed in the base.

The lighter usually formed in a tough metal body with a durable finish. Usually, it is black with gunmetal, charcoal & traditional bronze respectively.

Moreover, this lighter has automatic protective coverage. It also has normal thumb practice ignition which makes easy to flame.

The Xikar lighter has a big fuel converter wheel which gives you an accurate fire. There is also a side fuel window to check the optimum level of fuel. The newly designed parts have a super & strong performance.

Xikar 9652GM Gun Elx Cigar Lighter is a fashionable lighter with its work and all features. You can purchase this lighter for your personal use or gift it to your friend. It is a perfect innovation for a real chain smoker. Xikar also gives you a lifetime warranty.

Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Attachment
Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Attachment

Looking for a premium lighter that will light up your cigar even if in the strong wind? The Scorch Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter is the best solution to your question. The strong triple flame will light up anything in front of them with the blink of an eye.

This lighter has a very sleek design and very friendly to hands. You will feel boost up by its ergonomic and durable design structure. It has textured grip and slides switch to open cap automatically. This will help you to light things up on the go with ease.

This torch lighter is attached with a cigar hole punching. This makes it even more useful to the cigar smokers. The butane is refillable, and you can monitor when to refill your fluid as there is a fluid meter on this lighter.

The best feature of this lighter is that it can stand against heavy winds. You will experience no change of flame at all. The flame remains constant and does his work best.

Study structure, long durability, manageable weight- all these features come at an affordable price too. You can not have features like these in any lighter within this price.


Are you tired of refilling your cigar lighter? Want to try the electric ones? Then you must consider the flameless Electric Plasma Triple Arc Lighter. This lighter comes with gift box, warranty. It is also designed for all kinds of cigars, pipes, cigarettes, etc.

This lighter comes with a triple arc. It helps you to light things real fast and even better than other lighters. It is also powerful enough to light things up in windy weather without any disturbance.

Another great advantage that it has is the rechargeable battery. You will never have to use fuel/ butane now. Recharge its battery with the given USB cable any time you want and use with freedom.

The battery comes with 1 year of warranty as well. It’s a mental satisfaction against the money you have spent.

But remember one thing that this lighter is not to light up metal things. And do not close the cap while the lighter is on. Because this lighter will not turn off by doing this. As a result, it will burn the cap.

The Electric Plasma Triple Arc Lighter is best with its flat rear, modern, impressive design structure and features. So, it definitely worth for a try.

Mantello Cabinet Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter
Mantello Cabinet Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter

The Mantello Cabinet Butane Torch Lighter is an extreme wind reverberating lighter. It’s a premium torch lighter that comes with slide switch and textured grip. It provides the user the benefit of using it quickly and easily.

It’s a premium torch lighter that comes with slide switch and textured grip. It provides the user the benefit of using it quickly and easily.

This butane lighter has solid internal and external body to provide long-lasting service. Its triple jet flame is also mighty to light any kinds of cigar and strong enough to endure air disturbance. The lighter also has a cover in the upper section to cover the heat of the flame after using it.

The flame is also refillable. You may use it as long as you want by refilling it time to time. But be sure to adjust the knob after you refill it.

Moreover, it comes with a lovely box and cover. You can protect your lighter from scratch and dust also. If you want to gift someone a lighter this lighter can be your first choice because of those.

One last thing to mention that this lighter also comes at a low price considering the features it provides. If you are a real cigar lover, this Mantello Cabinet Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter is the best option for you. You will be flourished in experience after using this lighter.

Xikar Enigma II Cigar Lighters
Xikar Enigma II Cigar Lighters

Xikar Enigma II Cigar Lighter is one of the most fashionable lighter in the present world. This lighter comes with strong double torch avail. It has a durable frame style with an ergonomic design.

This xikar lighter has a powerful double jet flame which can help you to light your cigar within a second. It has a large fuel tank which gives you a long-lasting afford to your fuel. It also has a fuel window.

Xikar lighters are unique for its fantastic design & shape. This lighter has a self-open lid. It also provides you an easy thumb ignition.

