Christmas gift ideas for cigar lovers

Christmas gift ideas for cigar lovers

You want to buy the cigar lover in your life a great Christmas present. When it comes to matters relating to the stogie, though, you’re the first to admit you have no idea what you’re doing. We’re here to help!

Potentially hampering matters even further is that you may think your local cigar shop is filled with smoke and little gnome-like men who prey on the souls—and wallets—of people like yourself. You certainly wouldn’t want to go into a place like that!

Well, about the only thing that’s correct in the above statement is the “smoke” part. Even then, the cigar smoke is almost always confined to a cigar lounge that’s separate from the cash-register area or the humidor; the “floor,” as retailers call it.

In fact, you’ll likely find the local cigar shop (sometimes called a tobacconist) to be one of the most friendly stores you’ve ever visited. The staff are generally very knowledgeable  about their inventory and cigars in general, and are willing to help any type of person who walks in … from neophytes to “experts.”

Local cigar shops are so accommodating and inviting, in terms of atmosphere, that even other customers may give you some suggestions or ideas. Usually, they’ll be good ideas, too. Yep, it’s that kind of place.

With all of that in mind, let’s look at some tips you can use to aid in your quest for the perfect cigar or cigar-related gift for the connoisseur in your life:

Current cigar preference

If you want to get your cigar-chompin’ loved one something different from their frequent brand, all you need to do is find out is the name of their current brand. You need to be a bit cautious here, though, as a lot of the big brands out there have a lot of sub-brands that can range very widely, in terms of their flavors, degree of taste (mild, medium, full), and so on.

So you’ll need to be somewhat artful about finding out exactly what kind(s) of smoke(s) they like. Unless you have access to the cigar box and you can see the brand and sub-branding, you’ll likely need to ask. You can take the old, “A friend/co-worker of mine loves cigars; what kind do you smoke?” route.

Unfortunately, you can’t always tell the specific sub-brand from the band on a cigar. That’s the way this industry is; sorry.

With that information in hand, a good local cigar store or tobacconist will be able to make recommendations on similar types of stogies. And you’ll become the favorite of the cigar lover in your life (kinda creepy if that person happens to be an uncle or something like that, but you get our meaning).

Boxes? You don’t need no stinkin’ boxes

You may know what your cigar smoker wants, in terms of her or his favorite stick (another name for cigar .. drop it at your local cigar shop and watch the staff swoon!). Or you may be acting on the recommendation of a cigar-store worker or owner. Then you waltz into the store’s humidor and look at the price on the box.

After you pick yourself up off the floor—generally speaking; not all boxes are expensive—you wonder just what have you gotten yourself into.

We have good news for you. Usually, you can get a much-smaller number of stogies for your cigar-loving friend or family member. The generally accepted number is five; in fact, sometimes you can even get discounts on a five pack (as they can be called), depending on the shop. You can almost always buy as few or as many cigars as you want, though. You might even want to mix up the brands within your purchase (two of one kind; three of another). It’s up to you.

And depending on the brand and type of cigar, you might be limited in the number of sticks you can buy anyways. We’re mainly talking about ultra-premium brands like God of Fire and OpusX here. Besides, you really wouldn’t want to buy a box of those things, unless you’ve got stimulus money waiting for you at home.

Maybe you’ve seen above part of our Cigar Christmas Buying Tips. Since we’re giving people and it’s that time of the year, here’s remaining part which deals with cigar accessories.

Before we continue, though, we want to clarify one thing: You don’t need to spend the kind of money a certain cigar magazine out there would lead you to think, based on its stories and advertising. All of the suggestions we’ve made in both above part and here are for the more-average person. We’re assuming you and the person for whom you’re looking fall into that category, because … well … you’re here. And believe us when we say there’s nothing wrong with being average. After all, we are. That’s how we know about this topic.

Cigar Accessories Gift Ideas:

Normally I’d try to find a quote from Sex and the City about accessories. But considering the demographic of this site, I’ll refrain. I’m actually a bit embarrassed that I even thought of that series/movie here. Anyhow …

For you, the person who is looking for ideas for that special someone who also happens to enjoy cigars, all I have to say is: Accessories.

Like most general categories of consumer items, cigars have accessories. And there’s a lot of them out there. There’s types. And sub-categories within types. And with the cigar market being as large as it is, there’s new stuff coming out all the time.

Plus if you really don’t know about the cigars your loved one enjoys and you don’t want to go out on a limb with a stogie purchase—we don’t blame you for that, either—accessories might be just the ticket for you. When it comes to gifts, accessories are the safe bet in the cigar world, which can be a very confusing one to the uninitiated.

Categories include:

Cigar Lighter

Cigar lighters, but they should be “torch” lighters that burn butane. No cigarette lighters or others that use lighter oil. No Zippos here, either, unless you buy a special torch insert for them that use butane. And, yes, buying an extra can of butane with your purchase is a good idea. Just be aware that you have to ship butane via ground carrier, but unfilled lighters are fine for next-day or second-day air cargo, if you’re buying at the last minute.

Here’s our top 5 cigar lighter:

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Cigar Cutter

Cigar cutters, piercers or scissors. All of these take care of the end of the cigar that goes into the mouth, as stogies need to be opened in some form or another to be smoked. The most-important factor here is to determine what kind of implement your loved one uses. If they specifically like cutters, you should try to find out if they like the guillotine style, or if they like what’s called the wedge or “v-cut.” Also, while cutters and scissors are similar in terms of how they work, a cigar connoisseur generally likes one or the other. And piercer fans generally don’t get into cutters or scissors.

Here’s our top 5 cigar cutter:

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Cigar Ashtrays

Ashtrays. Cigar-specific ashtrays can be mini-works of art in and of themselves. They can run from kitschy (we have a “Big Butt Cigar Co.” ashtray at the Stogie’d offices) to ornate to just plain great looking. You’ll know them when you see them, too. Cigarette smokers don’t get this kind of respect from ashtray makers … and they shouldn’t really.

Here’s our top 5 cigar ashtrays:

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Finger cases. These are usually made out of leather, and are designed to fit anywhere from three to five cigars. If you’re going to go this route, we suggest finding out your cigar lover’s favorite size of stick, and then asking for the proper size of case to fit the stick. If all else fails, buy the one that holds the longest and fattest cigars.


Humidors. These keep our stogies all snug and ready to smoke. Basically, they keep cigars at an optimum temperature and humidity. Humidors can vary widely in quality and price; if you’re looking for a gift, a traveling humidor might be the way to go. They’re small, not that expensive and they’re usually something not owned by every cigar lover. And even if they do have a travel one, they’ll always take another.

Here’s our top 5 cigar humidor:

Clothing. Cigar-related clothing, whether it be logoed with a cigar maker’s brand (a.k.a. schwag or tchotchkes), from a high-end clothing line (Tommy BahamaNat Nast), or something that just looks good from most any level of department or clothing store, is almost always a safe bet with the cigar lover.

14 Best Cigar Ashtray and Buying Guide for 2018

14 Best Cigar Ashtray and Buying Guide for 2018

No one loves to leave behind a mess in their home. Everyone wish to keep their homes neat and tidy. So, why shouldn’t you do the same while enjoying a quick cigar smoke? At least, a real cigar enthusiast knows that keeping things tidy is also a part of the whole smoking experience. Because lighting up a cigar and enjoying it exuberates class while there is no reasonable explanation for leaving a trail of mess behind.

Now, when you can smoke outside, you get the luxury of not using an ashtray. It’s not the end of the world. But when you’re smoking indoors, you need to have an ashtray, period! So, today, we’re going to find the best cigar ashtray for you to make sure you get you out of the messy situation. Our number one selection for cigar ashtray is Prestige Import Group – Triangular Maple Lacquer 3 Cigar Ashtray

Prestige Import Group - Triangular Maple Lacquer 3 Cigar Ashtray - Dark Maple Wood and Black Accents
  • Size: 7-1/2"L x 7-1/2"W x 1-1/4"H
  • Black Sides for Contrast
  • Color: Lacquered Dark Maple Wood
  • 3 Grooved Cigar Beds
  • Stainless Steel Ash Reservoir

Key Features:

  • It has a maple wood construction with a center stainless steel ashtray.
  • The Prestige has a lacquered dark maple wood color for better contrast.
  • It has three grooved cigar beds

I couldn’t find a better way to start the best cigar ashtray list then introducing to you all to the Prestige Triangular Maple Lacquer ashtray. In the world of cigar accessories, prestige import group stands as one of the market leaders. They offer a range of exceptional products to make cigar smoking a more beautiful and relaxing activity. And the triangular maple lacquer is their gift to cigar lovers to achieve that level of smoking experience in a reasonable price range.

This Prestige ashtray doesn’t have the typical round design that we are so used to see in such accessories. Instead, it got a triangular design which makes it look unique. But the real attraction is the maple wood with black accents of the ashtray which is quite eye-catching. Therefore, it is perfect to use at home as well as in your office space as this thing complements the overall decor of any room. In the three edges of the triangle is three beds to hold your cigars. The beds will comfortably fit 54 ring gauge cigars. Then there is the metal tray in the middle which is securely placed by a magnet. However, you can quickly detach it for cleaning purpose and can again put the thing in its rightful place without worrying about the fitting.

The Triangular Maple Lacquer 3 Cigar Ashtray is a stylish piece without any doubt. Overall, it is excellent. The only complain I have is about its ashtray which is slightly small which is why this ashtray is best described as a flawed beauty.


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The Repeatedly Asked question before Buying a Cigar Ashtray:

It is essential for everyone to know the importance of getting the best cigar ashtray before thinking of buying one.

Why do you need a cigar ashtray?

It is a question that comes up quite often among the people. And it makes a lot of sense to question the need for a cigar ashtray when you can get rid of the ash in anything. So, why do you need to get a cigar ashtray anyway?

The answer might not make a lot of sense to everyone, but the person who appreciates cigars will agree with me. Cigar smoking isn’t like smoking cigarettes. It is a more intimate form of smocking compared to the later one and is a more elegant way of taking in the smoke. We always tie up the word “classy” with cigar smoking and having the right cigar ashtray is related to the whole thing. That’s one of the reasons to own a cigar ashtray. Then there is also the fact that usual ashtrays can’t hold the large cigars and that’s why you need to have the particular ashtray for yourself.

What happens without a cigar ashtray?

Many of us think they can work their way without a cigar ashtray. To them, I have only one thing to say; you will be making a mistake if you don’t get yourself one. Now, the question that you might be asking yourself, what might happen if I don’t want a cigar ashtray?

Right off the bat of mind comes up the concern for safety when you don’t use a cigar ashtray and use a regular one instead. Now, why’s that? As I have mentioned earlier, the average ashtrays can’t support the big chunky piece of cigars. So, when you let your cigar rest on the ashtray, it can easily roll and fall off the ashtray and cause accidents if anything catches fire due to the burning cigar of yours.

Another good reason to choose cigar ashtray over a regular one is the deep bowls design of them. So, no need to clean the tray that often. But if you still use the small ashtrays, then you would have to be clearing out the ashes from time to time as it will fill up real quick.

So, that’s why you should be thinking to buy a cigar ashtray. Not just the sake of it, but for your safety as well as to smoke with leisure.

What to consider before buying a cigar ashtray?

It isn’t possible to check out all the cigar ashtrays out there in the market. Every single day, new ashtrays are coming out from different manufacturers. And even if you can check out all the options out there, you will still make the wrong choice because of your lack of knowledge of the thing. So, first thing first, it is vital for you to learn about the features that make the best cigar ashtray.

Only for this reason alone, I want to show you some of the aspects that as a buyer you need to take notes off when looking to find a cigar ashtray. So, let’s start and check the features you need to keep an eye out for when buying the thing.

Types of ashtrays:

Cigar ashtrays can have different designs, but depending on their use we usually divide the ashtrays into two distinct groups. There is the one for our home, and then there is the other one that we keep with us while traveling. Now, take a close look at the two types of ashtrays.

Portable cigar ashtray:

This kind of cigar ashtrays is perfect for travelers. When you’re traveling in your car, you can fix the ashtray to your dashboard as they got a magnetic fitting. So, it will stay in its place. And even if you want to use as a typical ashtray, you can do that too. Such ashtrays come in a lot of design and colors. However, compared to the home use ashtrays, these aren’t that attractive and also much lighter in weight. Also, they usually come in small sizes for apparent reasons.

Designer ashtrays:

The ashtrays we use at our homes or offices are more of a designer piece. They are meant to look beautiful and catch people’s eye with their vibrant colors and design. But they are also convenient to use. They got groves and holders to place the cigars as well as have deep bowls to hold the ashes. They act as an art piece as well as the thing to keep the ash of all your cigar smoking.

Quality of the material

It is essential to pick a good quality material while choosing the ashtray. Especially, when it’s going to be in constant contact with heat, you need to be vigilant of selecting the right stuff. For instance, plastics ashtray is a disaster in making as it will melt due to the heat. It would get all gooey and loose its structure over time. That’s why high-quality metals, glass, aluminum are more popular among consumers. So, make a smart decision while choosing the material.


It might not be considered as necessary as the material of the ashtray, but the design of the thing matters for many. Especially, collectors love unique and beautiful looking pieces. And also the ashtray needs to complement the surrounding of it so that it doesn’t look out of sort when you place it in your home or office. So, give some thought about the design.


You should also give a good thought about the size. For example, many people love to smoke in groups while for some they like to puff their way in solitude. So, the later one can use a small sized ashtray while for the groups a big ashtray is a must. Also, the depth matters as you don’t want to get out of your seat to clear the tray finishing only a single cigar as it couldn’t hold any more of the ashes. It would be exhausting and irritating. So, finding a deep reservoir should also be on your priority list.


Review of 13 Best Cigar Ashtrays of 2018


Stinky Cigar Ashtray
  • Bent stirrups accommodate all sizes
  • Polished stainless steel finish
  • Completely heat resistant and easily wiped clean
  • 4 cigar rests
  • Deep bowl

Key Features:

  • The ashtray is windproof
  • It floats in water
  • It has polished stainless steel which is quite durable
  • It can hold four cigars at a time

Before the Stinky Cigar ashtray took the world by storm, it was the original thing which gave us the taste of what an ashtray can be with a little bit of innovation in design. I’m talking about the predecessor to the current stinky cigar ashtray which was the best cigar ashtray before Stinky took it a little further with a newer and better version.

Cigar lovers highly rate the original stinky 4 Stirrups due to its dimension. The problem with most ashtrays is that they are quite small in size and have little depth to offer. In that retrospect, the stinky solves both the problems with distinction as it is quite large. Meantime, the bottom of the thing is what makes it so well received by people. You can smoke all day long and still the ashtray won’t fill up to half of its depth. Plus, having that much depth resists the cigar ashes from making mess caused by winds.

Then there are the four stainless stirrups on the four sides of the bowl. Now, you can smoke with friends, and everyone can let their cigars to rest on the ashtray without worrying about where to keep it. Also, it gives the overall structure of the whole thing a more exquisite look.

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Next on line is the Xikar Executive Ashtray can. Yes, an ashtray that has a can design. So, as you can imagine, this one is perfect as a travel partner. But besides being a portable ashtray, this one is perfect for use anywhere.

Key Features:

  • The Can have a stainless steel build.
  • Got secure cigar holder rings as well as spiral rings for cigarettes.
  • It has a deep tank.
  • The body of the container got beautiful leather wrapping.

