14 Best Cigar Ashtray and Buying Guide for 2018

No one loves to leave behind a mess in their home. Everyone wish to keep their homes neat and tidy. So, why shouldn’t you do the same while enjoying a quick cigar smoke? At least, a real cigar enthusiast knows that keeping things tidy is also a part of the whole smoking experience. Because lighting up a cigar and enjoying it exuberates class while there is no reasonable explanation for leaving a trail of mess behind.

Now, when you can smoke outside, you get the luxury of not using an ashtray. It’s not the end of the world. But when you’re smoking indoors, you need to have an ashtray, period! So, today, we’re going to find the best cigar ashtray for you to make sure you get you out of the messy situation. Our number one selection for cigar ashtray is Prestige Import Group – Triangular Maple Lacquer 3 Cigar Ashtray

Prestige Import Group - Triangular Maple Lacquer 3 Cigar Ashtray - Dark Maple Wood and Black Accents
  • Size: 7-1/2"L x 7-1/2"W x 1-1/4"H
  • Black Sides for Contrast
  • Color: Lacquered Dark Maple Wood
  • 3 Grooved Cigar Beds
  • Stainless Steel Ash Reservoir

Key Features:

  • It has a maple wood construction with a center stainless steel ashtray.
  • The Prestige has a lacquered dark maple wood color for better contrast.
  • It has three grooved cigar beds

I couldn’t find a better way to start the best cigar ashtray list then introducing to you all to the Prestige Triangular Maple Lacquer ashtray. In the world of cigar accessories, prestige import group stands as one of the market leaders. They offer a range of exceptional products to make cigar smoking a more beautiful and relaxing activity. And the triangular maple lacquer is their gift to cigar lovers to achieve that level of smoking experience in a reasonable price range.

This Prestige ashtray doesn’t have the typical round design that we are so used to see in such accessories. Instead, it got a triangular design which makes it look unique. But the real attraction is the maple wood with black accents of the ashtray which is quite eye-catching. Therefore, it is perfect to use at home as well as in your office space as this thing complements the overall decor of any room. In the three edges of the triangle is three beds to hold your cigars. The beds will comfortably fit 54 ring gauge cigars. Then there is the metal tray in the middle which is securely placed by a magnet. However, you can quickly detach it for cleaning purpose and can again put the thing in its rightful place without worrying about the fitting.

The Triangular Maple Lacquer 3 Cigar Ashtray is a stylish piece without any doubt. Overall, it is excellent. The only complain I have is about its ashtray which is slightly small which is why this ashtray is best described as a flawed beauty.


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The Repeatedly Asked question before Buying a Cigar Ashtray:

It is essential for everyone to know the importance of getting the best cigar ashtray before thinking of buying one.

Why do you need a cigar ashtray?

It is a question that comes up quite often among the people. And it makes a lot of sense to question the need for a cigar ashtray when you can get rid of the ash in anything. So, why do you need to get a cigar ashtray anyway?

The answer might not make a lot of sense to everyone, but the person who appreciates cigars will agree with me. Cigar smoking isn’t like smoking cigarettes. It is a more intimate form of smocking compared to the later one and is a more elegant way of taking in the smoke. We always tie up the word “classy” with cigar smoking and having the right cigar ashtray is related to the whole thing. That’s one of the reasons to own a cigar ashtray. Then there is also the fact that usual ashtrays can’t hold the large cigars and that’s why you need to have the particular ashtray for yourself.

What happens without a cigar ashtray?

Many of us think they can work their way without a cigar ashtray. To them, I have only one thing to say; you will be making a mistake if you don’t get yourself one. Now, the question that you might be asking yourself, what might happen if I don’t want a cigar ashtray?

Right off the bat of mind comes up the concern for safety when you don’t use a cigar ashtray and use a regular one instead. Now, why’s that? As I have mentioned earlier, the average ashtrays can’t support the big chunky piece of cigars. So, when you let your cigar rest on the ashtray, it can easily roll and fall off the ashtray and cause accidents if anything catches fire due to the burning cigar of yours.