The Xikar lighter has a big fuel converter wheel which gives you an accurate fire. It is a windproof, butane torch lighter. This lighter can be used in stormy weather.

Moreover, It is also included a manual flip head cap. This lighter has a center trigger which makes it unique. This trigger confirms your thumb out of danger from the flame.

At the end of the topic, we can firmly say that Xikar Enigma II Cigar Lighter is one of the most attracting lighter. If you are a chain smoker, then you have to use it. It also has a lifetime warranty.

Vertigo BY Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter
Vertigo BY Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter

Vertigo Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter is a tiny but potential lighter. It also has a bright fuel tank. Though it is made of plastic, it is very stubborn.

The most prominent feature of this lighter is triple wind covering torch flame. By using its large flame adjuster, you can adjust its flame as you want. It also has a vivid fuel tank.

This Cigar lighter has a unique design & finishes which make it more attractive to the customer. Moreover, every lighter has a cloth fitted sack in a closing that assimilates the excellent carbon fiber high tech specimen. It also safe the finish and looking the lighter new.

Usually, every chain smoker needs a simple lighter with his available budget. This Vertigo cigar lighter comes with its regular budget. This light is mainly for those consumers who don’t need to extra pay for a quality lighter. This lighter also included cigar punches.

Vertigo Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter is backed by a 1-year surety.

Vertigo cigar lighter is extraordinary with its reasonable price & its amazing triple torch flame. You should use this lighter without any consideration.


As a cigar smoker, you must need a cigar lighter. And if you need one then why won’t you go for the best. And selecting the best one is always the tricky and challenging part. Please go through the selection considerable things we talked about in our review before going to product review section. It will help you to recognize you demands that you want from a cigar lighter.


In this article, we tried to give you the overall best market scenario for the cigar lighter. We also told which is the best lighter in our consideration.


We are not telling you will think like us. Because you have your own demands and interest. But we can assure that you will not find better product outside of our list.

Although if you are not sure yet, don’t waste your valuable time on other journal or websites. Please go to our product list again and select the best product that matches your expectation or demands.

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How To Choose Your Cigar

how to choose cigar

Choosing your cigar carefully is important for pleasurable cigar smoking experience. 

There’s a cigar and there’s a cigar. There are excellent handcrafted cigars and there are cheap garbage imitations out there. Before you try and learn the proper way on how to smoke a cigar, it would be helpful to have some basic ideas on how to choose a good cigar.

With cigars, you get what you pay for. Most of the convenience store cigars that are available are cheap imitations – machine-made and filled with shredded tobacco leaves. I wouldn’t recommend buying any of these to anyone, they taste so awful you’d never forgive me for the rest of your cigar-smoking days. If price is an issue with you (and it better be, it’s easy to blow $100 on a superior cigar), try to find the samplers and clearance sales from reputable cigar houses online. You’d be amazed at how affordable the good cigars are in the range of $2 to $7. With $15, you will most certainly be able to find an excellent cigar for your first smoke.

The best cigars are handcrafted works of art. Most of the famous cigar-makers are based in countries like Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and of course, Cuba.

Although in recent years, many cigar products coming from these countries are machine-rolled, a lot of reputable houses and families still proudly produce hand-rolled superbly-blended cigars. To many of them, producing a good cigar is a matter of family pride, tradition, and honor. A guide on how to smoke a cigar will not be complete without a rudimentary working knowledge of the cigars coming from these countries.

As you begin your journey into the wonderful world of cigars, it is sound idea to befriend and work with a reputable tobacconist in your city. Congenial and always eager to welcome new enthusiasts, your tobacconist can share with you expert advice and recommendations (on how to smoke a cigar and how to choose your cigar) and will help you steer clear of low-quality stuff.