There is a lot of things that are good about this Xikar Executive. For starter, the high-quality stainless steel construction of the can gives it durability. But they take it one step further by covering the entire stainless steel structure with premium leather wrapping. It not only enhances the appearance of the ashtray but also gives the steel an extra layer of protection from drops.

The Xikar has a secure lid on top so that it doesn’t come off unless you open it yourself. The inside of the can is deep, so you can smoke a lot of cigars before it gets full. And while on the topic of the inside structure of the box, there are two different types of holders for your cigars. The ring one is for cigars while the spiral shape of the holder is for holding cigarettes. This clever bit of design makes it a more versatile option than rest of its competitors with the same can ashtray design.

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Mantello Cigars Cobalt Blue Ceramic Cigar Ashtray for Patio/Outdoor Use
  • Approx 8" X 4"
  • Blue Ceramic Design
  • Deep Wide Basin
  • Durable Ceramic
  • Holds Large cigar

Mantello cigars have the perfect thing to meet your needs when you want to enjoy a sweet smoke sitting on the patio or outside of your home. It is the Mantello Deep Blue Ceramic Cigar Ashtray, and you know it is a quality product when the brand Mantello is associated with it. 

Key Features:

  • Beautiful blue
  • deep ceramic design.
  • Constructed from highly durable ceramic materials.
  • It holds large cigars.

It is the perfect ashtray for any home. This beautiful compact blue ceramic ashtray goes with any room. And being only 8 inches long and 4 inches wide, this thing fits right in anywhere.

The Mantello ashtray is ideal for those who smoke rarely. Being too small, this can’t hold a lot of ash while has only room for one cigar at a time. So, while puffing with friends and families, it won’t be the ideal thing to have on your side compared to a Stinky or a Xikar one.

But having a simple and compact design is what works for the Mantello so great. Because of its small demeanor, it is the perfect traveling ashtray to have. And its ceramic build is quite durable making it an exceptional kit for cigar enthusiasts. One thing that I like about this is its cigar bed. Yes, it only can hold one, but the ring gauge is broad enough for various types of cigars which I appreciate.

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Visol VASH704 Bremen Cigar Ashtray with Cigar Cutter and Punch
  • Exotic Black Polished Ebony Wood Veneer
  • Solid, Sturdy and Reliable Design
  • Single Cigar Rest
  • Included Cigar Cutter and Cigar Punch
  • Easily Washable Removable Ash Tray Center

The Mantello cigar ashtray might be too simple for some. And if you’re into more fancy stuff that has more to contribute than just being an ashtray, then Visol has something exciting up their sleeves. It is the Visol VASH704 Bremen Cigar Ashtray. But it isn’t only a dull ashtray as it comes with a cigar cutter as well as a punch.

Key Features:

  • It has an exotic black polished ebony wood veneer coating.
  • It got a stable and reliable design.
  • The package includes Cutter and Punch for your cigars.
  • Removable ashtray
  • so it’s easy to clean.

Therefore, the Visol ashtray is the ultimate accessory box for those who love a good smoke. Because when you open up the box, you get everything you need to enjoy a good cigar smoking experience except the cigar itself. Just take a cigar and use the cutter to cut it in perfect size while using the punch to make the hole for your mouth to inhale in the goodness of the cigars. Then there is the open tray where you can dispose the soot of the cigar. And by the way, a cigar ashtray is never complete without a bed for the cigar, and this one has one too right in the middle between the cutter and punch section.

The Visol has a pretty sturdy body and looks quite stunning. It comes in two different color options: Ebony and Black Lacquer. I won’t say it is the most exciting piece of an accessory of such kind. But for its versatility, it is an exceptional choice.

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H&H Insignia Collection - The Black Diamond - Cigar Ashtray
  • Luxury Porcelain Ashtrays
  • Designed in USA
  • Luxurious Decorative Accent
  • Excellet Gift
  • Fast Shipping

Every cigar ashtray till now has been the best cigar ashtray in one way or another. But the one thing every one of the ashtrays was missing is displaying the luxury part of the whole cigar smoking act. Because true cigar fanatics not only use it to get rid of the excess scraps but they love to flaunt it around and show it to people too. And keeping that in mind, I have the perfect thing to add to this list. It is the H&H Insignia Collection- the black diamond.

Key Features:

  • It is perfect for gifts as its made from luxury porcelain
  • The ashtray is designed in the USA.
  • It has an Excellent design and pulsing color accent.

So, what’s so special about this? You might notice the difference as this one is a porcelain ashtray. This type of material is more vibrant and exotic compared to any other materials usually used to make such an accessory. So, as a collectible or a decorative piece, the black diamond surely stands out from the rest.

Also, the ashtrays tend to be on the heavier side which is an excellent sign for durability. In the four corners of the tray, there are four golden coloured groves to rest your cigars. If you notice carefully, it is a bit tilted which is done intentionally to make sure your cigar doesn’t burn continuously when you let it rest on the tray. And being part of the Insignia collection, you can see the beautiful logo crafted on the plate which adds more style to the thing.

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XIFEI Fashion Vintage Cigar Ashtray Bronze Color Household Cigar ashtrays Single Slot Design (Bronze)
  • Bronze color,Fashion vintage cigar ashtray cigar tray single slot design
  • The modelling design of vintage fashion, made of high quality metal material, beautiful modelling
  • Portable cigars ashtray,suitable for household use
  • single smoke slot design,Vintage metal texture is worth having
  • Resistance to falling, lifetime quality assurance

To enjoy the vintage feeling, you can check out this XIFEI fashion vintage cigar ashtray. Like the Mantello one, this one is also quite compact and is for a single cigar. Therefore, as a traveling kit, this one is up there with the earlier cigar ashtray.

Key Features:

  • This single cigar tray comes in bronze colour.
  • It is made from the high-quality metal material.
  • It has a small dimension.
  • It is resistant to falls.

It is a simple looking accessory. Nothing fancy and there aren’t any outrageous features to make it compelling to buyers. And still, this one gets your attention because of one single detail. This cigar ashtray captures the essence of the past with its vintage metal finish.

The build quality is another feature that you can’t look pass when you get hold of the XIFEI. Like many of its predecessors, it uses metal for the construction. So, when it comes to last, this one will be by your side till your last breath.

It isn’t a big tray, but it isn’t small either. So, you don’t require to clear the cigar embers that regularly. And I love the cigar rest on this. It holds the cigars perfectly, and the best thing about this is that you can keep the burning cigar on it without any worry. However, the XIFEI logo is something that takes away some of the vintage feels a bit, but can’t blame them for putting their brand identity in the display.

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H&H Illustrious Collection - Camus - Napoleon White & Green Cigar Ashtray
  • Luxury Porcelain Ashtrays
  • Designed in USA
  • Luxurious Decorative Accent
  • Excellet Gift
  • Fast Shipping

If you like to collect ashtrays or just looking one to gift someone, then the H&H Napolean white and green bowl is something that will excite you for sure. As you already know, H&H is a brand that which loves to make gorgeous looking pieces. No doubt, they do the job as your cigar disposal kit, but they add a little bit more flair by introducing stunning designs.

Key Features:

  • Great decorative piece.
  • It is quite durable.
  • High-quality porcelain.
  • Deep center which prevents wind.

Like the earlier H&H product, this one also uses porcelain as its material. So, the glossy feature is something you can expect from this too. This one looks great at home due to its exceptional artwork of Napoleon on it while the color combination of white and green oozes elegance all over.

The golden cigar holder grooves make it a more vibrating to look at. This particular model has three slots on it. They are perfect for all sizes of cigars which is a good thing as some ashtrays can’t fit large cigars. Also, the tray has good depth, and it covers a large area so it won’t fill up quick. Also, the bowl-like shape of it combats winds quite well. You can’t compare it with the stinky one, but it does a decent job.

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OILP Cigar Ashtray Big Ashtrays for Cigarettes Large Black 4 Dual-use Rest Unbreakable Outdoor Silicone Cigars Ashtray for Patio/Outside/Indoor Ashtray Home Decor
  • The ashtray made out of high temperature silicone material, this eco-friendly soft silicone rubber ashtray is bendable and can't be broken.
  • The ashtray is soft avoid scratching the desktop and drop no deformation Can withstand minus 30 degrees to zero at 280 degrees high
  • 4 Cigar and Cigarettes Dual-use Grooves to Rest Cigar or Cigarette,It is useful and convenient.
  • These ashtrays are easy to clean with a little soap and water ,you can also put them in the dishwasher or just clean them by hand.
  • The ashtray is great for patio outdoor home office meeting rooms restaurants hotels bars and KTV etc

It’s time to add something more unique and fun to this best cigar ashtray list. From all the things I have seen so far, the OILP unbreakable silicone ashtray stands out for me from the rest of the crowd.

Key Features:

  • Easy to clean.
  • It is unbreakable.
  • It comes in three different colors.
  • It got dual use cigar grooves.

It has a square design, and that’s it. When you look at the tray, it doesn’t excite you, to be honest. It seems more like a toy piece in reality. But the real magic about this one is its choice of material. For construction, OILP went with high-temperature silicone. So, this thing is like rubber, and it is quite bendable. But also, it is durable due as it can’t be broken. So, drop this as much as you want, you don’t have to worry about damaging it.

This cigar tray has four holders. But they are multipurpose holders, as the big grooves have little grooves inside to hold your cigarettes as well as the cigars. I am really taken by the fact it is so easy to clean. You can put this inside a dishwasher and let it do the cleaning for you.

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Visol VASH903 Donovan Black Ceramic Cigar Ashtray for Patio Use
  • Sleek Black Ceramic Design
  • Solid, Sturdy and Reliable Design
  • Four Cigar Rests Can Fit All Cigar Ring Gauges; Comes with Plastic Brush to Clean Ash; Comes in Visol Branded Box.
  • Wide and Efficient Deep Basin
  • Square Shaped Design

The Visol vash903 has a square design which is quite satisfying. It is simple but sophisticated. However, compared to the other ashtrays, it goes more with the patio decor than your actual home.

Key Features:

  • The Vash903 has a sleek ceramic look.
  • It is solid.
  • It comes with a plastic brush.
  • It offers a deep basin.
  • It comes in black/red/grey/yellow and white color.

The ceramic build of this Visol is outstanding. It is durable which is great. Also, it comes in a variety of color which offers more option to the buyers. The cigar basin is deep and significant to hold a lot of ash. And this one has four large cigar ring at four sides which is highly admired.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable ashtray for yourself, the Visol Vash903 is an excellent choice. One thing I would like to mention is that it comes with a plastic brush to clean the ashes.


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Stinky Cigar Floor Ashtray with Accessory Tray and Carry Handle, Windproof, 24-inch Tall, 4 Stirrups, Chocolate Brown
  • Windproof, 3" deep bowl design
  • Includes 4 stirrups
  • Accessory tray and carry handle
  • No tools required to assemble
  • Stands 24" tall

Stinky is a brand that comes with innovative and exceptional designs when it comes to raising the ashtray game. The original stinky itself is quite exciting. But they took the same model and gave it a little bit twist to come up with this Stinky cigar floor ashtray.  

Key Features:

  • It comes in brown color.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • 24-inch tall.
  • The bowl is windproof.

When I say they gave a twist, I mean it as the principle accessory has the same design. You get a big bowl with 3 inches of depth and four stirrups. If you look at the top part, the container, it resembles the other Stinky ashtray from earlier.

But there is also a significant difference. This ashtray model stands 24 inches tall from the ground. So, you can place it outside or inside at home without requiring to put on top of a table or anything. Also, this has an accessory tray right below the bowl where you can keep other things. And for carrying it around from one place to another, Stinky added a carry handle to it.

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10" Hand Shaped Cigar Holder and Ashtray By EZ Drinker
  • Heavyweight hand shaped ashtray
  • Attractive design will look great on desktop or coffee table
  • Measures 10"L x 5"W x 3"H
  • By EZ Drinker

It is without any doubt a unique ashtray on this best cigar ashtray list. There isn’t any surprise here as you don’t often see a hand shaped cigar holder. That’s why it stands out from all the other things I’ve picked so far.

Key Features:

  • Unique hand shaped design.
  • Attractive showpiece which looks great on desktop or coffee table
  • It has a 10″L x 5″W x 3″H dimension.

It is a 10-inch hand shaped cigar ashtray which is cool. It got a large surface area where you can dispose of the ashes. And you can use the palm area to rest your cigars. This holder uses iron as its material. So, it is quite heavy, but meantime offers exceptional sturdiness.

So, if you’re looking something astonishing for an ashtray, then this one should be in your lineup.

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CiTree Cigar Ashtray, Cigar Travel Ashtray, Metal Ashtray (Silver)
  • Compact design with single cigar rest, deep ashtray reservoir for ashes. Works in any setting where smokers are accommodated.
  • Soft non-slip bottom design, avoid scratching the desktop, also avoid being blown away by wind.
  • Material: Made of solid Aluminum, so it's durable, heavy-duty, not easy to break, corrosion resistant and impact resistant.
  • Easy to clean by using a wet sponge or cloth. 30 days Money Back Guarantee.

The CiTree cigar ashtray is my top pick due to one simple reason. The compact design of the thing makes it a suitable travel companion as you can carry it around in your pocket. But the build quality of it is what fascinates me most like many others.

Key Features:

  • It has a compact design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It got a deep reservoir.
  • Non-slippery bottom.
  • It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

CiTree wen with Aluminum as their choice of material to build this thing. And as you know, aluminum is a highly durable material. So, this ashtray can withstand anything and won’t break for sure. Plus, being aluminum, it is corrosion resistance.

In spite of being a small tray, this one has a pretty good depth to hold a lot of ashes. The cigar rest is also exceptional as it makes room for all sizes of cigars. So, overall, it is an excellent option to have if you find yourself traveling a lot and need an ashtray.

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OILP Cigar Ashtray Metal Outdoor Cigar Cigarette Ashtray for Patio/Home/Table Modern Ashtrays -(Square,Alloy)
  • Sturdy metal wooden cigar ashtray for cigar smoker,polished chrome finish,unbreakable and durable
  • Useful and convenient.The cigar ashtray have large 4 cigars grooves to hold cigar or cigarette steady,fit any cigar or cigarillo
  • Easy to clean.Polished gunmetal finish small dome in the center, large basin for cigar ash
  • Dimensions: 6.1"x 6.1" x 1.58", Weigh:1.6 pounds.It is a nice size cigar ashtray
  • Modern fashion design,Great cigar Ashtray for outdoor/ indoor,perfect gift for a cigar smoker

The previous OILP cigar ashtray on the list was something unorthodox but exceptional. But this time I’ve got a more conventional ashtray coming out from the brand. This one is the OILP Metal Outdoor Cigar and Cigarette Ashtray.

Key Features:

  • It weighs about 1.6 pounds.
  • Made from highly durable alloy.
  • Nice chrome metal finish.

This one also boasts a square shape like the earlier one, but unlike the other ashtray, it isn’t made from silicone. It uses the more traditional alloy metal as its material with a beautiful chrome polish. So, this is more eye-catching compared to the other one.

Besides being a stunning piece of accessory, this also boasts of a deep reservoir. And it is relatively simple to clean. The ashtray has four big cigar rings too. All in all, this is a more traditional cigar ashtray. So, cigar lovers all over the world will love it.

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It is the end of the ride. You’ve learned a lot about cigar ashtrays and got to know about what makes the best cigar ashtray. It will take some time to soak in all the knowledge and use it to find the best ashtray all by yourself. So, that’s why I also introduced you to some of the best ashtrays on the market. You can pick any one of them depending on your needs and be happy as all of them are exceptional. However, if you think the one here in the list doesn’t meet your requirements then use the buyer guide to discover the one yourself.


