I was asked by a few friends if I would blog about the construction of my closet humidor. I thought that it was a great idea and that it might be of some help to others. So here goes:

After researching and making several calls across the county. And speaking with friends who own cigar shops and walk in humidors in there homes. My dream is happening , my very own closet humidor.

My first call was to the David at Habitat Monitor to order my Habitat Monitor and Evaporative Humidifier. I chose the HM-HAC-XL(R) . I chose Habitat Monitor after hearing nothing but great things. I decided on putting in a Evaporative Humidifier, model HM-HAC-XL(R), because it has a 6 gallon reservoir and I wanted to fill it up by hand rather then using a RO system .

My second call was to order my Breezaire WKL 2200 unit. This unit is made for wine coolers and is also perfect for a cigar walk in/closet humidor for temperature control. I believe tempature/humidity control is one of the most important things for aging cigars.

My third call was to the electrician to wire up plugs in the closet in different areas and to set up some lighting. I would recommend hiring a licensed electrician to do any electrical work in your house.

My fourth call, and also one of the most important things is insulation. After speaking with my dad, Glenn Sorrention, of Lord Chesterfield Constuction he recommended that I use closed cell insultation. This stuff is amazing !!!! Here is some info on the difference between close cell insulation and open cell insulation. Take a look at this video. Part 1

Part 2

The videos should explain everything needed to know.

My fifth call was to ordering some spanish cedar. After speaking with David of Habitat Monitor he recommended that I speak to Fabiola of Wood Projections, Inc . With the help of my dad we presented some measurements to Fabiola and asked for some recommendations. Well after talking and deciding on what to order we came up with this:

3/4″ X 4′ X 8′ Spanish Cedar Plywood for the walls and Solid Spanish Cedar shelfs. Pictures coming soon .

Sixth Call: Sliding glass doors . Not a big deal. Pictures will also be posted soon will some more info.

There is plenty more info to add, so stay tuned. I will be updating this with pictures and updating info as it happens. If you have any questions please leave a comment.

1) Ordered Spanish cedar switch plates.
2) Painted all exposed studs with white mold/mildew proof paint. (Pics Below)
3) Installed mold/mildew resistant drywall. (Pics coming)
4) Called and ordered Granite for the floor. (Pics coming)
5) Granite installed and Spanish cedar has been delivered. (Pics coming)
6) Spanish cedar walls installed and shelving installed. (Pics Coming)
7) Final pics coming soon!!!!

I want to take this time to thank people who gave me some amazing ideas to make my dream come true.
Glenn Sorrentino owner of Lord Chesterfield Construction
Bill & Lynn Davies owners of Tobacco Locker
Matt Uebelacker owner of Granite Enterprises of S.W. Fl., LLC
Jason Wager owner of JW Insulation

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