We have noted in an earlier post that beginners are best off to begin your cigar-smoking experience with mild cigars. Some people who are unlucky to smoke an ill-chosen cigar the first time around, will find the episode unpleasant and will probably stay away from cigars forever. This is unfortunate since they are poised to embark on an adventure of discovery and pleasure, but for that ill-chosen first cigar. So you want to learn how to smoke a cigar? Choose your first cigar with care.
Cigars come in different sizes and yes, a cigar’s name is indicative of its size. Again cigars are measured by inches in length and ring gauge (1/64th of an inch) in diameter. Remember, the longer and bigger the ring gauge of a cigar, the stronger and full-bodied it probably is. This is because the maker has more room to introduce more and different leaves into the cigar to enhance its taste and texture.
The size of a cigar is written LXRG or length (in inches) x ring gauge. Thus the size of a Churchill is written as 7×50 or 7″ long by 50/64th of an inch thick. Below are the names of cigars that indicate dimensions:
    • Presidente (Longer and thick)
    • Churchill (long and thick)
    • Toro (shorter and thick)
    • Robosto (short and thick)
    • Rothchild (shorter and medium width)
    • Corona(medium length and width)
    • Lonsdale (long and thin)
    • Panatela (long and thinner)
    • Torpedo (long and thick with the cap coming to a point)
    • Piramide (long and medium width and gets narrow in the head and ends with a small round cap)
    • Triangulo (similar to the Piramide but the cap is pointed)Belicoso (similar to the Torpedo but shorter)
    • Perfecto (varies in length and width but both sides of the cigar are closed)
    • Diadema (a Perfecto that is at least 8” long)
  • Culebra (three panatelas twisted around each other and must be separated before smoking).

The Churchill by the way, is in fact named after former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill who in his days, was often seen to smoke this type of cigar. The torpedo (which is thick in the middle and tapers off at both ends) and the piramide (which is thick in one end and tapers of in the other) are the types frequently seen in popular illustrations and portrayals of cigar smokers.

In my very first post on how to smoke a cigar, we have discussed that the most common way to determine a cigar’s strength is by looking at the wrapper. This is the outermost cigar leaf wrapping the filler and the binder and the darker the wrapper is, the stronger the cigar will be.

    • Double Claro – (also called Candela or American Market Select)- has a light green to greenish brown color and very mild-flavored.
    • Claro – has a light tan wrapper and a smooth, mild flavor. Made mostly from shade-grown tobacco leaves, an example of which is the Connecticut Shade wrappers, which are said to be among the finest in the world.
    • Natural (also called English Market Select)- light brown to brown. And has fuller bodied flavor than the Claro.
    • Colorado – reddish dark brown, with a robust, rich flavor. Colorado Maduro – a dark brown wrapper with a rich, aromatic flavor.
    • Maduro – is very dark brown, and usually has a strong, sweet flavor. More texture and veins than other wrappers
  • Oscuro – the darkest maduro wrapper, oscuro is almost black and is stronger than the lighter maduro wrappers
If you are buying the cigar personally from a cigar store, try to examine your cigar of choice before making a purchase. Here, the tobacconist can help you make your choice and will allow you to manually examine the cigar. Try to give the cigar a little squeeze, it must be firm but there should be little give. Too hard and unyielding, the cigar is probably plugged, too densely rolled and will be difficult to smoke. Most reputable tobacconists and cigar houses by the way, will gladly replace a plugged cigar. Also, try to feel for very soft and too-yielding spots. These generally will cause the cigar to burn unevenly.Doing it properly will definitely add to the pleasure you’re going to get from the experience.
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10 Questions From a Wannabe Cigar Smoker

My name is Chris. As of now I have not ever smoked a cigar, well, at least not while sober. Growing up I have always been surrounded by cigar smokers so there is a comforting appeal to the smell. It has always fascinated me but I never took the opportunity, not even when my daughter was born which would have been the traditional thing to do, and now feel in my mid-thirties I think it’s about time I should give it a try.

Thankfully through the magic of the internets I have access to an expert now so I can ask Cigar Choice a bunch of questions I have about cigars and cigar smoking 🙂

Chris: Cigar smoking doesn’t seem to have the negative connotation cigarette smoking has, why do you think that is?