14 Best Cigar Cutter- The Keys to ultimate Taste of Fine Cigar

14 Best Cigar Cutter- The Keys to ultimate Taste of Fine Cigar

In one case, in the erstwhile of my first cigar experience, I bought two Punches from the store. I was 16 then and forbidden to smoke. Duh!

So, I waited for the night to light it up and to have my first cigar. When everyone was asleep, my best friend and I fired up the cigar and started to take a puff. We were new, but we could smell a problem with the cigars after few puffs because we were not getting any smoke from the cigars.

My friend started to heck out of me that I had bought a corky one. After around 5-7 of bizarre minutes, my friend sorted out a way to take the puffs. He cut the inner-mouth end of the cigars with my pen-knife. I have to admit that it was a very hefty task. Then we could take the puff and fill our breaths with sweet cigar-smoke. That was roughly 16 years ago, and I still feel that it was only a couple of years ago and start to laugh at our foolishness.

Six years after that when I start to smoke cigar regularly, my friend gave me a special cutter which cuts the cigars, as, in most of the cigars, one end is closed to seal the moisture and flavor of it while aging.

So, a cigar cutter is a daily grind for having a decent cut cigar. Knife or other sharp material can cut it too. However, they won’t come as pretty as cigar-cutter-cut one. Many of the cigar cutters are forthcoming in the stores, and you can randomly pick one. However, when you are talking about quality-investment, a proper guide is necessary. Therein my review on best cigar cutter will give you a complete demonstration about 14 cigar cutters which are classified and of low cost hence best in the market.

check out our quick selection of best cigar cutter from all types:

Best V-cut Cigar Cutter
Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter - Black
Best Straight Cut cigar cutter
Xikar XO Double Guillotine Cutter, Dual Stainless Steel Blades, 64 RG, Blue
Best Table-Top Cigar Cutter
Large Table Top Quad Guillotine and V Cut Cigar Cutter
Best Punch Cutter
JIFENG Cigar Punch - Copper Bronzy Engraved - Zig-Zag Ripple Carving - 2 Size Blades - Retractable and Screw Out Punch - Protective Gift Box Included - Smoking Accessories - Portable for Outdoor Use

Colibri V-shape Cigar Cutter

Xikar XO Cigar Cutter

Large Table-Top V Cut & Guillotine Cigar Cutter

JIFENG® Zig-Zag Ripple Carving Cigar Punch

Spring-Loaded release
Unique look
Easy-to-use lever operation
Pure Copper Body
Stainless steel blade
Rustproof and Scratchproof
V & Guillotine Cut
2 Size Punch Blades
Very Clean Cut
Blade re-sharpening option
Very lightweigh
from $34.99
Best V-cut Cigar Cutter
Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter - Black

Colibri V-shape Cigar Cutter

Spring-Loaded release
Stainless steel blade
from $34.99
Best Straight Cut cigar cutter
Xikar XO Double Guillotine Cutter, Dual Stainless Steel Blades, 64 RG, Blue

Xikar XO Cigar Cutter

Unique look
Rustproof and Scratchproof
Very Clean Cut
Best Table-Top Cigar Cutter
Large Table Top Quad Guillotine and V Cut Cigar Cutter

Large Table-Top V Cut & Guillotine Cigar Cutter

Easy-to-use lever operation
V & Guillotine Cut
Blade re-sharpening option
Best Punch Cutter
JIFENG Cigar Punch - Copper Bronzy Engraved - Zig-Zag Ripple Carving - 2 Size Blades - Retractable and Screw Out Punch - Protective Gift Box Included - Smoking Accessories - Portable for Outdoor Use

JIFENG® Zig-Zag Ripple Carving Cigar Punch

Pure Copper Body
2 Size Punch Blades
Very lightweigh

Why Do You Need a Cigar Cutter?

Is a cigar cutter so much necessary that I have to spend handful money on it? What if I cut them with a general knife? That would not be a problem, right?

No, it would be, and you are thinking wrong!

Spending on a cigar cutter is as necessary as buying a cigar humidor. A cigar humidor may keep your cigars fresh and alive for a couple of years. But when you are testing those aged cigars, the cigars must have a proper cut for smooth drawing.

Generally, a cigar is a roll of bundled tobacco leaves and loose tobacco leaves. So, in a cigar, a binder figure is obligatory to hold the leaves inside the wrapper. And here comes our cigar cap what grasps all the things together.

Most of the cigars come with uncut caps which make them tricky to inhale. For unstraining the procedure, the cap is trimmed in many different shapes. V-shape angle cut, flat cut, long hole, deep punch; the caps are cut vividly according to the urge of the owner.

Therefore, the nicotine of the tobacco blocks the pores sometimes. Then the cigar cutter comes in rescue, though the different types are used to canalize the cigar.

What Happens without A Cigar Cutter?

In brief, nothing for a caveman and everything for a good smoker.

Why did I say so? I said that because I met a guy in a cigar shop at our locality one night. I was looking for some pep talk and tasting a new cigar. So, I pinged the guy next to me and started to talk about the Martini belicoso which he was enjoying. After talking couples of minutes, I found out that the man was a cigar nerd and could not go an hour without a stogie. During our little chat, he finished his cigar and lighted a new one. The most surprising matter was that he used a key to make a hole in his cigar and when I asked him about that, he told me that he never used a cutter.

But in my case, I need my Churchill with an acute and sharp cut which makes a thin inhaling cap in my cigar. Anyhow, I need a V-cutter to make the particular tip.

So, the belicoso guy did not (I am sure that he still does not) need a cigar trimmer, but I have to admit that he is not a caveman and I liked the guy very much. Comparatively, I cannot go with a stogie without my cutter. If I do not use the cutter (as I tried to do so with my four to five stogies), I will end up with a cracked wrapper and a loose cap with oozy tobacco.

Who wants that, right?

When someone does not use a cigar trimmer, he meets with a stubborn draw in puffing and maybe with a broken cap or cracked wrapper.

What is to Consider Before Buying A Cigar Cutter?

So, cigar cutter is de rigueur for a smoker to prepare his cigar.  One among thousand may avoid it, but nine hundred and ninety-nine of them need it indeed.


Considering some points while buying a cig cutter is a wise move especially when you are investing your pocketful notes on it. After all who wants to buy a cigar cutter which is useless? And the horrifying matter is that there are plenty of cigar cutter types in the market which makes it more confusing to pick one.


That is why keep in mind these following things which are fundamental data about purchasing a cigar cutter.

Cutter Blade

Blade quality is the things which should be kept in the first of priorities. Design, the material of blade frame, brands, price- nothing matters if the blade loses its sharpness after using for a few months. So, whatever you see or want, try to know about the blade quality of the cigar cutter.

To know about the quality of a cutter blade, at first, you have to know about the material from which it has been made.  Stainless steel, cast iron are the best materials for a blade as they are rustproof and have the re-sharpening ability.

Cigars Type and Size

For the most part, a cigar cutter depends on your cigar category. It would be so idiotic if you try to punch your presidente with a V-shape cutter or puncher.

Before buying a cigar cutter, consider your cigar size. Possibly all of us went through the one cutter which was out of use because of its cutting diameter. Either it was bigger or smaller than our cigar size.

Many people burst forth on a particular style or design or over the low price of a cutter without thinking about the necessity of the cigar cutter of that diameter size. I don’t know why people do so even when knowing that their money is precious.

Most of us stick to one brand of cigar. So, it is wise that you know the ring gauze of our cigar to confirm that the cutter can cut the cigar of the particular dia.

For the most part, a cigar cutter depends on your cigar category. It would be so idiotic if you try to punch your presidente with a V-shape cutter or puncher.

Frame material

Frame material also should be considered. Metal frame, wood frame, ivory frame and many different types of materials are used as frames. They are all good. However, metal framed or bone framed cutter has a high price range. Comparatively, wooden framed are of more affordable. Therefore, the price also depends on the brands. So, a wood mounted cigar cutter can be of a high rate.

Types of Cigar Cutters and Your Requirements

Not everyone like their cigar cut in the same depth and the same shape. Everybody has their requirements. To understand your need, at first, you have to know about the types of cigar cutter. There are total five types of cigar cutter which are used for different shapes during cigar trimming.

1. Cigar Scissor

These types of cigar cutters are of primary level. Cigar scissors are inexpensive in most of the cases. You will find many branded cigar scissors at a meager price. The scissor cuts your cigar as in depth you want. It slices up the head of the cap in a thin portion.


Cigar scissors are a particular type of scissors which are different from regular scissors of our toolbox. The blades are round-shaped and can cut cigars of almost every size. You can trim your cigar with a scissor. Whatever your cigar is; a Perfecto, a Parejo or a torpedo, the cigar type does not count.


The only one problem with a scissor is that you have to be away skilled to do so. Otherwise, you will end up with grouchy cigar cap and fractured wrapper. If a little imperfection does not scratch your mind, you can have cigar scissor in your cigar box.

2. Cigar Guillotine

Guillotine cigar cutter was the cutter of the period when people had just started to have a precise cut cigar. As far I know, guillotines are cheaper than other cutters. Again, you will find some of them which are way more expensive especially when they are from branded manufacturers.


The cutters are ageless and can show their magic everywhere. Most of the guillotines have a single blade and a plunger to push the edge. When the blade slides, it cuts the resting cigar on a round shaft. It trims the cigars same as cigar scissors.


Nowadays double-bladed guillotines are also seen in the market, and most of them have self-sharpening capability. Petit, Churchill, Lonsdale, Robusto, Diadema are cigars which can be cut in a guillotine.

3. Cigar Wedge Cutter/ V-cut Cutter

Wedge cutter cut the cigar in V-shape. The blades have a unique shape. Cigar experts consider them as an upgraded version of guillotine cutter. The blades are not flat in the front edges. They have angle edges which lead angle cut in a cigar. Generally, the wedge cutter scoops up a portion of the cap head in a V-shape. The types of cigars which can be trimmed in a V-cutter are the same as that of a guillotine.


Now, a question is beating in every mind of ours; What is the advantage or difference in a V-cut cigar brought by a wedge cutter? Meanwhile, the answer does not come in one sentence. Let me make you understand.


When a wedge cutter cuts the cigar in a deep depth along, however, the extent is not distributed along the whole top surface of the cigar cap. The cut takes only one-third of its total area. Thus, a smoker can draw in smoke with little effort as the retracting area is less than a flat cut. The blade is at a constant height and cannot be moved. So, there is no chance of deep cut or over trim and shorten the head which will be taken inside the mouth.

4. Cigar Puncher

Cigar puncher has a versatile function. You can use it as a smoke channeler and also as a channel cleaner.


So, if you have a cigar cutter, you need a cigar punch too.

Yes, you need one. Why am I saying so?



There are a lot of people who do not like the chewing taste of tobacco, but indeed they have no problem with their burned taste. In case of a cigar puncher, the smoker gets that option of having a cigar without its loose tobacco in their mouth.


The puncher makes one hole in the cigar cap. The gap is neither too thick nor too shallow. The people who are regular smokers encounter with difficulty in taking in the cigar after few draws. That happens because of the tar of the nicotine blocks the porous channel of the cigar cap and the smoke cannot be inhaled in your mouth nonetheless how much you try to draw the puff with heavy breath.


When this happens, you can throw off the situation if you make a hole in the cut with a cigar punch. So, the cigar punch is a cigar saver and helps our precious cigar from blown out.

5. Cigar Shuriken Cutter

Shuriken type cigar cutter is the invention of a new age. Generally, the cigar cut consists of 5-7 blades placed in a round path.

The cutter cuts the cigar in a concave hole. The blades are triggered by spring or manual knob. You can cut their almost every type of cigars.

Your Budget

Money talks!

Your shopping depends on your budget more than it depends on your wish. We all want to live a king’s life. But the money matter always cuts the king part, and we live lives. The issue does not change in case of buying a cigar cutter also.

There are plenty of cigar cutters of contrastive price ranges. Generally, straight cutters made of the wood frame comes in handy and cheap. Consequently, if you are looking for a branded one, you have to reckon a pocketful amount.

My suggestion is that if you are new, start with an inexpensive one and try out every type of the cutter to find out which one suits you. Buy a signature cigar cutter with the cost of multiple premium cutters if you are experienced and looking for doubling your collection.

14 Best Cigar Cutters of 2018


Check out our Top Cigar Cutter Reviews:


Best V-cut Cigar Cutter

Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter - Black
  • Spring-Loaded release
  • Ergonomic design, v-shaped cutter, stainless steel blade
  • Two year warranty, gift box included

Colibri is a famous name in the world of smoking gadgets. The latest product from the company is a super unique cigar cutter. The cigar cutter cuts the cigar in V shape in the edge. So, when we think about wasting our cigars by the round-cut cutter, this v-cut cutter can be a solution to save our golden stick beautifully.

The stainless-steel cutter body gives it durability for a lifetime. That is why the company has provided a lifetime warranty for the product because no one will never need to exchange it for any rust.

The smart structure with a slim fitness has made it placeable in your pocket or cigar humidor. The cigar cutter is very stylish and has a black finish on its entire body, and the silver pins have made it shinier and more adorable. 

The spring-laden trigger makes a nice acute slice of cigars of more than 60 ring gauze. This cutter does not change the shape of your cigars, only makes an accurate path for channeling the smoke.

I would say that this is the best V-cut cigar cutter or wedge cigar cutter in the market and you will not get another one of the distinct qualities at this price range. 

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Best Straight Cut or guillotine cigar cutter

Xikar XO Double Guillotine Cutter, Dual Stainless Steel Blades, 64 RG, Blue
  • Double Guillotine style cutter with stainless steel blades
  • Aluminum body with spring-loaded blade release button, 2.38" diameter
  • Planetary gear system
  • 64 RG (cuts the cap of 70RG cigars)
  • Covered by Xikar's lifetime warranty

The XO cutter is a bomb in the cigar accessories world. It is the best straight cut or guillotine cigar cutter in the market.

 If I have to tell only one thing about the cutter, I would say about its look. The cigar-cutter is way beyond a stylish one and have a unique look which will pull you to the appearance of spaceship arbiter.

The blue disk which they called “planetary shape or gear technique” has taken the cutter in another dimension of look. The broad blue globular shape of the body and the black round knife have made it dashing and distinct from other cutters.

The aluminum block of the cutter is rustproof and scratchproof, and the cutter knife is very sharp. The round-edged knife can cut cigar of almost every ring diameter. As the cutting blade is very steep, the cut edge of the cigar comes out very cleanly.

Synchronic blade movement allows better control over cigar cutting. The black knife does not only provide a smart look but also provide a guideline about the depth during cutting. The sash flair cut gives a vertical cut to the cigar edge.

The blade is released by a spring button, and the spring button prevents cracking down the wrapper of the cigar. The price is bitty high, but when you think about its performance and durability, the price is acceptable in any thought.

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Best Table-Top Cigar Cutter

Large Table Top Quad Guillotine and V Cut Cigar Cutter
  • Easy-to-use lever operation
  • Provides four different holes to cut two sizes of Guillotine- and V-style cuts
  • Table-top cutter with polished aluminum construction

Here comes one of the cherished one of my collection. The cig cutter is colossal and so in its chore. I have few unportable cigar cutters, and the Large Table-top cutter of CigarExtras is the best among them.

