Are you a smoker? I do not appreciate you to do so, but I know you are needed for cigar lighters. Are you looking some cool, stylish and best cigar lighter to light your cigar? If your answer is assertive, then you are in the right place. Continue your reading to get the honest reviews of cigar lighters in today’s market.

“Cigar lighters”- they are the must thing for a cigar smoker nowadays. A true cigar disciple will never be found without a cigar lighter. Because not only they light the cigar but also provide high pleasure, satisfaction, and eminent experience. The best lighter will take your cigar smoking to another level of experience.

Among all the cigar lighters in the market, selecting the best one is little bit tough one. But it is the most important also. So here is a list of best cigar lighters for you. You can check on them.

Our number 1 selection is:
Alec Bradley "The Burner" Table Cigar Lighter
  • Large, 1.4 ounce capacity lights up to 1,000 cigars before refilling with Butane fuel
  • Quick and even lighting prevents the charred, sooty taste for a full flavor
  • Large flame lights cigars instantly, rotating cigar not necessary

Alec Bradley is one of the trusted and famous names in today’s world for its high-quality product. Alec Bradley The Burner Table Cigar Lighter is a class itself not only for its looks, design but also for the features it provides.

This lighter works in such a way that you can settle on your table expecting until you get the motivation to light your felicitated stogie rapidly.

The lighter is made of metal, and its ignition type is electric. The lighter has a stylish and exceptional gorgeous design. It’s also advantageous in case you want some credit in your friend circle.

Generally, it is momentous firepower to a serious smoker. With the help of single flame source, you can ignite your cigar in a second without too much rotating in it.

Moreover, its 1.4 oz retention can lights maximum 1,000 cigars before recharging the butane. It is a wind resistant lighter. You can use this table lighter under a ceiling fan.

This lighter has a facile fuel adjuster & also high comment chrome ends. This table cigar lighter is special for a crowded place, but you can also use it for home. It also has a relatively low price.

At last, we can say that Alec Bradley The Burner Table Cigar Lighter is an amazing lighter both for personal & overall use. You will also get a gift box with this.

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Why do you need a Cigar lighter?

It is obvious that you can light your cigar with any fire source you want to. You can certainly use a candle or a paper match or a stove. So, why use cigar lighter while having other regular sources! Do you really need one?

Well, the answer is you surely need one. Because using candles, stove or paper matches contains chemicals and flavors, which affect the taste of the tobacco. Even though you can use a match by waiting for it to burn down the sulfur and then light the cigar.

So, this process is very tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, this is very much old-fashioned now. So, forget all this and use cigar lighter to make your smoking an enjoyable one.

Take out your cigar, lit the tip or foot of the cigar with your lighter and forget all other things! Just enjoy!

Choosing the Best Cigar Lighter

Although everyone has their preferences while selecting a cigar lighter, you should consider some key things in order to get the best one for you. Such as:

Torch Lighters

When you light a cigar, what you want to enjoy? Of course the flavor of that cigar. It’s the main reason why Torch lighter are in the leading position when it comes to popular cigars. This type of cigar lighters has almost no odor. If you are using torch lighters, you never have to worry about the other scent that will disturb your smoking. These lighters guarantee you to enjoy the absolute taste of your cigar.

Flame Options

If you are fond of thin, small cigar, then this option is not that important for you. But if you generally take bigger or larger cigars, then you must consider the flame power of your lighters.

Lighters are available up to triple flames. The more the flames are, the more easily you can light your cigar, especially with large ring gauges. It’s also quicker to light the cigars evenly if you have more flame power. Also consider the fact that with more flame power, you can resist the air more conveniently while lighting a cigar.

We strongly recommend you to go for double flame options. Because this will give you all the benefits you want, at the same time not wasting too much energy.


Many lighters may look very eye catchy and stylish, but most of them provide inferior functionality. If you want to improve your smoking experience, this is another crucial point to consider.

The lighters have facilities like larger fuel tanks, fuel level viewing window, natural trigger position, cover for lighter, flame adjustment options, efficient burn time, etc. You can justify the quality of any lighters by considering these functions.

Fluid Meter

Last option but not the least one. It’s an important feature for those people who prefer to refill their lighters rather than buying a new one. But in both cases this feature is helpful.

You can easily track the amount of fluid your lighter has and take preparation or actions according to the meter reading.

Review of 13 Best Cigar Lighters

Number 2.