Cigar Choice: The only purpose of a cigarette is to deliver nicotine. Cigarette smoking is an addictive habit. Having quite five years ago I can attest to their addictive power first hand. Cigars aren’t typically smoked for that reason. They are used as a way to celebrate a special occasion or to relax after a long day. Your typical cigar smoker usually smokes less than five cigars a week and doesn’t have the same physical addiction to cigars as a cigarette smoker does to cigarettes. I fear much of that is going to change soon though as the cigar industry is coming under increasing attack.

Chris: How would you start with cigars? Buy a selection or would you go for a particular cigar?

Cigar Choice: Try and find a good local shop where you can ask some advice and also check out some of the great cigar websites out there for ideas on what to try. I’d definitely buy a selection, and take some notes on what you like and dislike. If you choose to order online most places offer samplers.

Chris: Is it an acquired taste? something you need to practice?

Cigar Choice: Cigars vary in flavor profile and strength so much I believe certain cigars are an acquired taste. Your tastes will change over time, but I’ve liked cigars since the first one I tried. I started out with some milder cigars and now smoke some stuff that are so strong they would have left me green five years ago.

Chris: How do you smoke a cigar? Light it and start sucking on it?

Cigar Choice: Cutting a cigar is the first step. Typically you want to take no more than 1/8 inch off the cap. Matches are the more traditional route, but I prefer using a butane torch lighter. Don’t get the flame too close to the foot, as this will burn the cigar, and your aim is to just lightly toast it. Once the foot is warmed, you want to start lightly puffing on it and rotating it to get a nice even burn. When the cigar is lit you’ll want to go slow. The rule of thumb is take a puff or two about once a minute, as this keeps the cigar from getting too hot and can help subtle flavors become more noticeable.

Chris: Inhale/don’t inhale? People I talk to say that you shouldn’t, but most of them do anyway?

Cigar Choice: I strongly recommend not inhaling a cigar if you can help it. Inhaling too much will quickly turn you a lovely shade of green. I end up inhaling some especially if I’m trying to exhale the smoke through my nose. Your nose does a better job picking out nuances than just your tongue. I’m still trying to get the hang of this myself.

Chris: Do you get what you pay for, or is it like wine where price isn’t always a great measure of quality?

Cigar Choice: Cigars are exactly like wine in that respect. By looking out for small unknown brands I’ve found $4 cigars that I think are much higher quality than some $10 cigars. Many of those $10 are that price because too many people think price equals quality or the company has spent a large amount of money marketing it.

Chris: What’s the deal with Cuban cigars?

Cigar Choice: Cuban cigars do have a unique flavor you’ll only find in a Cuban cigar. This is often referred to as the Cuban “Twang” and I can recognize it when I smoke one but I can’t describe it. The embargo definitely added to the mystique. Some are better than what you can get in the States and some are worse, most of that comes down to personal preference. Though in my opinion you haven’t had a cigar until you’ve had a Cuban Partagas Serie D No. 4 that’s been aged for a few years.

Chris: There seem to be lots of accessories and fancy gizmos, necessary? Do they add to enjoyment?

Cigar Choice: Depends on your geek factor! 🙂 I love gadgets to begin with so cigar smoking introduced to me to a whole new realm of gadgets. But honestly they don’t really add any enjoyment factor to the experience. Some wooden matches, a cutter or in a pinch a razor blade is all you need. My preferred method of upping the enjoyment factor is some good company or a good book along with a good drink.

Chris: So is it an expensive thing to do?

Cigar Choice: You can get started fairly cheap. A plastic air-tight food container or cooler can work as a humidor if you plan to keep cigars for more than a couple days. Right now my favorite lighter is a Ronson torch lighter- one of the best cigar lighter. The only thing that is worth dropping the extra cash on is a good cigar cutter. A bad cutter can destroy your cigar by damaging the wrapper, maybe even rendering the cigar unsmokeable. I learned to set a budget for myself to keep it from getting too expensive. Some of the cheaper bundled cigars can be had for under $2 a cigar. Typically these are short filler and use the scraps from the more expensive cigars.