The combined blade cigar cutter has a construction of cast iron containing four holes in the upper part of the table-top cutter. The cigar cutter is perfect for lounge or office environment. It rocks in a party, and you don’t have to lose your mind by repeated give to and take your cigar cutter from your guest. Place one tabletop cutter of CigarExtras in the middle of the party hall and get rid of pesky bespeak.

It has two straight cut blades and two v-cut blades. Both types of edges have two different sizes for the perfect cut of different ring-gauze cigars. The sharp-cut allows the smoker to have a precise-trimmed cig even if the smoker is a newbie.

There is a blade re-sharpening option in this cutter. You can do it by yourself. You have to take off the nuts and detach the blade. After that, you have to sharpen and assemble them again.

Rubber fit bottom prevents movement and rubber plug deposits wastage in it. And you can get the sizeable table-top cigar cutter at a very affordable price.

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Best Punch Cutter

JIFENG Cigar Punch - Copper Bronzy Engraved - Zig-Zag Ripple Carving - 2 Size Blades - Retractable and Screw Out Punch - Protective Gift Box Included - Smoking Accessories - Portable for Outdoor Use
  • 100% Pure Copper Body Cigar Punch, Proud by Nature.
  • Hidden 2 Size Punch Blades Simply Screws Out and Retractable, Never Hurt Yourself When You Don't Have to.
  • Pocket Sized Detachable Cigar Tools with Ring Buckle, Convenient to Clean and Carry.
  • Delivered in a Handsome Gift Box, A Perfect Gift for the Upcoming Holidays or the Cigar Enthusiasts in Your Life, or Simply Purchase One for Yourself.
  • Lifetime Warranty, Order with Confidence, Love Our Cigar Hole Punch or Your Money -Back Guarantee within 30 Days, No Questions Asked.

Generally, cigar punches are less used as a cigar cutter than as a block remover. Though the punches tend to wear out of sharpness and versatility, JIFENG® Zig-Zag Ripple Carving Cigar Punch is best cigar punch which shows sharpness and versatility even if during the prolonged and repeated uses.

1.6 oz weighted cigar punch is very lightweight which enables well-off transportation. It has cufflink at the one end of the punch machine. The cufflink facilitates carrying it as a key-holder.

In most of the cases, cigar punches are the best choice for preventing unraveling and cracking the wrapper. Thereby, Jifeng zig-zag cigar punch stands as the best cigar punch in the market. The total length is 3.5” and has a balanced weight to trim cigars precisely.

The bigger hole is of 9mm, and the smaller gap is of 7mm. Those two different punch holes provide excellent cutting of varying size cigars.

There are astounding geometrical shaped engraved on the surface of the punch. Those shapes have made it look more sophisticated and modern, though I found it bona fide and dropped from Egyptian culture.

The cigar comes in riffle settled parcel which has orange lower part and velvet black lid. When you flip over the cover, you will see a dynamic bronzy cigar punch waiting for trimming your cigars. You also can mark it by engraving your name on it.

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Xikar Xi2 Cigar Cutter With 440 Stainless Steel Blades With Rockwell C Rating Of 57, Noir
  • Cuts a 54 ring gauge cigar in half, can cut up to a 60 ring-gauge cigars
  • 440 Stainless Steel Blades With Rockwell C Rating Of 57, the hardest, sharpest blade you can buy
  • Ergonomic shape and spring-loaded double guillotine action
  • Classic Xikar teardrop shape
  • Elegant and stylish noir (black) finish

The body of the Noir cigar cutter is C rated in the scale of Rockwell which specifies the toughness of the configuration of the body metal. The hardness is 57 in this scale because of 440 chromium steel.

Maybe you will call the shape of the Xikar Xi2 as a metal flower petal. At least, it seems to me like that which works precisely opposite on a cigar cap. The cutter is a tiny one and perfectly fits in one hand. The surface of the cigar trimmer feels as emery paper while touching and the shiny, silver two middle portion is very smooth. The combination of the rough and smooth surfaces is very comfortable for handling.

If you want to cut a cigar of larger thickness, you can cut only a slight edge of the cigar crown. And from my experience, many cigar smokers prefer their cigars with small head-cut. The cutter is a semi-straight cigar cutter which has two blades triggered by a spring knob. The knob is a silver button and placed in the center of the cigar cutter. The modules can cut cigars of around 54 ring gauze.

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ALASKA BEAR - Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel Guillotine Double Cut Blade in Black Gift Pouch
  • Brushed stainless steel, custom design by Alaska Bear brands.
  • Excellent craftsmanship and solid construction.
  • Self-sharpening double blades and cuts cigars clean and with precision.
  • Hole diameter: 0.892 in. (22.66 mm), for all sizes up to 60 gauge.
  • Comes in a cool gift bag, to keep and protect the cutters.

If you are looking for traditional cigar cutter which has the best craftsmanship, you can try out the double blade cigar cutter of Alaska Bear. The cigar cutter is unique and has made a significant position in my cigar cutter review.

The satin burnished stainless steel is used in configuring the body of the cutter. As a result, it is stable and long-lasting. You will find the cigar cutter with the conventional oval form which makes it portable and versatile in any occasion and place. The size is suitable to store the cutter in any humidors and takes less space so that you can keep lighter and other necessaries smoking accessories in your humidor easily.

The blade hole is of 0.9” and can trim the heads of up to 60 head gauze cigars. The blade is very sharp which cut the cigar cap as you want. While precise cutting, it leaves no unwanted scratch on the cigar foil and no unwanted pressure on cigars. Therefore, the cut comes out as neat and accurate as the requirement of the owner.

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XIKAR MTX 9324BK Cigar Scissors,Black
  • Product details: available in black
  • Cuts up to a 58 ring-gauge cigar
  • Powerful, efficient, and easy-to-use

The cigar scissor from the Big Easy Tobacco Accessories is a pro in the cigar realm. It can trim up to 60 size cigars. The cigar person who does not believe in hole blade or acute one, can uncritically purchase this one and forget to buy another one for next 4 to 5 years.

The gripping hole of the cigar scissor is very comfortable and allows a better command over pin-point cutting. The handles have a color of matt black finish.

The cigar does not only help in trimming the cigar cap but also in adjusting the flame height of the lighter. The flame controlling option of the scissor dishes out the precise lighting of cigar and allows perfect fumes.

The whole scissor is adaptable and can be folded in only 2.6 inches. The poker tool in the grip handle has made it more functional in multi-cutting a cigar.

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GALINER Cigar Cutter Lock System Wood Stainless Steel Double Cut Blade Cigar Guillotine in Gift Box
  • SOLID METAL BLADE: 100% Solid stainless steel double cut blades cigar cutter. With Polished and Smooth finished cutting edge. This cigar cutter can cut cigars clean and with precision.
  • ZEBRA WOOD: The cigar cutter body adopts zebra wood. Luxury look, excellent craftsmanship and solid construction. Ox Horns shaped body, ergonomic shape for easy to handle and give great grip.
  • LOCK SYSTEM: Spring-loaded apparatus; easily open or close it with one hand when you use this cigar cutter. Good protection, avoid the blades opened by itself.
  • CIGAR CUTTER SIZE: APPROX 76*57*7mm (2.99in * 2.24in* 0.27in); Hole Dia.: 22mm (0.866in);
  • WHAT YOU GET: GALINER Cigar Cutter, cigar cutter box. Together with 30 Days Money Back.

The wood-bodied cigar cutter from G Galiner is very easy to fit on your pocket. Comparatively, it provides better performance in cutting a cigar. The wood which has a dark chocolate color appearance is taken from Zebrawood plant, gives a luxurious and elegant tone to the cigar cutter.

The trumpet shape of the cigar body has a length of 76mm and a width of 57 mm when closed and 79 mm when opened. The unique configuration allows a better grip while cutting with one hand and better impact on precise- cutting.

The vertical, double closure by blades consist 100 percent pure stainless-steel metal. The edge is fair polished and rust-proof. The diameter of the knife hole is 22mm which is suitable to cut cigars of around 57 ring gauze.

The cigar cutter comes with an astonishing gift box which makes it more presentable to its users. You can directly gift to someone just after buying it.

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Mantello Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter Guillotine Double Cut Self Sharpening Blades in Gift Box
  • Perfect Gift for Cigar Smokers
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
  • Cuts Cigars up to 60 Ring Gauge
  • Comes in Gift Box. Lifetime Warranty

The cigar cutter smiles up with a gorgeous gift box which has the signature matt black coating and logo of Mantello. The bivalent blades have chromium steel infrastructure, rounded edges.

The lunate shape of the cutting blade is very accurate and exact for hacking equal to 56 size cigars’ heads. Mantello dual-cut blades cig cutter is lightweight and small enough for easy takeaway. 

The smoke cutter which has nail grip function comes up with sharpened edges mostly which cause a chance of hand cut. Contrariwise, the circular thumb and finger grips of Mantello cigar cutter have a brushed-up tune which makes the chopper satiny and free from sharp edges. Besides the shank also offers improved handgrip on minimum cutbacks of cigar corks.

The price is very affordable and budget-friendly. That is why the guillotine cig cutter of Mantello is satisfactory for greenhorn smoker who is looking for something cheap as well as hyperactive too.

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Xikar VX V-Cut V Cutter, Cigar Cutter, Up to 64 Ring Gauge, Razor-Sharp Blade Provides A Clean Cut Every Time, Concave Design for Cigar Rest, Gunmetal
  • High quality Xikar VX V-Cut cigar cutter
  • Attractive metal V-Cut will handle cigar caps up to 64 Ring Gauge
  • Finest workmanship and inverted blade design produces a clean cut every time
  • Produces a unique wedge shaped notch on the cigar cap, sometimes referred to as "cats-eye"
  • Contoured cutter body is the perfect place to hold your cigar

VX cigar cutter of Xikar is another one cutter among the best cigar cutter which cut the cigar end in crew neck shape. The shape is mostly known as V-shape.

The V-shape cut in a cigar cap reduces the wastage and cut out proper smoke path. The narrow smoke path allows the smoker to take a large chunk of smoke in a small puff. Hence, better smoking can be experienced with a little effort.

The body of the cigar carver is made of gunmetal. Principally, the metal is one kind of bronze. Some may call the gunmetal “a red brass.” Whatever that is called, it is a solid metal that can resist any corrosion, steams and water. And that’s where Xikar VX cutter wins as being a long-lasting and durable cigar cutter.

The weight is only 45g, and the cutter has a right balance over a cigar and can cut any cigar of any ring gauze. You also can engrave it which allows you to hold a name or words of your beloved someone.

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You will see many unique features in this cigar cutter of Cuban Crafters. Most of the users of Cuban Crafters have opted it best cigar cutter. Some may say that it is an all in one to cut cigars of every ring gauze. I also believe in so because it does that.

Firstly, there is no chance of over cutting. 40-size cigar head comes out in 2-3 mm by this cutter. The function is very satisfying for a stogie lover. After all, who wants to waste his love! It can cut cigars over 80 ring-gauze.  In a case of a cigar cutter, the larger is better.

Secondly, the stylish cigar cutter is not only sharp but also has a self-sharpening feature which makes it outstanding than other cutters. Where your general cutter will go one to two years, the Cuban Crafters Dos Chabetas will go 3-4 years for this sharpening feature.

In the finishing, there is also a waste chamber which helps in keeping your room clean while having a rocking party where your stogies are the leading beauty.

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Mantello Cigar Cutter Zebra Wood and Polished Stainless Steel Cut and Lock System in Gift Box
  • Dual Guillotine for a Smooth Clean Cut
  • Spring-loaded Apparatus
  • Teardrop Body Gives Great Grip
  • High Quality Strong and Sturdy
  • Lifetime warranty, contact seller to start a claim

The multiple straps of stainless steel are framed with polished zebra hardwood in Mantello lock system cigar cutter. Mantello claims a brand-new reflection of the cigar cutter. However, I find it holding an antic look, and I have to admit that I like the appearance more than the new one.

The lock system is impressive, and it allows safe handling while not in use. The blades are guillotine system and operated by horn-shaped plungers. The plungers cut the cigar’s head vertically when in motion. After getting through the work done, you can push the gilt button placed in the eye of the cigar cutter. Then you can keep the cig cutter in your pocket without the risk of cutting your other accessories.

As the blades are made of chrome steel, they have sharp edges, and rustproof functions hence provide a lifetime warranty.

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Xikar Xi3 3D Mayan Cigar Cutter
  • Stainless Steel Bodies
  • 3D Exotic Handles
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Spring Loaded
  • Cut Up To 58-Ring Gauge Cigars

The 3D cutter is a beauty in my cigar-cutter collection, and it always draws the attention of almost everyone. I have to confess that this one is an exclusive one and you will not find a single cigar cutter like this. The design of the cutter edges is inspired by Mayan culture. The Maya has gone, but you will see a little symbol of them in this cutter. It is not only a piece of cutter machine but also a relic of tradition and elegance.

The price is hefty, but the efficiency and appearance are the heavier. So, it balances the dollar unit. It comes with a gift packet and saves your money by buying a new package while gifting it to someone. The pack is elegant too and stands head to head with the cutter.

It can trim up to cigars of 70 ring gauze without having a loose flake in the cut edge. It also has self-sharpening features which make it more durable.

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The cigar scissor of Cuban Crafters comes in a synthetic leather pouch which is black and has a company seal on it. The round scissor is full black in its whole body including the handles.

Circling rotation blades can be sharpened by themselves during each cut. As the blades are distributed in circle path, it becomes easier to cut round shaped cigar without giving vertical stress on cigars. The circular blades reduce the chances of cracked wrappers and broken edge cigars.

Cigars over of 60 ring diameters can be trimmed in the new Cuban Crafters scissor before lightening your mind with sweet fogs. The handles are well-crafted and of perfect shape which allows more massive and comfort grip while trimming your cigar.

Some like their cigars with thick cut, some like them with a light cut and Cuban Crafter Three blade cigar scissor offers you both.  

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A perfect cigar cut can make your time and release you from all stress. Hence, to have a precise cut smoke, best cigar cutter is warranted equipment in your cigar box. After all, we are not cavemen who could bite out the cigar tip with their teeth. So, we need the best cutter which is suitable and provides microscopy tailoring to our stogies.

Our stogies are overdelicate gold in a stick which we call our babies. These babies need a prissy creek bed for overhauling its mist. Hence, cigar cutter comes which helps our stogies to do so.

If your cigar is of the luxurious brand, you may be called wealthy. But when you carry a real cigar cutter, you will be named a full-bodied stag party person.

So, choose your cigar cutter wisely and carry the particular type according to the style of your surroundings while remembering, “There is no impression maker in a party as effective as an artistic and reliable cigar cutter.”

12 Best Humidor of 2018 – The Keys to Keep Your Cigar Fresh

12 Best Humidor of 2018 – The Keys to Keep Your Cigar Fresh

An excellent Sunday pool party, a bright vibe and your friends ask for some cigars. You go inside the house for the cigars, and you are pretty relaxed because you have a pile of cigar stocks. You bring the cigar packets and pass them over to your friends. One of your friends lights up a cigar, and the cigar does not smoke and neither the next one.


Your cigars have caught up moistures from the air even if you have kept them in a cigar-container.

No! You don’t want that. At least I don’t want this happening with my precious stogie. Many of my cigars got wasted in the first few years of starting smoking at 1998. After a few months, I made a container, from maple wood, which was partially helpful for storing my cigars and tobacco. The main problem was that I could save my cigars only for 2-3 weeks. In summer, the cigars got moist, and they dried up in winter.

