Disclaimer: I was provided 2 CAO CX2 Robustos from Famous Smoke. The cigars were provided in exchange for this review.

I have such fond memories of CAO. I have always enjoyed their cigars and I have had the opportunity to meet the entire family. I have also met Jon Huber and one the reps, Brian “Bigfoot” McGee, whom I got to know from the many cigar forums that were active a few years ago. One of the things I really enjoy is attending the Big Smoke, and when CAO was there they would give you a cigar, light it up for you and hand you a piece of paper. If you brought the paper and the cigar butt back later, they would give you another cigar. What a great deal! They got more people to smoke their cigar first. I always made sure I visited their booth first.

One of the things that set CAO apart was the packaging. They had some nice looking and creative ways to present the cigars. Do you remember the Sopranos trunk shaped box that you could reuse? What about the CAO Vision that came in a plastic humidor that would light up with a nice blue color.

So how does the CX2 stand up? Lets start with the facts first.

Cigar Details
Size: 5 x 52 (Robusto)
Country: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Wrapper: African
Filler: Nicaraguan and Colombian
Beverage: Water

The CX2 or Cameroon times two, is one product in the line of the X2 series. There is also the LX2 and MX2.

Lets talk about the appearance first. The cigar is a medium brown color and has a nice looking wrapper. I did not see any visual issues, patches or stems. Overall the construction on first inspection was fantastic. Now the band, this is a bit unique. It has a black background with CAO CX2 in a gold color. This same gold color lines the band as well. On either side there are cut outs, really just holes that scream, “Please hold here”, and you really do.

One thing I always hate is a band that has too much glue. I have smoked a few cigars, even higher priced ones where the band simply did not want to come off easily. I know it’s a minor gripe, but you don’t want to take the chance of ripping the wrapper leaf of. I waited until the burn line was about a quarter of an inch away and I was easily able to remove the band fully in tact. The same could be said about the wrapper. I did not try and remove it beforehand, as I tend to leave my bands on until the burn line gets close to them.

I fired up this bad boy using a butane lighter and begun my journey. A little ways in, I started to get a bit of spice on the retro hale. It wasn’t over powering, but it was enough to say, good morning. I also started picking up a bit of a creamy, slight buttery, aftertaste. Theses flavors remained fairly consistent through out the smoke. I did pick up a few earth tones, but nothing major stood out.

The burn line was fantastic and the cigar never went out. The ash was a nice white color and appeared to be fairly solid. I did ash frequently to avoid get ash on me just in case. Near the end, I noticed the spice picked up a bit more as well as the creamy aftertaste.

Now about that price, at around $5 to $7 dollars for the robusto, that’s not a bad price. Of course the price will vary depending on where you buy it and how many you buy, but I think around $6 for a good robusto is a fair price. A robusto should last around 45 minutes and this cigar fell right in that time frame. Again your mileage will vary depending on how often you draw on the cigar. Following a rough guideline of a puff or two every minute or so, this cigar should last you for what could be a good lunch smoke.

Overall I liked the cigar. I liked the spice, the cream and the earth tones. The price point is great, and yes I have purchased them in the past. I would recommend this cigar to anyone looking for a good medium body cigar that enjoys spice and creamy flavors.