Chris: Which is your all time favorite?

Cigar Choice: My all time favorite is the Partagas Serie D. No 4 from Cuba. A close friend of mine gave me one that was nearly five years old and I’ve never tasted a cigar that good again. Pair something like that with some really good rum and it can make for a fantastic evening.

Thanks Chris for putting together these questions together. If any readers have some recommendations or additional advice please feel free to post a comment.


This is a guest post/interview provided by Chris Garrett. Chris is one of the pro bloggers that I read on a regular basis for new ideas and blogging strategies.

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Gurkha Master Select Perfecto – Unique Shape and Awesome Draw

Gurkha Master Select Perfecto

As you may know, Gurkha releases a ton of cigars each year in limited batches with absurdly high MSRPs that somehow always get discounted from online cigar stores. Unfortunately many of Gurkha’s brands are in and out of stock just as quickly as they are produced, thus it is hard to find a great smoke and be able to get it consistently. One exception for Gurkha is the Master Select Perfecto. It is a great cigar that is a reliable smoke and even more reliably available when you want it.

Like the name implies, the Master Select Perfecto lights perfectly. As designed, lighting the perfecto is no challenge. I bought a five pack of this cigar and never had an issue with an inconsistent burn. Every opportunity was so refreshing. When toasting the perfecto, a couple of short puffs was enough to bring the cigar to a full light. No burning taste and nothing overpowering. What a joy.

The Master Select brand is a great opportunity to experience a cigar that is designed to change strength and taste throughout the smoking experience, again due to the perfecto shape. Upon starting the first third of the cigar, the taste is rather mild. Once you get half way through the cigar takes on a medium to strong taste. Finally, on the final third, the cigar goes back to a mild taste.

Throughout the smoking experience I tasted some spice, common to Gurkha medium bodied blends. There were also hints of vinegar and cider. Nothing too complex, this is a great casual smoke and finished in under 45 minutes. The smoke was a heavy gray and quite pleasing to look at.

Finally, I really relished the feel of the cigar in my hand. The oily wrapper was well constructed and never threatened to come off. In fact, the humidity I was keeping the cigar at gave it a great feeling on my hands and could have easily been smoked doing some intense physical activity like the typical golf or fishing cigar smokers enjoy.

For the most part, Gurkha Master Select is a middle of the road smoke for the price. You likely won’t find it as a clearance option like so many limited run Gurkha’s that are available online. Instead, the price is fair and rarely discounted. It is also a shorter smoke for most people and that could play into the value for what you are getting.

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Building a Closet Humidor

I was asked by a few friends if I would blog about the construction of my closet humidor. I thought that it was a great idea and that it might be of some help to others. So here goes:

After researching and making several calls across the county. And speaking with friends who own cigar shops and walk in humidors in there homes. My dream is happening , my very own closet humidor.

My first call was to the David at Habitat Monitor to order my Habitat Monitor and Evaporative Humidifier. I chose the HM-HAC-XL(R) . I chose Habitat Monitor after hearing nothing but great things. I decided on putting in a Evaporative Humidifier, model HM-HAC-XL(R), because it has a 6 gallon reservoir and I wanted to fill it up by hand rather then using a RO system .

My second call was to order my Breezaire WKL 2200 unit. This unit is made for wine coolers and is also perfect for a cigar walk in/closet humidor for temperature control. I believe tempature/humidity control is one of the most important things for aging cigars.

My third call was to the electrician to wire up plugs in the closet in different areas and to set up some lighting. I would recommend hiring a licensed electrician to do any electrical work in your house.

My fourth call, and also one of the most important things is insulation. After speaking with my dad, Glenn Sorrention, of Lord Chesterfield Constuction he recommended that I use closed cell insultation. This stuff is amazing !!!! Here is some info on the difference between close cell insulation and open cell insulation. Take a look at this video. Part 1

Part 2

The videos should explain everything needed to know.