In 2003, I came to hear about cigar humidor which could keep my cigars under proper moistures. It was a final relief for me and my cigars also as I can stock my cigars as long as I want without worrying about the time and the quality. For the record, there were a few numbers of companies who manufactured humidor containers in that time. So, there were fewer options available along with high price ranges. With the passing time, now you can find many humidors with a lot of variation and advantages.

In my life, I have collected many cigar containers which are humidors basically and spent a heck of money on it. Some of them have distinct functions, some of them have sneak up looks.

When people look for buying a humidor, they have many questions and confusions. Because, nobody wants to invest in a lost project, especially when he or she is new to something. So, I thought to give complete guidelines and some references on buying cigars humidors as I had no one to guide me.

List of Best Cigar Humidor of the Year!


1.Mantello 25-50 Cigar Desktop Humidor Royale Glasstop

Mantello 25-50 Cigar Desktop Humidor Royale Glasstop
  • Holds 25 to 50 Cigars depending on the Ring Gauge, Tempered Glass Top
  • Authentic Spanish Cedar Wood Interior, Scratch-resistant Felt-lined Bottom
  • Secure Seal on closure insures Proper Humidity, Cigars Pictured Not Included
  • Package Includes Humidor, Humidifier, Removable Cedar divider, and Manual
  • Approximate Humidor Exterior Dimensions: 10 1/4" W x 8 3/4" D x 4 3/8" Height

Starting with the first one which I have got recently from my best friend as a gift for my promotion this year and it is one of the best in my collections. This humidor is from Mantello, works cool as a humidifier.

The cigars capacity of this humidor is 25-50 depending on the ring-diameter of the cigars. High-quality pressed-fabrics are used as the padding materials which make the abrasion-proof bottomland. So, you will find the bottom smooth and lustrous even after prolonged use.

The use of Spanish cedar in the inner room of the humidor has added high streamline to Mantello 25-50 Cigar Desktop Royale Glasstop. Its moisture soaking ability helps in maintaining proper moisture curb. It also leaves a jolly whiff to the cigars and makes your stogies more pleasant.

For storing different types of cigars at a time, there is a divider which is removable. So, it also allows you to save both different or same brands of cigars without mixing their tastes.

The advanced analog humidifier which is attached in front of the humidor regulates proper channeling of moisture and keeps your stogies moist and flavorful for years.

The coating of the crimson red of rosewood tree on the outer side has made it super classy and stylish.

The upper glass case which works as the lid ensures proper air insulation and clenched sealing of air. So, the humidor secures the cigar from any dampness, dryness, and pest.

It is a sage decision to buy this desktop humidor if you are looking for a standard humidor at an affordable price.

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The Repeatedly Asked question before Buying a Cigar Humidor

Before carrying on further, it would be better if we have some necessary and essential information about Humidors.

Why Do You Need a Humidor?

It is the most common question of whom are new to smoke cigars. Why do we invest such amount of money when we can keep our cigars and tobacco in usual containers?

You need it because it regulates the humidity of the air inside the box and a regular container do not have this function resulting in the broken ring or dry cigars. It also maintains a constant temperature which is suitable for keeping the cigars fresh.

What Happens Without a Humidor?


Some of us may think that this is a fancy idea to buy a humidor for the cigars.

However, it is not. The humidor is the most crucial tool to store your precious cigars. The humidor protects your cigars from all types of impairments caused by humidity and noxious temperature. Without a humidor, your stogies may get dried, catch molds & bacteria, smell bad as well as taste terrible.

The wrappers of cigars are very much delicate and amorphous. It can absorb vapor from the air quickly. In this case, your stogies will be quaggy and tough to lit up. Even it flashes up; the smoke will be dim and harsh.

Again, it can throw its moisture in the air when the surrounding air is dry. The frail wraps of cigar start to be cracked and lose its connoisseur oil. As it losses its essential fragmental oil, you will not get the authentic flavor from your cigar. Besides, as the outermost layer gets dried, your cigar will blow out quickly, and you won’t have the time to relax and enjoy your smoke.

However, your cigars can stay safe and fresh from all these humidity problems if you have a solid humidor.

What to Consider before buying a Humidor?


In our busy lives, we don’t have endless time to check out all the possible smoke shops. So, it is quite challenging to pick the rightest humidor which will meet all the needs to keep our cigars fresh and aged.

Merely, we are investing much dough here. We must be picky and alert to choose our humidors. The followings are the most critical points which have to be followed while buying a cigar humidor.

The Types of Humidor



There are many types of humidor which are very much different from each other depending on their uses and sizes. Most of the cigar smokers mainly go for buying a takeout humidor. Anyway, who wants to age their cigars or want to store a large number of cigars need the diverse type of cigar humidor. Here is a list of some humidors which are distinct in their uses and storage capability.

  • Room Humidor

These are humidors which are precisely a room occupying a more prominent space where you can store plenty of cigars packets and keep them fresh or aged. These types of humidors are useful for offices, bars, and smoke shops. You have to walk in and pick out your cigar from this type of the humidor. If you are a cigar-freak like me who prefers old stogies than the new one, you can also keep it in your house too.

  • Takeout Humidor

Takeout humidors are the most familiar humidors. I bet, all the cigar-person have this type of humidor. Moreover, if any of them do not have one, he should buy it immediately. These pocket type humidors can carry of 12-14 cigars at once. The handful size of it makes it portable and lightweight.

  • Desktop Humidor

They are mainly used for stashed way 30-90 cigars at a time. You can keep the humidor on the table or a closet. These are not either big or small. They are perfect for aging your cigars for a couple of months.

  • Cabinetry Humidor

To me, it is the marvelous creativity of the humidor manufacturing companies. Notably, this one will catch your wife’s mood as it is not only a cigar humidor but furnishings like a table or tea-table which can be used for keeping show-pieces and other things on top of it. You can store 100-500 cigars in it depending on the size and function of the humidor. So, identify your needs and pick up the most suitable humidor for you.

The dimension Of Humidor



Despite different uses, there are individual sizes of humidors. You will get many size ranges whereas your humidor is a portable one or cabinetry.

Pick up the size according to your need. I know everyone craves for more prominent space. However, in that case, you have to be must picky. You have to be thrifty about not only the size but also others added features.

The Price of Humidor

Higher price does not adopt higher quality always; while buying a cigar humidor, this should be beard in mind. On the other hand, the little cost will not cut superior facilities or more okay materials thought it is written on the product.

Mostly some ill-minded manufactures produce low caliber humidor and claim of using Spanish cedar wood. However, this wood is very costly, and you will not get one made of cedarwood in low price. Cheap humidors may claim to contain arousing functionality and upper-class raw material. Still, they are not that much of capable and may start to give poor service after a couple of months making your dearest cigars ruined. Point to be noted:

  • Identify fake humidor (Dolefully, they are a lot in the market!)
  •  Consider your needs (cause a cabinetry humidor cannot replace a desktop humidor though the cabinetry humidor is higher in price.)

Your humidor is not only a general container but also a treasure chest of your stogies. So be wise, spent your dollars on it wisely.

The Elements of a Humidor

To understand this, you have to know the construction of a humidor. Generally, it is a wooden box with a glass top or wooden top and containing a humidifier to maintain proper humidity and temperature and a hygrometer to keep an eye on the humidity level.  Some humidors of today’s have some additions which can give extra flavors to your cigars beside keeping them moist as well as protecting your cigars from any types of rodent and pest.

Most of the cases, the box is made of wood with a wooden lid.  Nowadays the glass lid or metal lid are also being very demanding. Generally, the metal hinge is most popular and familiar, but in this case, there is a tendency to catch up with corrosion and lose the efficiency of air sealing.

The kind of woods used in the humidor is directly related to the humidifying ability of the humidor. Mainly three types of planks are used to build a humidor.

  • Honduran Mahogany: It is less expensive than the other two kinds of wood. It does not leave a harsh smell in the cigars as the American Red Cedar does. It has humidifying quality as fine as the Spanish cedar.However, it cannot control the tobacco pest and bacteria formation for extended periods. So, the spontaneous check is required to use the humidor made of Honduran Mahogany.


  • American Red Cedar: It is more expensive than the Honduran mahogany and has good control over humidity. It applies a sweet aroma to the stogies.However, the problem starts with red-cedar-humidor when you store your cigars for a long time span. In that case, your stogies catch kind of woodsy smell which makes them harsh to draw in and taste bad.


  • Spanish Cedar: It is the most expensive and effective one. It stores your stogies as long as you want, protects them from mildews, worms, humidity and any counterproductive elements.Spanish cedar has a distinct characteristic of being porous which allows passing the moisture quickly.Spanish cedar also implements a pleasant aroma which increases the taste and flavors of your stogies. Especially, when you have a mind to age your cigars, Spanish cedar humidor is the best humidor.You can find plenty of quality humidor made from Spanish cedar which will cut your pocket widely but satisfy you with perfect and fresh cigars.

The Technology used in Humidor


I have told you before that with the time, many distinct functions are forthcoming in humidors.  Previous days, they have only insulating property but now have overhanging purposes along with insulation.

  • Hygrometer: Adding hygrometer is one of the newest inclusions in the humidor. It measures the humidity of the air inside the box. It comes in two different modes; the analog one shows the relative humidity in a clock meter, and the digital one shows the relative humidity in digits. Digital hygrometer gives accurate measure while analog makes confusion for whom are less experienced. Humidor with digital hygrometer is costly than that with an analog hygrometer.


  • Thermometer: Thermometer is also used as a built-in function in the humidor. It measures the temperature inside the box. It also comes in two different modes, the analog thermometer, and the digital thermometer. The prices and efficiencies of humidors with thermostats are the same as the humidor with a hygrometer.


  • Coupler & Hinge: the coupler and hinge should be well-placed and have the best quality otherwise the humidor may not conceal the air properly resulting in moist or over dried cigars.

  1. Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor Glasstop

Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor GlasstopThis humidor is another precious from Mantello. Mantello 100 Cigar is the bigger version of Mantello 25-50 Cigar Desktop Royale Glasstop. It can hold 100 cigars to 120 cigars at an instant. It would carry around 140-160 Cigarillo or 80-90 Campana.

It is the best when you want to maturate your cigars to get more flavors. Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor Glasstop is a combo humidor which earmarks you to store different cigars together as it has detachable cigar trays and splitters. Though I have found the tray little flimsy, it is handy for freestanding my cigars from getting mixed. So, you have to be mindful while drawing it out.

Its cherry reddened finish and crystal-clear glass-over top have added beauty to it. The glass-top is scratch proofread and easy to clean.

As I told before it is a larger version of the previous one, it has Spanish cedar indoor and mat-lined bottom panel too. Analog hygrometer gives accurate humidity measurement which you will not find in most of the humidor.

The height of the humidor is 6.3’’, the length is 13.5”, and the width is 9.4”. All the measures are of outside corners.

It has a lock and key system which protect it from snatch up. I will not say that the lock is unbreakable but pretty much useful for the general protection.

The brass alloy made hinges helps in sealing air as well as in closing and opening the box. I am using my own for many days, and it still is new at the time I bought it and functions wonderfully.

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3.Deauville Tobacco Leaf Inlay High Gloss 100 Cigar Humidor

Deauville Tobacco Leaf Inlay High Gloss 100 Cigar HumidorHere comes the no. 3 cigar humidor. Deauville Tobacco Leaf Inlay High Gloss 100 Cigar Humidor is imperial on looks and tycoon at works.

It has a fine-lined interior with Spanish cedar wood which absorbs extra moisture from your cigars. Proper seasoning with salt bath or distilled water will work fine to maintain an appropriate humidity.

It has a liftable tray made of Spanish cedar.  Two separate section on the cedar-plate allows keeping two types of cigars at the moment.

The signature look of maplelike finish reminds me of my first cigar container, though my former one did not have advantages like this one.

The rectangular humidifier works smoothly for around four months without re-setup. No humidifier can guarantee that long time constant humidity without a re-setup. Ultimately, you save your time and seasoning material if you have this humidor. You also can have the humidity measurement from the analog hygrometer made of glass.

It holds 100-150 cigars and weights 6 pounds. The outer dimension has a 9.5” width, 13.5 lengths and 6.5 height.

A tight seal ensured by the Sureseal technology is in stock in all the humidors of Quality Importers. The right angel hinges and proper bonnet seal insulate the air, and you can be sure of it from hearing the “Whoosh” sound, the humidor makes while closing the lid.

This cigar humidor of Quality Importers is very elegant to décor your home too. The tobacco leaf engraved on the lid and the tassel attached key and gold-plated key have taken the humidor to another dimension of elegance. You also can carve your name in the brass nameplate.

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4. Prestige Import Group AJ25 25 Count Acrylic Humidor Jar with Humidifier

I love all the smoke products from Prestige. I bet you will like it too. The acrylic humidor jar is way more affordable than any wooden humidor. It is stylish as well as contains a humidifier.

The acrylic glass is nothing more than a synthetic fabric, named poly-methyl methacrylate which is transparent thermoplastic. It is often called “Risk-free glass.” From the name, you must have guessed the jars ability to abrasion-resistance and strengths.

Now you may be thinking “Where is the Spanish Cedar in this glass jar? My sticks will not get fragmented with cedar aroma if I put them in this jar.”  However, the most satisfying matter is that you are getting Spanish cedar in this glass jar also. A round shaped Spanish cedar disk is placed in the bottom of the glass jar and gives a sweet smelly musk to your cigars.

A round-shaped humidifier attached to the inner side of the acrylic-cover ensures proper 70% relative humidity which is appropriate for the right storage of cigars.

9” high Prestige Import Group AJ25 25 Count Acrylic Humidor Jar with Humidifier has rubberized O-ring placed in the joining area of the lid and the container. It prevents outflow of the air from the jar.

The viselike clasp seals off the air in good order and stops the willy-nilly passing game of humidity. As a result, the cigars stay fresh and preserve their quality and hit you with their aroma when you take a long puff.

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5. Solana Desktop Rosewood with Maple-Burled Wood Inlaid Cigar Humidor

Solana Desktop Cigar HumidorWhile talking about treasure chest, this humidor is a solid one. The burled maple engraved in the rosewood gives a Jolly Roger look when you see it.

It has an analog hygrometer placed on the front side of the container. This hygrometer is a glass-made and suits with the royal look of the humidor.

It has a 1” deep accessories box where you can keep your lighters, cigar cutter and other things. The bottom of the accessories drawer is filled with felt which makes it scratch-proof. The length is 14.5,” and the height is 8” and the width is 10.5” for the whole humidor.

The humidor can store around 100 cigars depending on the ring-gauge. It is a large desktop humidor and pretty heavy, of approximately 11 pounds weight.

The lock system placed over the hygrometer and the circular drawer-handle placed down the hygrometer give the humidor a perfect appearance. An O-shaped brass ring secures the mounted-glass hygrometer.

There are two engraved sidebars on both sides for safe carrying the humidor.  The brass sidebars are pretty handy for taking the humidor especially when it is full of cigars.

The oven-dried Spanish cedar ornates the interior of humidor as well as upholds proper routing of moisture.  The movable tray is also made of Spanish cedar and has dividers.

The most appealing matter of Solana Desktop Rosewood with Maple-Burled Wood Inlaid Cigar Humidor is its price. It is affordable along with most excellent quality from other humidors in this price range.

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6. Dublin Desktop Glasstop Cigar Humidor

Dublin Desktop Glasstop Cigar HumidorThe construction and operating panel of Dublin Desktop Glasstop Cigar Humidor will remind you the navigational compass which makes it outstanding from other humidors.

The regular foam humidifier runs in this humidor. The tight sealing lid seals the air properly after seasoning.