Another good reason to choose cigar ashtray over a regular one is the deep bowls design of them. So, no need to clean the tray that often. But if you still use the small ashtrays, then you would have to be clearing out the ashes from time to time as it will fill up real quick.

So, that’s why you should be thinking to buy a cigar ashtray. Not just the sake of it, but for your safety as well as to smoke with leisure.

What to consider before buying a cigar ashtray?

It isn’t possible to check out all the cigar ashtrays out there in the market. Every single day, new ashtrays are coming out from different manufacturers. And even if you can check out all the options out there, you will still make the wrong choice because of your lack of knowledge of the thing. So, first thing first, it is vital for you to learn about the features that make the best cigar ashtray.

Only for this reason alone, I want to show you some of the aspects that as a buyer you need to take notes off when looking to find a cigar ashtray. So, let’s start and check the features you need to keep an eye out for when buying the thing.

Types of ashtrays:

Cigar ashtrays can have different designs, but depending on their use we usually divide the ashtrays into two distinct groups. There is the one for our home, and then there is the other one that we keep with us while traveling. Now, take a close look at the two types of ashtrays.

Portable cigar ashtray:

This kind of cigar ashtrays is perfect for travelers. When you’re traveling in your car, you can fix the ashtray to your dashboard as they got a magnetic fitting. So, it will stay in its place. And even if you want to use as a typical ashtray, you can do that too. Such ashtrays come in a lot of design and colors. However, compared to the home use ashtrays, these aren’t that attractive and also much lighter in weight. Also, they usually come in small sizes for apparent reasons.

Designer ashtrays:

The ashtrays we use at our homes or offices are more of a designer piece. They are meant to look beautiful and catch people’s eye with their vibrant colors and design. But they are also convenient to use. They got groves and holders to place the cigars as well as have deep bowls to hold the ashes. They act as an art piece as well as the thing to keep the ash of all your cigar smoking.

Quality of the material

It is essential to pick a good quality material while choosing the ashtray. Especially, when it’s going to be in constant contact with heat, you need to be vigilant of selecting the right stuff. For instance, plastics ashtray is a disaster in making as it will melt due to the heat. It would get all gooey and loose its structure over time. That’s why high-quality metals, glass, aluminum are more popular among consumers. So, make a smart decision while choosing the material.


It might not be considered as necessary as the material of the ashtray, but the design of the thing matters for many. Especially, collectors love unique and beautiful looking pieces. And also the ashtray needs to complement the surrounding of it so that it doesn’t look out of sort when you place it in your home or office. So, give some thought about the design.


You should also give a good thought about the size. For example, many people love to smoke in groups while for some they like to puff their way in solitude. So, the later one can use a small sized ashtray while for the groups a big ashtray is a must. Also, the depth matters as you don’t want to get out of your seat to clear the tray finishing only a single cigar as it couldn’t hold any more of the ashes. It would be exhausting and irritating. So, finding a deep reservoir should also be on your priority list.


Review of 13 Best Cigar Ashtrays of 2018


Stinky Cigar Ashtray
  • Bent stirrups accommodate all sizes
  • Polished stainless steel finish
  • Completely heat resistant and easily wiped clean
  • 4 cigar rests
  • Deep bowl

Key Features:

  • The ashtray is windproof
  • It floats in water
  • It has polished stainless steel which is quite durable
  • It can hold four cigars at a time

Before the Stinky Cigar ashtray took the world by storm, it was the original thing which gave us the taste of what an ashtray can be with a little bit of innovation in design. I’m talking about the predecessor to the current stinky cigar ashtray which was the best cigar ashtray before Stinky took it a little further with a newer and better version.

Cigar lovers highly rate the original stinky 4 Stirrups due to its dimension. The problem with most ashtrays is that they are quite small in size and have little depth to offer. In that retrospect, the stinky solves both the problems with distinction as it is quite large. Meantime, the bottom of the thing is what makes it so well received by people. You can smoke all day long and still the ashtray won’t fill up to half of its depth. Plus, having that much depth resists the cigar ashes from making mess caused by winds.

Then there are the four stainless stirrups on the four sides of the bowl. Now, you can smoke with friends, and everyone can let their cigars to rest on the ashtray without worrying about where to keep it. Also, it gives the overall structure of the whole thing a more exquisite look.