My fifth call was to ordering some spanish cedar. After speaking with David of Habitat Monitor he recommended that I speak to Fabiola of Wood Projections, Inc . With the help of my dad we presented some measurements to Fabiola and asked for some recommendations. Well after talking and deciding on what to order we came up with this:

3/4″ X 4′ X 8′ Spanish Cedar Plywood for the walls and Solid Spanish Cedar shelfs. Pictures coming soon .

Sixth Call: Sliding glass doors . Not a big deal. Pictures will also be posted soon will some more info.

There is plenty more info to add, so stay tuned. I will be updating this with pictures and updating info as it happens. If you have any questions please leave a comment.

1) Ordered Spanish cedar switch plates.
2) Painted all exposed studs with white mold/mildew proof paint. (Pics Below)
3) Installed mold/mildew resistant drywall. (Pics coming)
4) Called and ordered Granite for the floor. (Pics coming)
5) Granite installed and Spanish cedar has been delivered. (Pics coming)
6) Spanish cedar walls installed and shelving installed. (Pics Coming)
7) Final pics coming soon!!!!

I want to take this time to thank people who gave me some amazing ideas to make my dream come true.
Glenn Sorrentino owner of Lord Chesterfield Construction
Bill & Lynn Davies owners of Tobacco Locker
Matt Uebelacker owner of Granite Enterprises of S.W. Fl., LLC
Jason Wager owner of JW Insulation

Also read- how to make a humidor at home.

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Books for the Cigar Library

the ultimate cigar book

When it comes to having access to cigar information for some, either the Internet either just won’t do, or it takes a backseat to the good ol’ fashioned book. Understandable, considering that enjoying a stick is a textural experience as much as a visual, which is also the description of reading a book. With that in mind …

There are a number of excellent books for cigar enthusiasts. Whether a novice or a seasoned cigar pro, there are informative and beautiful books that any stogie hobbyist can enjoy. The following is a guide to choosing cigar books and the information they each contain. From cigar journals to detailed histories, there’s something for everyone in this guide.

The Ultimate Cigar Book

the ultimate cigar book

The Ultimate Cigar Book by Richard Carleton Hacker is the best selling cigar book of all time. It features descriptions of every cigar available in the world, including rare and obscure brands. It also features over 150 beautiful photographs in both color and black and white. It includes a guide to buying cigars and identifying counterfeits. Another wonderful feature of the book is a guide to matching cigars with alcoholic beverages. Other topics featured include how cigars are made and stored.

Cigars: Revised and Updated

cigars- revised and updated

Cigars: Revised and Updated contains detailed information about tobacco harvesting and the cultural importance of cigars. It also features a convenient buying guide for consumers, listing the best websites, shops, and clubs to purchase cigars.

A second volume of the book contains information on the sensual elements. It includes reviews and ratings of the sensual elements of a number of cigars.


Cigar Dossier

cigar dossier

Cigar Dossier is an excellent book for the enthusiast who wants to record reviews of the cigars he has smoked. The beautiful journal has room for hundreds of reviews. Each entry contains a number of prompts including the brand, cost, wrapper color, and size of the cigar. It also has a special area for pasting the cigar’s band. The book allows consumers to learn which cigars they enjoy best and the factors that influence their enjoyment.

The Illustrated History of Cigars

the illustrated history of cigars

The Illustrated History of Cigars is an excellent coffee table book for cigar lovers. It contains a number of beautiful illustrations featuring some of the most popular brands of cigars. It also features interesting and intriguing explanations of cigar production and social significance. The book is meant more as a conversation piece rather than an informative guide, but cigar enthusiasts will enjoy the illustrations and amusing histories of their favorite cigars.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cigars

idiot's guide to cigars

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cigars is one of the best books for those just starting out in cigar smoking. It provides the basics needed to purchase, store, and smoke cigars. The book outlines a number of factors that influence the taste of cigars including length, circumference, ring size, and country of origin.