The cigar capacity is 90-100. There is enough room for placing any additional humidifier. Its also has a lift out tray made from Spanish Cedar. The tray-shelf is perforated and adds a pleasant aroma to your cigars.

The walls are thick with around half inches of Spanish cedar. The humidor has two separate portions divided by a partition.

The crystal-clear glass top is diamond shaped, and the hygrometer can be seen in the center of the glass. The digital hygrometer is removable. In reality, you have to remove it while placing your cigars in the humidor. This function allows you to replace this meter and set another as your wish.

Pretty practical, right?

The hygrometer gives humidity measures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can set it as you want.

The achromatic color along with metallic finish always catch the eyes of anyone. The silver colored diamond-shaped ingot increases the beauty of the Humidor and signifies the black color of the box.

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7. Quality Importers Desktop Humidor, Capri with Tempered Glasstop

Quality Importers Desktop Humidor, Capri with Tempered GlasstopI will give the no.7 place of my 12 best cigar humidor list to this humidor. Quality Importers Desktop Humidor, Capri with Tempered Glasstop is an excellent classic tabletop cigar humidor.

10.5” width and 4.5” height with 10.5” occupies an absolute space for 25-50 cigars. The weight is only 4.5 pounds, and it enables advantage in carrying the humidor from one place to another. You also can place it in the front drawer of your car.

The walls of the humidor are made of mahogany resulting in the dark brown finish. Besides, the cedar wood in the divider which divides the humidor. The Spanish cedar wood interior lining increases the humidifying ability and absorbs extra humidity.

The round- shaped humidifier maintain 70 percent moister relativity inside the box. This proper moisture condition helps to keep the cigars properly moisture.

It will take 2-3 days for seasoning with distilled water. Never keep your cigar in an unseasoned humidor. The cedar wood lining will take over the water from the cigars and make it dry.

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8. Quality Importers Old World Desktop Humidor

Quality Importers Old World Desktop HumidorThe humidor is way more unique than the other humidors in look and appearance. The world map of ancient time is engraved outside of the humidor. This signature look has made it unique and keep-worthy in your collection.

The desktop humidor of Quality Importers is quite large in size, and 100-120 stogies can fit in in it. The dimension is of 13.8” x 6.5” long with 10” depth. Around 8 pounds weight is perfect for placing it without any movement and sliding over the surface.

The humidor provides a rectangular humidifier. This humidifier is very active. I can go around 4-5 months after one-time seasoning. It pretty much holds 68-70 percent relative humidity for 4-5 months and from about six months starts to drop slowly. Then I season it again to maintain 70 percent humidity.

The inner side of the lid holds both the humidifier and humidity gauge. The humidity gauge is circular and has a frame made of brass metal.

Cedarwood interior helps the humidifier for proper channeling of humidity. It also soaks up excess moisture. There are mainly two dividers made of Spanish cedar at the bottom of the humidor and one tray which also carry a divider. The flat-chest is also made of cedar.

The bottom-line of the humidor is felt-matted. The soft landing is scratch resistance and supports the cigars very firmly.

The glass top is neat rectangle and seal-proof. All the humidors of Quality Importers have Sureseal technology which ensures preserving proper moisture content.

The money-saving price of Quality Importers Old World Desktop Humidor is a bingo offer for the humidor-collectors.

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9. Quality Importers Desktop Humidor, Capri Elegant with Tempered Glasstop

Capri elegant desktop humidor is a medium size humidor. 10.5” width and 4.5” height with a depth of 8.8” can fit into a small drawer or cabinet easily. It can hold around 30-45 cigars depending on the ring diameter of the cigar. If your brand has a smaller diameter, it can keep more than 50 cigars.

Additional hygrometer stands in the front of the humidor. The analog hygrometer is glass constructed and round shaped.

O-shape humidifier maintains proper vapor controlling and preserve the cigars long time without any damage.

The gold-plated hinges are hidden and quadrant in shape. It seals the air and guarantees proper moisture containing. Though there is no lock system, the clasp is pretty much tight.

The walls are made of cedar which is kiln-dried. The divider also contains cedar wood. These cedar woods are perfectly cut to give the best aroma to your cigars.  The most significant matter is that you can replace the divider.

The lid is a glass top with cedar wood frame. The glass top is scratch-resistance and easy to clean with any glass-cleaner liquid.

In my lifetime, I have not seen such effective humidor available in this cost range. I think how the company had managed to keep the price such low. The woody timber finish and gold-plated metal frames will seem very costly but will not cut your pocket that wide.

The mahogany finish with the gold-frame hygrometer has taken the humidor to an elegant dimension.

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10. Old Glory Cigar Humidor, Weathered American Flag Exterior

Old Glory Cigar Humidor, Weathered American Flag ExteriorFor an American, the Old Glory Humidor is a must one in his collection. On the other hand, if you are not an American, you can buy it as a souvenir. The engraved flag on the lid and washed-away muddy color of the humidor make it unique than the other humidors.

The humidor is a sizeable bitty humidor comparing with other desktop humidors. 90-100 cigars can comfortably fit in this humidor. 15” width and 6.5’ height with 10” depth holds enough space for the three dividers and 100 stogies. The weight is very light, around 9 pounds which makes it portable swiftly.

The humidifier is rectangular and very much efficient. The humidifier is quite more prominent than that of others in this price range. I wish that they made the humidifier in a greyish color instead of black.

There is a round shaped hygrometer which is engraved in a rectangular frame just placed over the humidifier. The humidity gauge is an analog hygrometer which makes it more aged and historical.

The hinges and locks are of antique color and very much functioning to insulate the air. The lock is tiny but works very wonderfully.

The cover of the humidor is super unique than others. No glass or metal is used on it. A rough weathered finish and an engraved American flag are increasing its tough-look.

To me, the price is quite high. However, when thinking about the quality of cedar wood, you will find it cheaper than the others. Most of the humidor of this size range cost 150$-160$. Merely, Old Glory Cigar Humidor, Weathered American Flag Exterior offers the same efficiency in low price.

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11. Whynter CHC-120S Stainless Steel 250-Cigar Cooler Humidor

Whynter CHC-120S Stainless Steel 250-Cigar Cooler Humidor 2A built-in cooler regulates the temperature and cools down the air inside the box.

I like the construction assortment in the interior of this humidor. In most of the cabinet humidor, you can see only drawers or only flat chest. However, in this humidor, you will find both. Two flat chests and one drawer of the Whynter CHC-120S Stainless Steel 250-Cigar Cooler Humidor are made of cedar wood. These are removable, and you can adjust them as your needs.

The volume of the humidifier is 1.2 cubic feet where the height is 18.5”, width is 13.5,” and the length is 20”. The drawers are bigger than that of the others. The drawer has a width of 9.5”, a height of 1” and depth of 12”. It can hold more than 250 cigars in it.

In most of the cabinetry humidor, the handle of the door gets rust over a period. The rust makes it unhealthy and lousy to use. However, Whyner always uses to create the handle from stainless steel which is rust-resistant and abrasion-resistant. I like the feature when the door shuts down. It does not get shut suddenly. It sucks out the air from inside and closes with a “whoops.”

The large humidor is pretty pricey among the others humidors in my list. However, the cigar-storage capacity and activeness minimize the price. If you are a cigar nerd and want to store for aging many cigars at once for a couple of years, this is the best humidor for you.

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12. Cigar Caddy 40 40-Cigar Waterproof Black Matte Travel Humidor

Cigar Caddy 40 40-Cigar Waterproof Black Matte Travel HumidorThe humidor occupies large space which can hold minimum 40 cigars of 48 ring gauge. The mini-suitcase type humidor has a width of 12.2”, depth of 10.2” and height of 5.5” As it is made of plastic, it is lightweight; around 1.5 pounds. So, you can bring forth it easily wherever you want.

Cigar Caddy Waterproof Travel Humidor has an astonishing humidifier which sustains proper moisture even if in a hectic environment. The humidifier is placed with the lid.

Use of heavy plastic on making the humidor has made it more reliable and durable.

I go in camping with my family and friends once a year. During the campsite, I always carry my cigars in it. The humidor is waterproof. The company claims for waterproof in 100 feet deep water. I have tasted it around 60 feet deep under the water. The air-moisture and my cigars were all good.

As there is no use of any wood, no seasoning is required for storing your cigar. However, you can place a piece of cedar wood in the humidor, if you want. In that case, keep in mind to season the cedar wood piece.

The portable humidor is cheap and affordable for anyone who has to rush over around all year. The excellent quality material and its performance are unbelievable to its purchasing cost. Though you have to count 45-55 dollars depending on the retailers, you will forget it after smoking the cigar aged in this humidor.

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After reading this lengthy article, you must have fetched some ideas about buying a humidor for your cigar. I always recommend people investing in best cigar humidor as it is the only most straightforward way to keep up your cigar strong and spiced for long moments.

Some may call our dear stogie a cancer stick, but we love and die for our sticks, right?

So, we will not allow any harm to our treasured cigars and do everything to keep it safe and sound. Nonetheless, buying a humidor is a keystone to keep them moist and fresh.

It is very worthwhile to buy a humidor which puts through all the hard-hitting functions and works as a decent humidifier.

11 Best Hygrometer for Humidor and Hygrometer Calibration Kit: The Key to Perfect Flavor of Cigar

11 Best Hygrometer for Humidor and Hygrometer Calibration Kit: The Key to Perfect Flavor of Cigar

A humidor hygrometer is a mechanical instrument that is used for measuring the amount of humidity in a humidor. They come in all shapes and sizes—and some of the big cigar manufacturers have massive humidors in their facilities—but for your personal cigar humidor, you probably just need a small one. In any case, it needs to be small enough to fit inside your humidor.

The importance of Humidity:

Have you ever thought about why the best cigars always seem to come from the Caribbean and other tropical island locations? Sure, part of it is the quality and the curing of the tobacco, and the rolling also has something do with it, but as every cigar aficionado knows, cigars need humidity to have any quality at all. Places like Cuba make ideal locales for cigar manufacturing because they already have humidity in abundance. If you’ve ever been to these locations, you can probably attest to that. All you have to do is walk outside with a humidor hygrometer in one of these areas, and the readings will go through the roof.

No one’s sure why it is that cigars need humidity to keep their quality, but it probably has something to do with how the humidity keeps the tobacco’s flavorful compounds intact and also causes it to burn cooler and more slowly. The moisture in the leaves helps produce smoke that is full and tasty.

What a humidor hygrometer does

When you have a humidor hygrometer in your cigar storage humidor, it helps make sure that your cigars keep those tropical conditions that make them taste and smell so great. Shopping for one is easy. In fact, most cigar humidors made these days come with built-in humidor hygrometers, so you may not even have to worry about it. But if you have a homemade cigar case or use a container that has special meaning, then it obviously won’t have a built-in humidity measuring device.

Fortunately, buying a humidor hygrometer is easy. You can get some good ones on-line either directly from manufacturers or through large marketplace websites. Find one that is small and simple. Stay away from those complicated humidor hygrometers that are made for larger, more industrial uses. That’s just more than you need. Find a simple one, and use it to make sure your humidor stays at a level of about 68 to 74% relative humidity.

Analog or digital hygrometer?

You will find in the market analog and digital hygrometers. Analog hygrometers (like the one in the picture above) are commonly made with a metal spring, but some are made with natural or synthetic hair.

Digital hygrometers (like the one above in this paragraph) take a few seconds to show changes in humidity level, but they are easier to read and do not require calibration. This does not mean that they are 100% accurate, so you still need to check the calibration of your hygrometer whether it is analog or digital.

In general, humidors use analog hygrometers.

Humidor with analog hygrometer

There are three systems of analog hygrometers:

Spiral analog hygrometers:

Spiral analog hygrometers are used in the majority of humidors. They are less expensive but they have a limited accuracy.

Analog natural hair hygrometers:

This type of hygrometers is more accurate. However, they require a lot of maintenance work for maintaining their accuracy. For this reason, they are not the first option to use in humidors.

Analog synthetic hair hygrometers:

This hygrometer has a similar accuracy to that of the natural hair, but they do not require maintenance on the part of the costumer. They are the most used in humidors. Analog Hygrometer by Western Humidor are made up with high-quality synthetic hair. They are manufactured by a Cigar Oasis, in a special cigar edition that has been improved to measure with accuracy the high humidity levels in humidors. These hygrometers are highly accurate within a short interval of humidity, whereas, normal hygrometers achieve highest accuracy at a lower level of humidity, between 30 and 60 %.

For the typical levels of humidity over 65% in cigar storage, the accuracy of analog and digital hygrometers significantly decreases. The disadvantage of analog hygrometer is that you need to more care to maintain it and you need calibrate the hygrometer to use it first time. Another alternative is to equip the humidor with a digital hygrometer which is more accurate.
Digital hygrometers are easier to read and they do not require calibration. It is important to highlight that digital hygrometers need a very short period to adapt to changes in humidity that means immediately. Likewise, they are more accurate than the analog hygrometers. Another advantage of digital hygrometer is that some digital hygrometer also read the temperature.

Humidor with digital hygrometer

However, the Caliber IV Digital Hygromter by Western Humidor is one of the few digital hygrometers on the market that has been optimized to achieve the best accuracy at humidity levels over 65%. You can also check HygroSet II Digital Hygrometer by Quality Importers.
There is another option for you is that the combo of analog and digital hygrometer be Western Humidor. Analog or digital, its totally depend on your passion but in case of accuracy digital hygrometer is best.

Best Humidor Hygrometer Reviews:

Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygromter by Western Humidor
  • Advanced humidity sensor maintains accuracy to +/- 1%
  • Pre-calibrated out of the box + User recalibrate-able
  • Three day high/low & averages for humidity & temperature
  • Secure magnetic mount, Battery included
  • Formally Western Humidor, the Caliber series of digital hygrometers have been ranked as the most accurate and reliable hygrometers in the cigar industry and beyond.

Cigar Oasis might sound familiar to you as a maker of analog hygrometers. This time, the brand has brought a small yet functional device that boasts a standard Caliber IV designed to make the job of reading relative humidity more timely followed by a sophisticated, recalibration option. It can read humidity by up to 90% which should be enough for even the most discerning smoker.

The slim design materialized with aluminum makes the device lightweight and simple yet smart enough to blend nicely with your modern humidor. One special feature as in many of the brand’s other models, is a smart reading system that gives averages and high/low data for both humidity and temperature for three days. So, you never need to worry about checking your collection each minute and day.

The secure magnetic mount and the included battery make it convenient for you to get the device on the go in a moment. The Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer is ready to present you the blessings of digitization right out of the box.

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Quality Importers Trading HygroSet II Round Digital Hygrometer for Humidors, 10-Second Refresh Rate, Battery Included, 2% Humidity and 1% Temperature Accuracy for Cigar Humidors
  • Easy-set calibration instructions
  • Humidity accuracy +/- 2-percent from 20-percent to 90-percent
  • Temperature accuracy +/- 1 degree
  • 10 Second refresh rate
  • Digital temperature and humidity display

HygroSet II Adjustable Round Digital Hygrometer by HygroSet is one of the best digital hygrometer which is capable of being adjusted after calibration. It is used in humidity testing, measure density of humidity. It can perform advanced dew-point and humidity testing.

The device results in extremely correct readings with temperate ranges from 0 to 50 C/ 32-120F and produces varying range of relative humidity ranging from 20% to 99% RH. and the temperature accuracy is +/- 1 degree which is displayed in C or F. It has the refresh rate of 10 seconds and the system runs on a battery that is long-lasting and support easy functioning of the equipment. It is simple to use, easy to read and it comes with a calibration kit and stick-on magnets.