Mantello Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Cutter
  • In Compliance with DOT Regulations - Butane Fuel is Not Included
  • Premium Cigar/Cigarette Lighter. Comes in Gift Box, Sleek Design
  • Butane Refillable, Adjustable Flame, Cigar Punch Attachment
  • After you fill the lighter, you need to adjust the gas flow knob
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty, Email us for support

We chose Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch Lighter from Mantello as our 2nd best choice. If you are searching a conventional lighter with smart functionalities as well as cutter also, this product is for you.

This is a premium lighter comes with an ergonomic grip that provides one-handed cigar punch attachment to light your cigar. The metal body will give you an absolute look and feel that you want from a lighter.

This lighter is three jet flame. They will ignite your cigar with no waiting time. It doesn’t matter how large ring gauge your cigar has.

The flame also adjustable and butane is also refillable as well. So you can use it the long time, and the procedure is the easiest one. The flame stands strong in the air also. You will feel no problem while lighting your cigar in the open air.

If you want to gift someone a lighter, this is your way to go as it comes with a gift box. Moreover, this product comes with a punch cutter also. If you are cigar lover, you must understand how valuable this feature is.

But one important thing to remember that this product doesn’t come with full butane. You must refill it before you use it. Otherwise, this product has all the features to claim itself best butane torch lighter in the market.

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Number 3. 

Xikar Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Lighter, High Performance, Camera Aperture-Inspired Lid, Black
  • Powerful high performance square quad jet flame
  • Oversized push button ignition for convenience
  • Camera aperture-inspired lid provides unique experience
  • Red hue fuel gauge and ratcheting oversized fuel adjustment wheel

XiKAR Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighter is incredible in lighter industry. Heavy and solid feeling but hands-free with high heat.

It is seriously great for table or deck lighter on your perfect choice. Lights it up whenever you want, no matter what the wind conditions. That’s why the performance of this lighter will go beyond your expectation.

XiKAR Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighters functionality is also excellent. The Volta weighs in at over 2 pounds with a well-constructed tabletop lighter. Its lucrative push button will enlighten your mind as its flame is so adjustable with an outsized wheel. It is made of red inspire fuel gauge and black finishing.

Its also has large flame which could fire your cigar from a few centimeter away, and it feels premium in hand. The most magical feature of this lighter is double and very powerful flame that can fire your cigarette in a second.

XiKAR Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighters has a perfect looking design & round finishes which gives a comfortable feel. It has a smooth finish and also has the good protection that will not harm user in any way.

So why cool, grab it in a hurry with the hot attractive gift box and a good warranty..

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Number 4.

ST Dupont MaxiJet Black Matte Torch Flame Lighter
  • Single Adjustable Jet Flame, with side squeeze ignition button

ST Dupont is one of the famous names in cigar lighter industry. One of the finest product of this company is ST Dupont MaxiJet Black Matte Torch Flame Lighter.

This lighter is a smallest in size. If you are in need of a lighter that you can take or hide anywhere, this is your type. It weighs only 1.6 ounces. The outer design is also simple but classy. The plain outer surface of this lighter looks very decent.

The lighter has only one jet flame, and it’s adjustable. You may think that the flame power of this lighter is poor. But trust me it’s more powerful than you think. You easily light your cigar in the open air without any disturbance.

It’s effortless to refill this lighter when the fuel is empty. And you can always monitor the butane level on this lighter.

Lastly, this Dupont lighter comes with a 2-year warranty as well. So, you will always have that mental satisfaction in you that you are safe. And the amazing part is Dupont might, however, fix or replace your lighter if craftsmanship produces the fault after 2 years.

With all these features, this Lighter one of the best one in the market. It’s worth of every penny it costs.

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Number 5: 

CIGARISM Black 4 Torch Red Jet Flame Cigar Lighter W/Cigar Punch Adjuster
  • 4 torch red flame; Black metal and gloss finish
  • Dimension: 1.18" x 1.18" x 3.34"; Punch diameter: 0.27"
  • Butane refillable; Adjustable flame(with free adjuster); Pocket size
  • Manually open the cap and press the slide switch to ignite
  • Notice: Due to post mail regulation, all lighters are empty, so please fill fuel before the actual lighting.

CIGARISM Black Tobacco Lighter is a 4 Torch Red Flame Cigar lighter which formed in a full metal body. The cigar punch of this lighter is very handy to use anytime and anywhere.

The Lighter is very popular for its stylish and glossy design. It has a dual color like black and silver. The size if this lighter is also very hand catchy. That’s why if you want to gift someone a lighter, this is the lighter you should go for.