It’s designed to train the consumer where to buy, what to buy, and how to purchase cigars. Those who are more experienced with stogies may not find the book particularly useful, however, it may still provide valuable information about finding brands with the desired taste.

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Smoke Your First Cigar Without Getting Sick

It is not uncommon for people who are just learning how to smoke a cigar to feel sick during their first smoking session. Nothing to beat yourself with, even old-time aficionados do get sick sometimes from smoking very strong cigars they are not accustomed to.

What causes cigar smoking sickness?

Simply put, nicotine overdose. A stick of cigarette contains around 1 milligram of nicotine. A large cigar (a torpedo or a Churchill for example) contains nicotine that’s equal to 2 packs of cigarettes or even as much as 400 milligrams of nicotine.
Ok, here’s the lowdown on nicotine. According to 3DChem.com, a leading authority on the composition and molecular structure of chemicals, nicotine is a naturally-occurring substance found in the tobacco plant. It is a “potent” nerve toxin and is actually a common ingredient in many insecticides!
Ingested in small doses, nicotine is a stimulant that affects both our central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Depending on how much and how often you smoke, nicotine can both relax and invigorate a smoker. This “biphasic” effect of nicotine is not uncommon, according to Ann Meeker-O’Connell, an expert at How Stuff Works. This is also what makes the substance highly addictive.
Nicotine overdose (or poisoning) may cause “vomiting and nausea, headaches, difficulty in breathing, stomach pains and seizures, dizziness, lightheadedness, numbness in hands/feet/lips, headaches, double or fuzzy vision, dry mouth, hyperacidity, constipation, diarrhea, chest pains, shortness of breath, muscle twitching and spasms, dry mouth, and generalized weakness.”
Ok, that’s the worst of it so far. If you’re still with me, and you still want to learn how to smoke a cigar, let’s move along and see how you can avoid cigar smoking sickness or nicotine overdose.

James Yee, a leading expert on Cuban cigars, offers the following tips for cigar smoking beginners not to get sick from their first cigar smoking experience:

  • Don’t inhale – as we noted above, cigar smoke contain inordinate amounts of nicotine (compared) to cigarettes. When you inhale this smoke, the nicotine build-up in your blood stream becomes more rapid, and this will cause you to get sick. As I mentioned in our lead article “How To Smoke A Cigar,” you can still enjoy the aroma and taste of your cigar without inhaling the smoke.
  • Avoid getting smoke in your eyes or nose – Smoke from your cigar can irritate your eyes, makes you teary-eyed and uncomfortable, and according to Yee, “quicken your smoking pace.”

    It can cause your sinuses to “burn,” can invite a bout of coughing, and worse, you could inhale the smoke through your nose. Yee advises to lean back if you can in a comfortable reclining chair, so that the smoke wafting up don’t get to your eyes and nose.
  • Smoke on an empty/full stomach – Personally, I like smoking my cigar, after a meal or a light snack and many of the cigar smokers I know are also most comfortable with smoking with a full stomach. However, as Yee observed, some people just feel the opposite, and would enjoy their cigar best with an empty stomach. It’s up to you. As you progress along in your cigar smoking, observe how your body reacts and find your comfort zone.

  • Smoke outdoors – In my article on cigar smoking etiquette, I observed that it’s best to smoke outside, so as not to befoul your house with the tenacious smell of cigar smoke. Yee, explains, that smoking in tight, enclosed space with little or no ventilation is a cause of cigar smoking sickness.

  • Take your time – “Speed smoking” leads to cigar smoking sickness for many who are just learning how to smoke a cigar because this might cause you to inhale the smoke inadvertently. Smoke slowly, take your time. One puff a minute is just about right. Veteran aficionados can smoke 2-3 puffs per minute handily but I say a fine cigar is like your favorite gourmet dish, it’s best enjoyed when you take it in slowly.

  • Be relaxed – Cigar smoking is most pleasurable when you’re also relaxed while doing it. Try to find a cozy place in your house, in a patio or a deck, for instance, listen to your favorite soothing music. Smoking a cigar in a stressed uncomfortable environment like walking in 100 degree heat while playing golf, thirsty and half-dehydrated, just won’t cut it. Smoking a “powerhouse” cigar that way would certainly kick your butt.