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Next on line is the Xikar Executive Ashtray can. Yes, an ashtray that has a can design. So, as you can imagine, this one is perfect as a travel partner. But besides being a portable ashtray, this one is perfect for use anywhere.

Key Features:

  • The Can have a stainless steel build.
  • Got secure cigar holder rings as well as spiral rings for cigarettes.
  • It has a deep tank.
  • The body of the container got beautiful leather wrapping.

There is a lot of things that are good about this Xikar Executive. For starter, the high-quality stainless steel construction of the can gives it durability. But they take it one step further by covering the entire stainless steel structure with premium leather wrapping. It not only enhances the appearance of the ashtray but also gives the steel an extra layer of protection from drops.

The Xikar has a secure lid on top so that it doesn’t come off unless you open it yourself. The inside of the can is deep, so you can smoke a lot of cigars before it gets full. And while on the topic of the inside structure of the box, there are two different types of holders for your cigars. The ring one is for cigars while the spiral shape of the holder is for holding cigarettes. This clever bit of design makes it a more versatile option than rest of its competitors with the same can ashtray design.

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Mantello Cigars Cobalt Blue Ceramic Cigar Ashtray for Patio/Outdoor Use
  • Approx 8" X 4"
  • Blue Ceramic Design
  • Deep Wide Basin
  • Durable Ceramic
  • Holds Large cigar

Mantello cigars have the perfect thing to meet your needs when you want to enjoy a sweet smoke sitting on the patio or outside of your home. It is the Mantello Deep Blue Ceramic Cigar Ashtray, and you know it is a quality product when the brand Mantello is associated with it. 

Key Features:

  • Beautiful blue
  • deep ceramic design.
  • Constructed from highly durable ceramic materials.
  • It holds large cigars.

It is the perfect ashtray for any home. This beautiful compact blue ceramic ashtray goes with any room. And being only 8 inches long and 4 inches wide, this thing fits right in anywhere.

The Mantello ashtray is ideal for those who smoke rarely. Being too small, this can’t hold a lot of ash while has only room for one cigar at a time. So, while puffing with friends and families, it won’t be the ideal thing to have on your side compared to a Stinky or a Xikar one.

But having a simple and compact design is what works for the Mantello so great. Because of its small demeanor, it is the perfect traveling ashtray to have. And its ceramic build is quite durable making it an exceptional kit for cigar enthusiasts. One thing that I like about this is its cigar bed. Yes, it only can hold one, but the ring gauge is broad enough for various types of cigars which I appreciate.

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Visol VASH704 Bremen Cigar Ashtray with Cigar Cutter and Punch
  • Exotic Black Polished Ebony Wood Veneer
  • Solid, Sturdy and Reliable Design
  • Single Cigar Rest
  • Included Cigar Cutter and Cigar Punch
  • Easily Washable Removable Ash Tray Center

The Mantello cigar ashtray might be too simple for some. And if you’re into more fancy stuff that has more to contribute than just being an ashtray, then Visol has something exciting up their sleeves. It is the Visol VASH704 Bremen Cigar Ashtray. But it isn’t only a dull ashtray as it comes with a cigar cutter as well as a punch.

Key Features:

  • It has an exotic black polished ebony wood veneer coating.
  • It got a stable and reliable design.
  • The package includes Cutter and Punch for your cigars.
  • Removable ashtray
  • so it’s easy to clean.

Therefore, the Visol ashtray is the ultimate accessory box for those who love a good smoke. Because when you open up the box, you get everything you need to enjoy a good cigar smoking experience except the cigar itself. Just take a cigar and use the cutter to cut it in perfect size while using the punch to make the hole for your mouth to inhale in the goodness of the cigars. Then there is the open tray where you can dispose the soot of the cigar. And by the way, a cigar ashtray is never complete without a bed for the cigar, and this one has one too right in the middle between the cutter and punch section.

The Visol has a pretty sturdy body and looks quite stunning. It comes in two different color options: Ebony and Black Lacquer. I won’t say it is the most exciting piece of an accessory of such kind. But for its versatility, it is an exceptional choice.