Another extra feature of this lighter is the gas volume, which is visible. The butane is refillable. It has a regular punch by which give you the opportunity to adjust the flame in anytime.

One last thing to mention that the lighters may come empty because of post mail rule. So, you must have to load the fuel before using it. You must have to fill it with 100% pure butane gas. You can always adjust the variation if the crest is not proper.

If you consider the design, size, flame power, this CIGARISM Black lighter is the best match. Besides, it comes with a perfect gift box. If these are your demands, go for this without any hesitation.

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Number 6. 

  • Double Wind Resistant Torch Flames
  • Sturdy Metal Housing
  • Retractable Cigar Punch
  • Single Action Ignition
  • Large Flame Adjuster

New Vertigo by Lotus Bullet cigar lighter is a surprising double wind covering torch flame cigar lighter. This lighter is especially for those customers who want to make optimum use of their money. This is a quality product in a minimum budget.

Generally, vertigo lighter always comes with unique design & finishes. This lighter is not different. It also comes with some special features along traditional & flare crest system. Retractile cigar punches also included with it.

This lighter has a robust metal bestowal. As the similarity of other lighter this lighter also has single ignition. It also has a large flame fitter which helps you any condition to fire. It can also work in stormy weather.

Vertigo lighter are designed as well as the ladies are jeweled designed. So, this lighter is well furnished also. A window also found in this brighter to see the optimum level of fuel. Moreover, it also has a soft-sided bladder. All of the vertigo lighters come with the 2-year official surety.

New Vertigo by Lotus Bullet cigar lighter is formed & designed with price in mind. It is best for the optimum budgeted chain smoker. You can purchase this lighter without any doubt & can get maximum satisfaction by using it.

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Number 7:

Best Cigar Lighter - High End Table Top 4 Jet Adjustable Torch -Windproof - Italian Inspired Design - Cigar Aficionado Must - Best Dabber Tool - High Capacity Butane Tank - Culinary Creme Brulee Torch
  • HIGH END - Quality Italian inspired table top lighter that any cigar aficionado will love to toast the foot of their favorite cigar. Large size that feels good in your hand as you light your favorite puro.
  • BUTANE - High capacity butane tank so that you never run out of fuel for your cigars
  • TABLE TOP - Large size lighter that will look good sitting on your desk and feel good in the palm of your hand.
  • EASY TO USE - Easy to use single button ignition quad flame movable head

This Andolfy Butane Tank Lighter is one of the finest and highest qualities Italian cigar lighters you will find in the market. The will feel one kind of premium experience at the time of using this big flame.

This lighter is a very comfortable one to grip in your hand. The size is so friendly to your hand. It’s also effortless to use as it has singular button ignition.

The fuel tank of this lighter is very big, and it has 4 movable jet head. So, you can quickly adjust them to your own preferences. Having oversized tank also provides you the benefit of no refilling tension over a short period of time.

It’s also famous for its durability. Though it comes with a 1-year guarantee with money back facility, its last more than that in most cases. This lighter also stands firmly against the winds and storms.

One thing to remember that this product will have no butane with it. This is because of USPS air rules. But if you are a real cigar lover, this problem is not that big at all for you.

We can confirm you that this is the ultimate one for you. What doesn’t it have? Durability, design, functionality- it has all those benefits that you want in a cigar lighter. Though it costs a bit, it is worth for a try.

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Number 8:

Vector THUNDRA Lighter - Gunmetal Satin [VT-THUNDRA/02]
  • Power triple flame
  • Uses clean burning butane
  • Extra large fuel capacity
  • All metal body
  • Gift Box and Warranty

Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter Gunmetal is a fist butane lighter. It is a large desktop model with a solid metal form. This lighter has a great triple torch flame. It also has tremendous fuel reservoir.

The strong triple torch flame helps to light your cigar rapidly. The lighter has a strong windproof flame. You can use this in stormy weather.

Besides, this lighter has a stylish design & finish gorgeously. It comes with a metal body. It also has a large fuel tank. It will give you maximum afford to light your cigar.

Moreover, this desktop lighter has an adjustable flame. By using the adaptable flame, you can adjust the flame that you need. It is also refillable with 100% pure butane. Ignition type is piezo.

Eventually, the popular Vector lighter comes with no proving warranty. The color of this very lighter is gunmetal. A gift box also included with it.

At last, we can say that Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter Gunmetal is a great lighter all over the world. Everyone accepts it for its nice design & mighty triple torch flame. Its large fuel capacity also makes it efficient for a chain smoker. You can purchase this lighter without any doubt.