  • Have a glass of ice water with your cigar – While most aficionados would enjoy their cigar with a glass of their favorite drink (scotch, cognac, espresso, etc), Yee explains that a glass of ice water can in fact “do wonders” for the beginner and make the cigar smoking more enjoyable. “Taking one or two sips between draws/puffs will make a cigar feel less strong as the water refreshes your palate. As a result, you should be able to smoke an entire cigar without getting sick.” He also cautions against alcoholic beverages as this might upset further a cigar-sensitive stomach.

I also find drinks like an ice cold 7up as having the same clearing effect as James glass of ice water. Perhaps, the most effective measure of preventing sickness for someone just learning how to smoke a cigar is sugar-loading. Of course, this won’t do if you have sugar-averse health conditions (like diabetes mellitus), but sugar is an antidote to nicotine overdose.

In fact, if you try to observe the old cigar smokers in the Caribbean, they carry cigar cubes with them and just pop one as soon as they start to feel a bit queasy from cigar smoking. You can ingest raw sugar when you feel like getting sick or, if you’re not comfortable with the idea, just sweeten your espresso a notch higher or have a sugary drink while you smoke.

Over time, as you mature from a beginner learning how to smoke a cigar to a veteran cigar smoker, you’ll also observe that you have progressively developed a high level of tolerance to nicotine. This is gradual, however, so beginners are better off following Yee’s advice and starting with the mildest cigars until they are able to handle the stronger ones. Even among veteran cigar smokers, an occasional unfamiliar cigar comes along that can bring out more than a light buzz.

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Cigars: More than Just a Stick

smoking cigar

Why is it that cigar enthusiasts break out into a big smile, whenever you mention “cigars” to them? It’s because cigars usually mean a lot more to them than just a stick of wrapped tobacco. For his first blog post here at Cigar Choice, David Mayar takes us back to his first cigar, and shares the reasons why he likes not only cigars themselves, but what they represent to him.

I don’t remember the first cigar I smoked, although I remember the situation. It was my best friend’s high school graduation party.  His neighbor was a cigar aficionado—still is, too—and he gifted us two fine handmade cigars. He walked us through the process of cutting and lighting, and warned us not to inhale.

It was all downhill from there. In trying to be cool and hoping to impress some ladies, we probably looked like fools. Nevertheless, that party marked the beginning of an enjoyable vice.

Over the next fifteen years and up to now, I have smoked my share of cigars. While I haven’t smoked as many as a lot of guys out there, I can honestly say I have enjoyed every cigar I’ve had.

I can remember several different moments in my life that involved a cigar. They are as clear as day in my mind; for the life of me, though, I couldn’t tell you exactly what I smoked in any of those situations.

There was a touching moment with a grandparent; the interesting, yet awkward drink with an ex-girlfriend’s fiancé; the rare opportunity to smoke a Cuban cigar legally while on my honeymoon in Germany; and finally, a reunion cigar with my best friend after seven years apart.

It never mattered to me what I was smoking at those times, just that I was able to.

On a more recent note, I have had the time and money to smoke more in the last eighteen months than ever before. I have also taken to hanging out at my local brick and mortars more.  In this time, I have met some great people. Can’t say I know all their names, but we all recognize each other when we meet up at the shop.

There have also been a few that I have had the pleasure of getting to know and herfing with other cigar lovers on a semi-regular basis. It still amazes me how cigars can bring people together. When the smoke is in the air, it doesn’t matter what you do for a living, where you live, or what you drive … we are all friends.

In my mind, there is more to cigar smoking than just the cigar itself. It is the appreciation of the work that went into the cigar, the people with you (or the ones who are not or cannot be there), and the situation in which you find yourself as a whole.

What’s your favorite cigar story? Do cigars evoke special memories for you? Let us know in the Comments section of this post.

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