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Cigar Oasis Analog Hygrometer by Western Humidor
  • Advanced humidity sensor maintains accuracy to +/- 1%
  • User recalibrate-able
  • Scratch & fog resistant glass face
  • Aluminum case resists corrosion
  • Secure magnetic mount

Obviously, Cigar Oasis Analog Hygrometer doesn’t use any sensor to register moisture levels. But, the aesthetic elegance fused through the functional utility of this analog device makes it worth trying when you’re serious about retaining the taste of your chosen cigar.

Look at the design and get instantly impressed! The glass face is not susceptible to fog and scratches. Housed in an aluminum case, the actual meter gives you an optimal accuracy which is at +/- 1%. The magnetic mount ensures that the device stays secured to your cigar collection box.

Since you can re-calibrate the device to maintain the required efficiency, no chances are for you to miss the most of the excellence offered by a customizable digital model. Requiring a little maintenance and operational knowledge from the user, this Cigar Oasis hygrometer brings you all the perks of a visually appealing, user-friendly, and durable device that delivers to your expectations.

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Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Gold Digital/Analog Hygrometer by Western Humidor
  • Advanced humidity sensor maintains accuracy to +/- 1%
  • User recalibrate-able
  • Sharp round design
  • Color coded for easy reading
  • Humidity & temperature readings

If you want the convenience of both worlds, digital and analog, this 4R Gold Digital/Analog Hygrometer has the right features to draw your attention to its advanced humidity sensor that delivers readings with an accuracy level at +/- 1%. The combination of its classic design and modern humidity sensing method meets the demands of those who want to get nearly accurate readings each time and enrich their collection simultaneously.

You can get humidity and temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit units. You can take advantage of the averages for three days’ readings along with high/low calculations which might be of great use when you want to make sure that your cigars are in top shape for days. Reading the data becomes easy with the color-coded design. The magnetic mount removes the concerns about the secure positioning of the device.

The device stands out with its distinct features when you contrast them with the price and its anticipated durability.

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Caliber III Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer
  • Never requires calibration
  • Easy to read large display
  • Magnetic mount
  • Accuracy +/- 1% humidity, +/-1 degree temperature
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 1.25" x .25"

Caliber III Digital Hygrometer 4 Cigar Humidor by Western Humidor is yet another model for the digital hygrometer. It is very widely used. The Western Caliber III digital hygrometer has a compact unit. This is the most accurate temperature unit available in the market. The model is given 5 years warranty by the manufactures. Using it, you can get the hundred percent satisfactions, suggest the makers.

The sleek model has features like 15% – 95% RH measures with the excellent accuracy of +/- 1%. The model measures 40 – 92 degrees Fahrenheit with accuracy of 1.8 degrees. The refreshing or updating time is 10 seconds for the model. It has the display that can be adjusted to show the results in Fahrenheit or Celcius.

Western digital hygrometer is the most accurate hygrometer in the market with error level +/- 1% margin. You can see the relative measures for humidity and temperature. Many people have considered this to be the best digital hygrometer available in the market.

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Xikar PuroTemp Round Digital Hygrometer, 10 Second Refresh Rate, Brushed Aluminum
  • Digital hygrometer with magnetic attachment
  • 1" 3/4 diameter with standard 1.75" back size
  • Accuracy of +/- 2%
  • Remove the protective sheath separates the battery from the contacts before use

Round Digital Hygrometer by Xikar is another type of digital hygrometer. These are almost the same size as the standard analog hygrometer those come in humidors mainly. You can get more accurate and easy humidity reading with this type of hygrometer. Good thing is that you need not recalibrate these like the analog hygrometers.

These can provide accurate level at +/-2% at the humidity of 20% to 95%. You can see the reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit. These are fully adjustable with the push button calibration system.

The normal dimension of these types of hygrometers is 1.85 in. diameter. Most people who are using these types of hygrometers are satisfied users. Many a people are using these for years and they trust the accurate temperature display.

The simple calibration system is mostly liked by the users. Some people suggest that if you let the unit sit in a sealed plastic bag with a small amount of moisten salts for 36 hours then the results are much more accurate.

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This XiKAR Hygrometer is one of the top choices for those going to buy a humidor hygrometer for the first time. With this device, you need not worry about having to know how to calibrate or maintain the device. Although the accuracy might vary depending on the surroundings you use it under; the device can read the humidity level of your cigar humidor up to 95% at an accuracy level of +/- 2%.


The desired humidity to keep your cigars fresh and in good shape should be at 70%, and fortunately, this crystal humidifier can easily maintain that level for years to come. Thanks to XiKAR’s advanced manufacturing technology! You can get a new reading after every 10 seconds. Won’t you appreciate the refresh rate? The magnetic attachment helps you rest assured that the humidor hygrometer sticks to its position. No worries about a technical or physical discrepancy of the device and kit as a lifetime warranty are available!

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Best Hygrometer Calibration Kit:


Boveda One-Step Hygrometer Calibration Kit - 75% RH - Standard Small
  • Simply place your hygrometer inside the bag, close the zipper, and wait 24 hours. A perfectly-calibrated hygrometer will read 75% RH. If your hygrometer reads above or below 75%, adjust the calibration by the number of percentage points it is off from 75%.
  • Completely maintenance free - no activation required. Easy to use.
  • Exterior Bag Dimensions: 5.5" x 7" Interior Bag Dimensions: Approx 4" x 4.5"
  • Lasts approximately one year, good for multiple calibrations. Shelf life before opening is a minimum of 2 years.
  • Produces an environment of 75-percent humidity. excellent way to calibrate your hygrometer and measure the humidity of your humidor

Feeling lost to see that your excellent hygrometer needs recalibrated, but don’t know how to? It’s time you grabbed something that does the job for you. Here’s the Boveda Calibration Kit that can calibrate just about any humidity sensor or hygrometer, be it analog or digital, with as much accuracy as you would want. The manufacturer is widely known for its humidity standard which is at 75.5%. Ask any lab professional for further understanding of the standard. Sure, you won’t be unhappy with the findings.

Open the bag, put your hygrometer, zip it, and leave the bag for 24 hours. Return to see that the hygrometer has been calibrated and made ready to show 75% Rh. It’s as easy as this. Get the kit and stay assured till multiple calibrations for up to one year. Remove your concerns about activation or maintenance! It’s easily a great kit if you ever have the need for calibration.

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Boveda 84% RH for Humidor Seasoning, Large 60 gram
  • Used for seasoning wooden humidors.
  • Use one 84% pack for every 25 cigars the humidor can hold.
  • Slowly raises the moisture of the wood inside, to prevent cracking and warping.
  • Leave in humidor for 14 days, then replace with standard Boveda.
  • Shelf life is 2 years in original packaging.

Wooden humidors have always been the choice of people who maintain classicism even in their smoking habit. When you want a reliable solution to seasoning the storage for optimal performance and retention of flavor characteristics, Boveda 84% RH can be the key to your concerns. Think about this seasoning product if you have a wooden desktop humidor. Stay away from worries for 25 cigars at a time as it can handle the humidor quite impressively with that much content. Give your humidor two weeks of good seasoning with this 84% pack.

During the period, Boveda packs will do its job by releasing the required moisture into the interior wooden body and prepare it for withstanding cracks and shocks. You can expect a relative humidity level at 68-70%, which should be ideal for most users. Wondering why you would have to wait for such an extended period? The time is worth it because this is the ideal timespan for a wooden humidor being seasoned.

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Boveda 72 Percent RH 2-Way Humidity Control, Large, 60 gram, 4-Pack
  • 4 pack of Large 60 gram 72 percent RH Boveda in a resealable bag
  • Use 2 Boveda packs for every 50 cigars your humidor can hold
  • Cycles in humidity are eliminated
  • No need to activate, no maintenance, no more hassle of using distilled water
  • Lasts 3 months in most seasoned humidors, replace when packs get rigid

While most manufacturers are struggling to find the right humidors for their consumers, Boveda has been in the business of bringing innovative humidor packs that use reverse-osmosis membrane to outperform the properties of PG solutions and distilled water. Releasing pure water vapor, these packs are designed not to cause any damage to the cigar. So, chances are rare that you would get any unusual flavor.

The number of humidor bags with multiple RH levels might be large in today’s market, but Boveda has taken a big step by bringing six different levels which can allow you to use what exactly your cigars need for delivering rich flavors. These packs are relatively durable as you may not replace the packs unless it three months or the packs become rigid. Two packs are enough for 50 cigars. With this 4-pack item, you can easily stay free of the hassles of maintenance or activation. Thus, you don’t have to risk losing the taste of your beloved cigar.

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Any sane smoker would agree that they would have to see rainy days without cigar-friendly items like humidors, hygrometers, seasoning packs, etc. Hundreds of variations with different RH levels are available. But, you have to choose what suits your preferences and the needs of your chosen cigar brand. The above items are chosen in view of their properties which have been included with adherence to the industry standard so that cigar lovers never have to lose the taste or nicety of their habit. So, go, grab your humidor hygrometer right away and join those who love to smoke their favorite flavor.

14 Best Cigar Lighter To Choose From!( November 2018 )

14 Best Cigar Lighter To Choose From!( November 2018 )

Are you a smoker? I do not appreciate you to do so, but I know you are needed for cigar lighters. Are you looking some cool, stylish and best cigar lighter to light your cigar? If your answer is assertive, then you are in the right place. Continue your reading to get the honest reviews of cigar lighters in today’s market.

“Cigar lighters”- they are the must thing for a cigar smoker nowadays. A true cigar disciple will never be found without a cigar lighter. Because not only they light the cigar but also provide high pleasure, satisfaction, and eminent experience. The best lighter will take your cigar smoking to another level of experience.

Among all the cigar lighters in the market, selecting the best one is little bit tough one. But it is the most important also. So here is a list of best cigar lighters for you. You can check on them.

Our number 1 selection is:
Alec Bradley "The Burner" Table Cigar Lighter
  • Large, 1.4 ounce capacity lights up to 1,000 cigars before refilling with Butane fuel
  • Quick and even lighting prevents the charred, sooty taste for a full flavor
  • Large flame lights cigars instantly, rotating cigar not necessary

Alec Bradley is one of the trusted and famous names in today’s world for its high-quality product. Alec Bradley The Burner Table Cigar Lighter is a class itself not only for its looks, design but also for the features it provides.

This lighter works in such a way that you can settle on your table expecting until you get the motivation to light your felicitated stogie rapidly.

The lighter is made of metal, and its ignition type is electric. The lighter has a stylish and exceptional gorgeous design. It’s also advantageous in case you want some credit in your friend circle.

Generally, it is momentous firepower to a serious smoker. With the help of single flame source, you can ignite your cigar in a second without too much rotating in it.

Moreover, its 1.4 oz retention can lights maximum 1,000 cigars before recharging the butane. It is a wind resistant lighter. You can use this table lighter under a ceiling fan.

This lighter has a facile fuel adjuster & also high comment chrome ends. This table cigar lighter is special for a crowded place, but you can also use it for home. It also has a relatively low price.

At last, we can say that Alec Bradley The Burner Table Cigar Lighter is an amazing lighter both for personal & overall use. You will also get a gift box with this.

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Why do you need a Cigar lighter?

It is obvious that you can light your cigar with any fire source you want to. You can certainly use a candle or a paper match or a stove. So, why use cigar lighter while having other regular sources! Do you really need one?

Well, the answer is you surely need one. Because using candles, stove or paper matches contains chemicals and flavors, which affect the taste of the tobacco. Even though you can use a match by waiting for it to burn down the sulfur and then light the cigar.

So, this process is very tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, this is very much old-fashioned now. So, forget all this and use cigar lighter to make your smoking an enjoyable one.

Take out your cigar, lit the tip or foot of the cigar with your lighter and forget all other things! Just enjoy!

Choosing the Best Cigar Lighter

Although everyone has their preferences while selecting a cigar lighter, you should consider some key things in order to get the best one for you. Such as:

Torch Lighters

When you light a cigar, what you want to enjoy? Of course the flavor of that cigar. It’s the main reason why Torch lighter are in the leading position when it comes to popular cigars. This type of cigar lighters has almost no odor. If you are using torch lighters, you never have to worry about the other scent that will disturb your smoking. These lighters guarantee you to enjoy the absolute taste of your cigar.

Flame Options

If you are fond of thin, small cigar, then this option is not that important for you. But if you generally take bigger or larger cigars, then you must consider the flame power of your lighters.

Lighters are available up to triple flames. The more the flames are, the more easily you can light your cigar, especially with large ring gauges. It’s also quicker to light the cigars evenly if you have more flame power. Also consider the fact that with more flame power, you can resist the air more conveniently while lighting a cigar.

We strongly recommend you to go for double flame options. Because this will give you all the benefits you want, at the same time not wasting too much energy.


Many lighters may look very eye catchy and stylish, but most of them provide inferior functionality. If you want to improve your smoking experience, this is another crucial point to consider.

The lighters have facilities like larger fuel tanks, fuel level viewing window, natural trigger position, cover for lighter, flame adjustment options, efficient burn time, etc. You can justify the quality of any lighters by considering these functions.

Fluid Meter

Last option but not the least one. It’s an important feature for those people who prefer to refill their lighters rather than buying a new one. But in both cases this feature is helpful.

You can easily track the amount of fluid your lighter has and take preparation or actions according to the meter reading.

Review of 13 Best Cigar Lighters

Number 2.

Mantello Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Cutter
  • In Compliance with DOT Regulations - Butane Fuel is Not Included
  • Premium Cigar/Cigarette Lighter. Comes in Gift Box, Sleek Design
  • Butane Refillable, Adjustable Flame, Cigar Punch Attachment
  • After you fill the lighter, you need to adjust the gas flow knob
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty, Email us for support

We chose Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch Lighter from Mantello as our 2nd best choice. If you are searching a conventional lighter with smart functionalities as well as cutter also, this product is for you.

This is a premium lighter comes with an ergonomic grip that provides one-handed cigar punch attachment to light your cigar. The metal body will give you an absolute look and feel that you want from a lighter.

This lighter is three jet flame. They will ignite your cigar with no waiting time. It doesn’t matter how large ring gauge your cigar has.

The flame also adjustable and butane is also refillable as well. So you can use it the long time, and the procedure is the easiest one. The flame stands strong in the air also. You will feel no problem while lighting your cigar in the open air.

If you want to gift someone a lighter, this is your way to go as it comes with a gift box. Moreover, this product comes with a punch cutter also. If you are cigar lover, you must understand how valuable this feature is.

But one important thing to remember that this product doesn’t come with full butane. You must refill it before you use it. Otherwise, this product has all the features to claim itself best butane torch lighter in the market.

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Number 3. 

Xikar Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Lighter, High Performance, Camera Aperture-Inspired Lid, Black
  • Powerful high performance square quad jet flame
  • Oversized push button ignition for convenience
  • Camera aperture-inspired lid provides unique experience
  • Red hue fuel gauge and ratcheting oversized fuel adjustment wheel

XiKAR Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighter is incredible in lighter industry. Heavy and solid feeling but hands-free with high heat.

It is seriously great for table or deck lighter on your perfect choice. Lights it up whenever you want, no matter what the wind conditions. That’s why the performance of this lighter will go beyond your expectation.

XiKAR Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighters functionality is also excellent. The Volta weighs in at over 2 pounds with a well-constructed tabletop lighter. Its lucrative push button will enlighten your mind as its flame is so adjustable with an outsized wheel. It is made of red inspire fuel gauge and black finishing.