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Number 9:

Xikar ELX Double Jet Flame Lighter with Cigar Punch, Ergonomic Design, G2 Gunmetal
  • Available in gun metal
  • Double jet flame
  • Simple thumb action and built-in cigar punch

Xikar 9652GM Gun Elx Cigar Lighter in black is one of the most famous lighters on the earth. It is popular because of its simple ignition, strong dual jet flame & demand style.

Xikar’s lighter is unique for its fantastic design & shape. It is created for boast thunder fast quick flame ignition. It also has 9mm cigar punch which is conveniently concealed in the base.

The lighter usually formed in a tough metal body with a durable finish. Usually, it is black with gunmetal, charcoal & traditional bronze respectively.

Moreover, this lighter has automatic protective coverage. It also has normal thumb practice ignition which makes easy to flame.

The Xikar lighter has a big fuel converter wheel which gives you an accurate fire. There is also a side fuel window to check the optimum level of fuel. The newly designed parts have a super & strong performance.

Xikar 9652GM Gun Elx Cigar Lighter is a fashionable lighter with its work and all features. You can purchase this lighter for your personal use or gift it to your friend. It is a perfect innovation for a real chain smoker. Xikar also gives you a lifetime warranty.

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Number 10:

Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Attachment
  • Scorch Torch Premium Cigar Torch Lighter
  • Size: 1.20" x 0.90" x 3.00"
  • Butane Refillable; Adjustable Flame
  • Cap Opens Automatically When Slide Switch is Activated; Cigar Hole Punch Tool Attachment
  • Safe and Easy to Use

Looking for a premium lighter that will light up your cigar even if in the strong wind? The Scorch Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter is the best solution to your question. The strong triple flame will light up anything in front of them with the blink of an eye.

This lighter has a very sleek design and very friendly to hands. You will feel boost up by its ergonomic and durable design structure. It has textured grip and slides switch to open cap automatically. This will help you to light things up on the go with ease.

This torch lighter is attached with a cigar hole punching. This makes it even more useful to the cigar smokers. The butane is refillable, and you can monitor when to refill your fluid as there is a fluid meter on this lighter.

The best feature of this lighter is that it can stand against heavy winds. You will experience no change of flame at all. The flame remains constant and does his work best.

Study structure, long durability, manageable weight- all these features come at an affordable price too. You can not have features like these in any lighter within this price.

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Number 11:

Triple Plasma Lighter- Electric Triple Arc Lighter- New Flat Surface Wide Arc Design For Pipes Cigars and More -Windproof Electric Lighter- USB Rechargeable- Cable, Gift Box and Warranty Card Included
  • LIGHT MORE ITEMS: IT'S LIT Plasma Lighters Use A Large, Flat Surface Design. This Enables The Lighter To Be Used Where Other Arc Lighters Can't; Such As On PIPES, CIGARS, BOWLS, WATER PIPES, CIGARETTES, CANDLES, INCENSE & MORE.
  • ELECTRIC TRIPLE ARC PLASMA LIGHTER: 50% More Power Than Atomic Lighter! The TRIPLE ARC Provides A Quicker Light and A More Even Burn Than Other Arc Lighters
  • WINDPROOF & SPLASHPROOF: Windy Day Outside? NO Problem! Plasma Lighters Work In The Windiest Conditions. Never Have To Shield Your Cigarette Again!
  • RECHARGEABLE: Built In Rechargeable Battery. Butane & Fuel Free Lights! Never Run Out Of Butane Again! A lighter you can use over and over again! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT
  • 1 YEAR BATTERY WARRANTY CARD AND 100% MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE INCLUDED. No Questions Asked!! We Know You Will Love It, So We Want You To Try It RISK FREE. We stand behind our quality and never stop improving. We include a warranty card with every purchase!

Are you tired of refilling your cigar lighter? Want to try the electric ones? Then you must consider the flameless Electric Plasma Triple Arc Lighter. This lighter comes with gift box, warranty. It is also designed for all kinds of cigars, pipes, cigarettes, etc.

This lighter comes with a triple arc. It helps you to light things real fast and even better than other lighters. It is also powerful enough to light things up in windy weather without any disturbance.

Another great advantage that it has is the rechargeable battery. You will never have to use fuel/ butane now. Recharge its battery with the given USB cable any time you want and use with freedom.

The battery comes with 1 year of warranty as well. It’s a mental satisfaction against the money you have spent.