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H&H Insignia Collection - The Black Diamond - Cigar Ashtray
  • Luxury Porcelain Ashtrays
  • Designed in USA
  • Luxurious Decorative Accent
  • Excellet Gift
  • Fast Shipping

Every cigar ashtray till now has been the best cigar ashtray in one way or another. But the one thing every one of the ashtrays was missing is displaying the luxury part of the whole cigar smoking act. Because true cigar fanatics not only use it to get rid of the excess scraps but they love to flaunt it around and show it to people too. And keeping that in mind, I have the perfect thing to add to this list. It is the H&H Insignia Collection- the black diamond.

Key Features:

  • It is perfect for gifts as its made from luxury porcelain
  • The ashtray is designed in the USA.
  • It has an Excellent design and pulsing color accent.

So, what’s so special about this? You might notice the difference as this one is a porcelain ashtray. This type of material is more vibrant and exotic compared to any other materials usually used to make such an accessory. So, as a collectible or a decorative piece, the black diamond surely stands out from the rest.

Also, the ashtrays tend to be on the heavier side which is an excellent sign for durability. In the four corners of the tray, there are four golden coloured groves to rest your cigars. If you notice carefully, it is a bit tilted which is done intentionally to make sure your cigar doesn’t burn continuously when you let it rest on the tray. And being part of the Insignia collection, you can see the beautiful logo crafted on the plate which adds more style to the thing.

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XIFEI Fashion Vintage Cigar Ashtray Bronze Color Household Cigar ashtrays Single Slot Design (Bronze)
  • Bronze color,Fashion vintage cigar ashtray cigar tray single slot design
  • The modelling design of vintage fashion, made of high quality metal material, beautiful modelling
  • Portable cigars ashtray,suitable for household use
  • single smoke slot design,Vintage metal texture is worth having
  • Resistance to falling, lifetime quality assurance

To enjoy the vintage feeling, you can check out this XIFEI fashion vintage cigar ashtray. Like the Mantello one, this one is also quite compact and is for a single cigar. Therefore, as a traveling kit, this one is up there with the earlier cigar ashtray.

Key Features:

  • This single cigar tray comes in bronze colour.
  • It is made from the high-quality metal material.
  • It has a small dimension.
  • It is resistant to falls.

It is a simple looking accessory. Nothing fancy and there aren’t any outrageous features to make it compelling to buyers. And still, this one gets your attention because of one single detail. This cigar ashtray captures the essence of the past with its vintage metal finish.

The build quality is another feature that you can’t look pass when you get hold of the XIFEI. Like many of its predecessors, it uses metal for the construction. So, when it comes to last, this one will be by your side till your last breath.

It isn’t a big tray, but it isn’t small either. So, you don’t require to clear the cigar embers that regularly. And I love the cigar rest on this. It holds the cigars perfectly, and the best thing about this is that you can keep the burning cigar on it without any worry. However, the XIFEI logo is something that takes away some of the vintage feels a bit, but can’t blame them for putting their brand identity in the display.

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H&H Illustrious Collection - Camus - Napoleon White & Green Cigar Ashtray
  • Luxury Porcelain Ashtrays
  • Designed in USA
  • Luxurious Decorative Accent
  • Excellet Gift
  • Fast Shipping

If you like to collect ashtrays or just looking one to gift someone, then the H&H Napolean white and green bowl is something that will excite you for sure. As you already know, H&H is a brand that which loves to make gorgeous looking pieces. No doubt, they do the job as your cigar disposal kit, but they add a little bit more flair by introducing stunning designs.

Key Features:

  • Great decorative piece.
  • It is quite durable.
  • High-quality porcelain.
  • Deep center which prevents wind.

Like the earlier H&H product, this one also uses porcelain as its material. So, the glossy feature is something you can expect from this too. This one looks great at home due to its exceptional artwork of Napoleon on it while the color combination of white and green oozes elegance all over.

The golden cigar holder grooves make it a more vibrating to look at. This particular model has three slots on it. They are perfect for all sizes of cigars which is a good thing as some ashtrays can’t fit large cigars. Also, the tray has good depth, and it covers a large area so it won’t fill up quick. Also, the bowl-like shape of it combats winds quite well. You can’t compare it with the stinky one, but it does a decent job.