Its also has large flame which could fire your cigar from a few centimeter away, and it feels premium in hand. The most magical feature of this lighter is double and very powerful flame that can fire your cigarette in a second.

XiKAR Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighters has a perfect looking design & round finishes which gives a comfortable feel. It has a smooth finish and also has the good protection that will not harm user in any way.

So why cool, grab it in a hurry with the hot attractive gift box and a good warranty..

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Number 4.

ST Dupont MaxiJet Black Matte Torch Flame Lighter
  • Single Adjustable Jet Flame, with side squeeze ignition button

ST Dupont is one of the famous names in cigar lighter industry. One of the finest product of this company is ST Dupont MaxiJet Black Matte Torch Flame Lighter.

This lighter is a smallest in size. If you are in need of a lighter that you can take or hide anywhere, this is your type. It weighs only 1.6 ounces. The outer design is also simple but classy. The plain outer surface of this lighter looks very decent.

The lighter has only one jet flame, and it’s adjustable. You may think that the flame power of this lighter is poor. But trust me it’s more powerful than you think. You easily light your cigar in the open air without any disturbance.

It’s effortless to refill this lighter when the fuel is empty. And you can always monitor the butane level on this lighter.

Lastly, this Dupont lighter comes with a 2-year warranty as well. So, you will always have that mental satisfaction in you that you are safe. And the amazing part is Dupont might, however, fix or replace your lighter if craftsmanship produces the fault after 2 years.

With all these features, this Lighter one of the best one in the market. It’s worth of every penny it costs.

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Number 5: 

CIGARISM Black 4 Torch Red Jet Flame Cigar Lighter W/Cigar Punch Adjuster
  • 4 torch red flame; Black metal and gloss finish
  • Dimension: 1.18" x 1.18" x 3.34"; Punch diameter: 0.27"
  • Butane refillable; Adjustable flame(with free adjuster); Pocket size
  • Manually open the cap and press the slide switch to ignite
  • Notice: Due to post mail regulation, all lighters are empty, so please fill fuel before the actual lighting.

CIGARISM Black Tobacco Lighter is a 4 Torch Red Flame Cigar lighter which formed in a full metal body. The cigar punch of this lighter is very handy to use anytime and anywhere.

The Lighter is very popular for its stylish and glossy design. It has a dual color like black and silver. The size if this lighter is also very hand catchy. That’s why if you want to gift someone a lighter, this is the lighter you should go for.

Another extra feature of this lighter is the gas volume, which is visible. The butane is refillable. It has a regular punch by which give you the opportunity to adjust the flame in anytime.

One last thing to mention that the lighters may come empty because of post mail rule. So, you must have to load the fuel before using it. You must have to fill it with 100% pure butane gas. You can always adjust the variation if the crest is not proper.

If you consider the design, size, flame power, this CIGARISM Black lighter is the best match. Besides, it comes with a perfect gift box. If these are your demands, go for this without any hesitation.

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Number 6. 

  • Double Wind Resistant Torch Flames
  • Sturdy Metal Housing
  • Retractable Cigar Punch
  • Single Action Ignition
  • Large Flame Adjuster

New Vertigo by Lotus Bullet cigar lighter is a surprising double wind covering torch flame cigar lighter. This lighter is especially for those customers who want to make optimum use of their money. This is a quality product in a minimum budget.

Generally, vertigo lighter always comes with unique design & finishes. This lighter is not different. It also comes with some special features along traditional & flare crest system. Retractile cigar punches also included with it.

This lighter has a robust metal bestowal. As the similarity of other lighter this lighter also has single ignition. It also has a large flame fitter which helps you any condition to fire. It can also work in stormy weather.

Vertigo lighter are designed as well as the ladies are jeweled designed. So, this lighter is well furnished also. A window also found in this brighter to see the optimum level of fuel. Moreover, it also has a soft-sided bladder. All of the vertigo lighters come with the 2-year official surety.

New Vertigo by Lotus Bullet cigar lighter is formed & designed with price in mind. It is best for the optimum budgeted chain smoker. You can purchase this lighter without any doubt & can get maximum satisfaction by using it.

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Number 7:

Best Cigar Lighter - High End Table Top 4 Jet Adjustable Torch -Windproof - Italian Inspired Design - Cigar Aficionado Must - Best Dabber Tool - High Capacity Butane Tank - Culinary Creme Brulee Torch
  • HIGH END - Quality Italian inspired table top lighter that any cigar aficionado will love to toast the foot of their favorite cigar. Large size that feels good in your hand as you light your favorite puro.
  • BUTANE - High capacity butane tank so that you never run out of fuel for your cigars
  • TABLE TOP - Large size lighter that will look good sitting on your desk and feel good in the palm of your hand.
  • EASY TO USE - Easy to use single button ignition quad flame movable head

This Andolfy Butane Tank Lighter is one of the finest and highest qualities Italian cigar lighters you will find in the market. The will feel one kind of premium experience at the time of using this big flame.

This lighter is a very comfortable one to grip in your hand. The size is so friendly to your hand. It’s also effortless to use as it has singular button ignition.

The fuel tank of this lighter is very big, and it has 4 movable jet head. So, you can quickly adjust them to your own preferences. Having oversized tank also provides you the benefit of no refilling tension over a short period of time.

It’s also famous for its durability. Though it comes with a 1-year guarantee with money back facility, its last more than that in most cases. This lighter also stands firmly against the winds and storms.

One thing to remember that this product will have no butane with it. This is because of USPS air rules. But if you are a real cigar lover, this problem is not that big at all for you.

We can confirm you that this is the ultimate one for you. What doesn’t it have? Durability, design, functionality- it has all those benefits that you want in a cigar lighter. Though it costs a bit, it is worth for a try.

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Number 8:

Vector THUNDRA Lighter - Gunmetal Satin [VT-THUNDRA/02]
  • Power triple flame
  • Uses clean burning butane
  • Extra large fuel capacity
  • All metal body
  • Gift Box and Warranty

Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter Gunmetal is a fist butane lighter. It is a large desktop model with a solid metal form. This lighter has a great triple torch flame. It also has tremendous fuel reservoir.

The strong triple torch flame helps to light your cigar rapidly. The lighter has a strong windproof flame. You can use this in stormy weather.

Besides, this lighter has a stylish design & finish gorgeously. It comes with a metal body. It also has a large fuel tank. It will give you maximum afford to light your cigar.

Moreover, this desktop lighter has an adjustable flame. By using the adaptable flame, you can adjust the flame that you need. It is also refillable with 100% pure butane. Ignition type is piezo.

Eventually, the popular Vector lighter comes with no proving warranty. The color of this very lighter is gunmetal. A gift box also included with it.

At last, we can say that Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter Gunmetal is a great lighter all over the world. Everyone accepts it for its nice design & mighty triple torch flame. Its large fuel capacity also makes it efficient for a chain smoker. You can purchase this lighter without any doubt.

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Number 9:

Xikar ELX Double Jet Flame Lighter with Cigar Punch, Ergonomic Design, G2 Gunmetal
  • Available in gun metal
  • Double jet flame
  • Simple thumb action and built-in cigar punch

Xikar 9652GM Gun Elx Cigar Lighter in black is one of the most famous lighters on the earth. It is popular because of its simple ignition, strong dual jet flame & demand style.

Xikar’s lighter is unique for its fantastic design & shape. It is created for boast thunder fast quick flame ignition. It also has 9mm cigar punch which is conveniently concealed in the base.

The lighter usually formed in a tough metal body with a durable finish. Usually, it is black with gunmetal, charcoal & traditional bronze respectively.

Moreover, this lighter has automatic protective coverage. It also has normal thumb practice ignition which makes easy to flame.

The Xikar lighter has a big fuel converter wheel which gives you an accurate fire. There is also a side fuel window to check the optimum level of fuel. The newly designed parts have a super & strong performance.

Xikar 9652GM Gun Elx Cigar Lighter is a fashionable lighter with its work and all features. You can purchase this lighter for your personal use or gift it to your friend. It is a perfect innovation for a real chain smoker. Xikar also gives you a lifetime warranty.

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Number 10:

Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Attachment
  • Scorch Torch Premium Cigar Torch Lighter
  • Size: 1.20" x 0.90" x 3.00"
  • Butane Refillable; Adjustable Flame
  • Cap Opens Automatically When Slide Switch is Activated; Cigar Hole Punch Tool Attachment
  • Safe and Easy to Use

Looking for a premium lighter that will light up your cigar even if in the strong wind? The Scorch Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter is the best solution to your question. The strong triple flame will light up anything in front of them with the blink of an eye.

This lighter has a very sleek design and very friendly to hands. You will feel boost up by its ergonomic and durable design structure. It has textured grip and slides switch to open cap automatically. This will help you to light things up on the go with ease.

This torch lighter is attached with a cigar hole punching. This makes it even more useful to the cigar smokers. The butane is refillable, and you can monitor when to refill your fluid as there is a fluid meter on this lighter.

The best feature of this lighter is that it can stand against heavy winds. You will experience no change of flame at all. The flame remains constant and does his work best.

Study structure, long durability, manageable weight- all these features come at an affordable price too. You can not have features like these in any lighter within this price.

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Number 11:

Triple Plasma Lighter- Electric Triple Arc Lighter- New Flat Surface Wide Arc Design For Pipes Cigars and More -Windproof Electric Lighter- USB Rechargeable- Cable, Gift Box and Warranty Card Included
  • LIGHT MORE ITEMS: IT'S LIT Plasma Lighters Use A Large, Flat Surface Design. This Enables The Lighter To Be Used Where Other Arc Lighters Can't; Such As On PIPES, CIGARS, BOWLS, WATER PIPES, CIGARETTES, CANDLES, INCENSE & MORE.
  • ELECTRIC TRIPLE ARC PLASMA LIGHTER: 50% More Power Than Atomic Lighter! The TRIPLE ARC Provides A Quicker Light and A More Even Burn Than Other Arc Lighters
  • WINDPROOF & SPLASHPROOF: Windy Day Outside? NO Problem! Plasma Lighters Work In The Windiest Conditions. Never Have To Shield Your Cigarette Again!
  • RECHARGEABLE: Built In Rechargeable Battery. Butane & Fuel Free Lights! Never Run Out Of Butane Again! A lighter you can use over and over again! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT
  • 1 YEAR BATTERY WARRANTY CARD AND 100% MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE INCLUDED. No Questions Asked!! We Know You Will Love It, So We Want You To Try It RISK FREE. We stand behind our quality and never stop improving. We include a warranty card with every purchase!

Are you tired of refilling your cigar lighter? Want to try the electric ones? Then you must consider the flameless Electric Plasma Triple Arc Lighter. This lighter comes with gift box, warranty. It is also designed for all kinds of cigars, pipes, cigarettes, etc.

This lighter comes with a triple arc. It helps you to light things real fast and even better than other lighters. It is also powerful enough to light things up in windy weather without any disturbance.

Another great advantage that it has is the rechargeable battery. You will never have to use fuel/ butane now. Recharge its battery with the given USB cable any time you want and use with freedom.

The battery comes with 1 year of warranty as well. It’s a mental satisfaction against the money you have spent.

But remember one thing that this lighter is not to light up metal things. And do not close the cap while the lighter is on. Because this lighter will not turn off by doing this. As a result, it will burn the cap.

The Electric Plasma Triple Arc Lighter is best with its flat rear, modern, impressive design structure and features. So, it definitely worth for a try.

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Number 12:

Mantello Cabinet Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Attachment
  • In Compliance with DOT Regulations - Butane Fuel is Not Included
  • Premium Refillable Triple Jet Flame Torch Cigar/Cigarette Lighter
  • Cigar Hole Punch Attachment, Sleek Design, Comes in gift box
  • After you fill the lighter, you need to adjust the gas flow knob
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty, Email us for support

The Mantello Cabinet Butane Torch Lighter is an extreme wind reverberating lighter. It’s a premium torch lighter that comes with slide switch and textured grip. It provides the user the benefit of using it quickly and easily.

It’s a premium torch lighter that comes with slide switch and textured grip. It provides the user the benefit of using it quickly and easily.

This butane lighter has solid internal and external body to provide long-lasting service. Its triple jet flame is also mighty to light any kinds of cigar and strong enough to endure air disturbance. The lighter also has a cover in the upper section to cover the heat of the flame after using it.

The flame is also refillable. You may use it as long as you want by refilling it time to time. But be sure to adjust the knob after you refill it.

Moreover, it comes with a lovely box and cover. You can protect your lighter from scratch and dust also. If you want to gift someone a lighter this lighter can be your first choice because of those.

One last thing to mention that this lighter also comes at a low price considering the features it provides. If you are a real cigar lover, this Mantello Cabinet Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter is the best option for you. You will be flourished in experience after using this lighter.

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Number 13:

Xikar X570BK-BRK Enigma Light Knife
  • Country of origin: China
  • Brand name: Xikar
  • Item Number: X570BK

Xikar Enigma II Cigar Lighter is one of the most fashionable lighter in the present world. This lighter comes with strong double torch avail. It has a durable frame style with an ergonomic design.

This xikar lighter has a powerful double jet flame which can help you to light your cigar within a second. It has a large fuel tank which gives you a long-lasting afford to your fuel. It also has a fuel window.

Xikar lighters are unique for its fantastic design & shape. This lighter has a self-open lid. It also provides you an easy thumb ignition.

The Xikar lighter has a big fuel converter wheel which gives you an accurate fire. It is a windproof, butane torch lighter. This lighter can be used in stormy weather.

Moreover, It is also included a manual flip head cap. This lighter has a center trigger which makes it unique. This trigger confirms your thumb out of danger from the flame.

At the end of the topic, we can firmly say that Xikar Enigma II Cigar Lighter is one of the most attracting lighter. If you are a chain smoker, then you have to use it. It also has a lifetime warranty.

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Number 14:

Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter Charcoal 3 Pack Plus 1 Lotus 90ml Butane Can
  • 3 Torch Wind Resistant Flame
  • Quartz powered ignition
  • Dual action ignition
  • Refillable butane
  • 1 can 90ml Lotus Butane

The most prominent feature of this lighter is triple wind covering torch flame. By using its large flame adjuster, you can adjust its flame as you want. It also has a vivid fuel tank.

This Cigar lighter has a unique design & finishes which make it more attractive to the customer. Moreover, every lighter has a cloth fitted sack in a closing that assimilates the excellent carbon fiber high tech specimen. It also safe the finish and looking the lighter new.

Usually, every chain smoker needs a simple lighter with his available budget. This Vertigo cigar lighter comes with its regular budget. This light is mainly for those consumers who don’t need to extra pay for a quality lighter. This lighter also included cigar punches.

Vertigo Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter is backed by a 1-year surety.

Vertigo cigar lighter is extraordinary with its reasonable price & its amazing triple torch flame. You should use this lighter without any consideration.

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As a cigar smoker, you must need a cigar lighter. And if you need one then why won’t you go for the best. And selecting the best one is always the tricky and challenging part. Please go through the selection considerable things we talked about in our review before going to product review section. It will help you to recognize you demands that you want from a cigar lighter.


In this article, we tried to give you the overall best market scenario for the cigar lighter. We also told which is the best lighter in our consideration.


We are not telling you will think like us. Because you have your own demands and interest. But we can assure that you will not find better product outside of our list.

Although if you are not sure yet, don’t waste your valuable time on other journal or websites. Please go to our product list again and select the best product that matches your expectation or demands.