But remember one thing that this lighter is not to light up metal things. And do not close the cap while the lighter is on. Because this lighter will not turn off by doing this. As a result, it will burn the cap.

The Electric Plasma Triple Arc Lighter is best with its flat rear, modern, impressive design structure and features. So, it definitely worth for a try.

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Number 12:

Mantello Cabinet Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Attachment
  • In Compliance with DOT Regulations - Butane Fuel is Not Included
  • Premium Refillable Triple Jet Flame Torch Cigar/Cigarette Lighter
  • Cigar Hole Punch Attachment, Sleek Design, Comes in gift box
  • After you fill the lighter, you need to adjust the gas flow knob
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty, Email us for support

The Mantello Cabinet Butane Torch Lighter is an extreme wind reverberating lighter. It’s a premium torch lighter that comes with slide switch and textured grip. It provides the user the benefit of using it quickly and easily.

It’s a premium torch lighter that comes with slide switch and textured grip. It provides the user the benefit of using it quickly and easily.

This butane lighter has solid internal and external body to provide long-lasting service. Its triple jet flame is also mighty to light any kinds of cigar and strong enough to endure air disturbance. The lighter also has a cover in the upper section to cover the heat of the flame after using it.

The flame is also refillable. You may use it as long as you want by refilling it time to time. But be sure to adjust the knob after you refill it.

Moreover, it comes with a lovely box and cover. You can protect your lighter from scratch and dust also. If you want to gift someone a lighter this lighter can be your first choice because of those.

One last thing to mention that this lighter also comes at a low price considering the features it provides. If you are a real cigar lover, this Mantello Cabinet Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter is the best option for you. You will be flourished in experience after using this lighter.

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Number 13:

Xikar X570BK-BRK Enigma Light Knife
  • Country of origin: China
  • Brand name: Xikar
  • Item Number: X570BK

Xikar Enigma II Cigar Lighter is one of the most fashionable lighter in the present world. This lighter comes with strong double torch avail. It has a durable frame style with an ergonomic design.

This xikar lighter has a powerful double jet flame which can help you to light your cigar within a second. It has a large fuel tank which gives you a long-lasting afford to your fuel. It also has a fuel window.

Xikar lighters are unique for its fantastic design & shape. This lighter has a self-open lid. It also provides you an easy thumb ignition.

The Xikar lighter has a big fuel converter wheel which gives you an accurate fire. It is a windproof, butane torch lighter. This lighter can be used in stormy weather.

Moreover, It is also included a manual flip head cap. This lighter has a center trigger which makes it unique. This trigger confirms your thumb out of danger from the flame.

At the end of the topic, we can firmly say that Xikar Enigma II Cigar Lighter is one of the most attracting lighter. If you are a chain smoker, then you have to use it. It also has a lifetime warranty.

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Number 14:

Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter Charcoal 3 Pack Plus 1 Lotus 90ml Butane Can
  • 3 Torch Wind Resistant Flame
  • Quartz powered ignition
  • Dual action ignition
  • Refillable butane
  • 1 can 90ml Lotus Butane

The most prominent feature of this lighter is triple wind covering torch flame. By using its large flame adjuster, you can adjust its flame as you want. It also has a vivid fuel tank.

This Cigar lighter has a unique design & finishes which make it more attractive to the customer. Moreover, every lighter has a cloth fitted sack in a closing that assimilates the excellent carbon fiber high tech specimen. It also safe the finish and looking the lighter new.

Usually, every chain smoker needs a simple lighter with his available budget. This Vertigo cigar lighter comes with its regular budget. This light is mainly for those consumers who don’t need to extra pay for a quality lighter. This lighter also included cigar punches.

Vertigo Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter is backed by a 1-year surety.

Vertigo cigar lighter is extraordinary with its reasonable price & its amazing triple torch flame. You should use this lighter without any consideration.

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As a cigar smoker, you must need a cigar lighter. And if you need one then why won’t you go for the best. And selecting the best one is always the tricky and challenging part. Please go through the selection considerable things we talked about in our review before going to product review section. It will help you to recognize you demands that you want from a cigar lighter.


In this article, we tried to give you the overall best market scenario for the cigar lighter. We also told which is the best lighter in our consideration.


We are not telling you will think like us. Because you have your own demands and interest. But we can assure that you will not find better product outside of our list.

Although if you are not sure yet, don’t waste your valuable time on other journal or websites. Please go to our product list again and select the best product that matches your expectation or demands.