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OILP Cigar Ashtray Big Ashtrays for Cigarettes Large Black 4 Dual-use Rest Unbreakable Outdoor Silicone Cigars Ashtray for Patio/Outside/Indoor Ashtray Home Decor
  • The ashtray made out of high temperature silicone material, this eco-friendly soft silicone rubber ashtray is bendable and can't be broken.
  • The ashtray is soft avoid scratching the desktop and drop no deformation Can withstand minus 30 degrees to zero at 280 degrees high
  • 4 Cigar and Cigarettes Dual-use Grooves to Rest Cigar or Cigarette,It is useful and convenient.
  • These ashtrays are easy to clean with a little soap and water ,you can also put them in the dishwasher or just clean them by hand.
  • The ashtray is great for patio outdoor home office meeting rooms restaurants hotels bars and KTV etc

It’s time to add something more unique and fun to this best cigar ashtray list. From all the things I have seen so far, the OILP unbreakable silicone ashtray stands out for me from the rest of the crowd.

Key Features:

  • Easy to clean.
  • It is unbreakable.
  • It comes in three different colors.
  • It got dual use cigar grooves.

It has a square design, and that’s it. When you look at the tray, it doesn’t excite you, to be honest. It seems more like a toy piece in reality. But the real magic about this one is its choice of material. For construction, OILP went with high-temperature silicone. So, this thing is like rubber, and it is quite bendable. But also, it is durable due as it can’t be broken. So, drop this as much as you want, you don’t have to worry about damaging it.

This cigar tray has four holders. But they are multipurpose holders, as the big grooves have little grooves inside to hold your cigarettes as well as the cigars. I am really taken by the fact it is so easy to clean. You can put this inside a dishwasher and let it do the cleaning for you.

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Visol VASH903 Donovan Black Ceramic Cigar Ashtray for Patio Use
  • Sleek Black Ceramic Design
  • Solid, Sturdy and Reliable Design
  • Four Cigar Rests Can Fit All Cigar Ring Gauges; Comes with Plastic Brush to Clean Ash; Comes in Visol Branded Box.
  • Wide and Efficient Deep Basin
  • Square Shaped Design

The Visol vash903 has a square design which is quite satisfying. It is simple but sophisticated. However, compared to the other ashtrays, it goes more with the patio decor than your actual home.

Key Features:

  • The Vash903 has a sleek ceramic look.
  • It is solid.
  • It comes with a plastic brush.
  • It offers a deep basin.
  • It comes in black/red/grey/yellow and white color.

The ceramic build of this Visol is outstanding. It is durable which is great. Also, it comes in a variety of color which offers more option to the buyers. The cigar basin is deep and significant to hold a lot of ash. And this one has four large cigar ring at four sides which is highly admired.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable ashtray for yourself, the Visol Vash903 is an excellent choice. One thing I would like to mention is that it comes with a plastic brush to clean the ashes.


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Stinky Cigar Floor Ashtray with Accessory Tray and Carry Handle, Windproof, 24-inch Tall, 4 Stirrups, Chocolate Brown
  • Windproof, 3" deep bowl design
  • Includes 4 stirrups
  • Accessory tray and carry handle
  • No tools required to assemble
  • Stands 24" tall

Stinky is a brand that comes with innovative and exceptional designs when it comes to raising the ashtray game. The original stinky itself is quite exciting. But they took the same model and gave it a little bit twist to come up with this Stinky cigar floor ashtray.  

Key Features:

  • It comes in brown color.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • 24-inch tall.
  • The bowl is windproof.

When I say they gave a twist, I mean it as the principle accessory has the same design. You get a big bowl with 3 inches of depth and four stirrups. If you look at the top part, the container, it resembles the other Stinky ashtray from earlier.

But there is also a significant difference. This ashtray model stands 24 inches tall from the ground. So, you can place it outside or inside at home without requiring to put on top of a table or anything. Also, this has an accessory tray right below the bowl where you can keep other things. And for carrying it around from one place to another, Stinky added a carry handle to it.

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10" Hand Shaped Cigar Holder and Ashtray By EZ Drinker
  • Heavyweight hand shaped ashtray
  • Attractive design will look great on desktop or coffee table
  • Measures 10"L x 5"W x 3"H
  • By EZ Drinker

It is without any doubt a unique ashtray on this best cigar ashtray list. There isn’t any surprise here as you don’t often see a hand shaped cigar holder. That’s why it stands out from all the other things I’ve picked so far.

Key Features:

  • Unique hand shaped design.
  • Attractive showpiece which looks great on desktop or coffee table
  • It has a 10″L x 5″W x 3″H dimension.

It is a 10-inch hand shaped cigar ashtray which is cool. It got a large surface area where you can dispose of the ashes. And you can use the palm area to rest your cigars. This holder uses iron as its material. So, it is quite heavy, but meantime offers exceptional sturdiness.

So, if you’re looking something astonishing for an ashtray, then this one should be in your lineup.

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CiTree Cigar Ashtray, Cigar Travel Ashtray, Metal Ashtray (Silver)
  • Compact design with single cigar rest, deep ashtray reservoir for ashes. Works in any setting where smokers are accommodated.
  • Soft non-slip bottom design, avoid scratching the desktop, also avoid being blown away by wind.
  • Material: Made of solid Aluminum, so it's durable, heavy-duty, not easy to break, corrosion resistant and impact resistant.
  • Easy to clean by using a wet sponge or cloth. 30 days Money Back Guarantee.

The CiTree cigar ashtray is my top pick due to one simple reason. The compact design of the thing makes it a suitable travel companion as you can carry it around in your pocket. But the build quality of it is what fascinates me most like many others.

Key Features:

  • It has a compact design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It got a deep reservoir.
  • Non-slippery bottom.
  • It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

CiTree wen with Aluminum as their choice of material to build this thing. And as you know, aluminum is a highly durable material. So, this ashtray can withstand anything and won’t break for sure. Plus, being aluminum, it is corrosion resistance.

In spite of being a small tray, this one has a pretty good depth to hold a lot of ashes. The cigar rest is also exceptional as it makes room for all sizes of cigars. So, overall, it is an excellent option to have if you find yourself traveling a lot and need an ashtray.

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OILP Cigar Ashtray Metal Outdoor Cigar Cigarette Ashtray for Patio/Home/Table Modern Ashtrays -(Square,Alloy)
  • Solid alloy metal cigar ashtray for cigar smoker,polished chrome finish,unbreakable and durable.
  • Useful and convenient.The cigar ashtray have large 4 cigars grooves to hold cigar or cigarette steady,fit any cigar or cigarillo.
  • Easy to clean.Polished gunmetal finish small dome in the center, large basin for cigar ash,
  • Dimensions: 6.1"x 6.1" x 1.58", Weigh:1.6 pounds.It is a nice size cigar ashtray.
  • Modern fashion design,Great cigar Ashtray for outdoor/ indoor,perfect gift for a cigar smoker.

The previous OILP cigar ashtray on the list was something unorthodox but exceptional. But this time I’ve got a more conventional ashtray coming out from the brand. This one is the OILP Metal Outdoor Cigar and Cigarette Ashtray.

Key Features:

  • It weighs about 1.6 pounds.
  • Made from highly durable alloy.
  • Nice chrome metal finish.

This one also boasts a square shape like the earlier one, but unlike the other ashtray, it isn’t made from silicone. It uses the more traditional alloy metal as its material with a beautiful chrome polish. So, this is more eye-catching compared to the other one.

Besides being a stunning piece of accessory, this also boasts of a deep reservoir. And it is relatively simple to clean. The ashtray has four big cigar rings too. All in all, this is a more traditional cigar ashtray. So, cigar lovers all over the world will love it.

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It is the end of the ride. You’ve learned a lot about cigar ashtrays and got to know about what makes the best cigar ashtray. It will take some time to soak in all the knowledge and use it to find the best ashtray all by yourself. So, that’s why I also introduced you to some of the best ashtrays on the market. You can pick any one of them depending on your needs and be happy as all of them are exceptional. However, if you think the one here in the list doesn’t meet your requirements then use the buyer guide to discover the one yourself.