12 Best Humidor of 2018 – The Keys to Keep Your Cigar Fresh

12 Best Humidor of 2018 – The Keys to Keep Your Cigar Fresh

An excellent Sunday pool party, a bright vibe and your friends ask for some cigars. You go inside the house for the cigars, and you are pretty relaxed because you have a pile of cigar stocks. You bring the cigar packets and pass them over to your friends. One of your friends lights up a cigar, and the cigar does not smoke and neither the next one.


Your cigars have caught up moistures from the air even if you have kept them in a cigar-container.

No! You don’t want that. At least I don’t want this happening with my precious stogie. Many of my cigars got wasted in the first few years of starting smoking at 1998. After a few months, I made a container, from maple wood, which was partially helpful for storing my cigars and tobacco. The main problem was that I could save my cigars only for 2-3 weeks. In summer, the cigars got moist, and they dried up in winter.

In 2003, I came to hear about cigar humidor which could keep my cigars under proper moistures. It was a final relief for me and my cigars also as I can stock my cigars as long as I want without worrying about the time and the quality. For the record, there were a few numbers of companies who manufactured humidor containers in that time. So, there were fewer options available along with high price ranges. With the passing time, now you can find many humidors with a lot of variation and advantages.

In my life, I have collected many cigar containers which are humidors basically and spent a heck of money on it. Some of them have distinct functions, some of them have sneak up looks.

When people look for buying a humidor, they have many questions and confusions. Because, nobody wants to invest in a lost project, especially when he or she is new to something. So, I thought to give complete guidelines and some references on buying cigars humidors as I had no one to guide me.

List of Best Cigar Humidor of the Year!


1.Mantello 25-50 Cigar Desktop Humidor Royale Glasstop

Mantello 25-50 Cigar Desktop Humidor Royale Glasstop
  • Holds 25 to 50 Cigars depending on the Ring Gauge, Tempered Glass Top
  • Authentic Spanish Cedar Wood Interior, Scratch-resistant Felt-lined Bottom
  • Secure Seal on closure insures Proper Humidity, Cigars Pictured Not Included
  • Package Includes Humidor, Humidifier, Removable Cedar divider, and Manual
  • Approximate Humidor Exterior Dimensions: 10 1/4" W x 8 3/4" D x 4 3/8" Height

Starting with the first one which I have got recently from my best friend as a gift for my promotion this year and it is one of the best in my collections. This humidor is from Mantello, works cool as a humidifier.

The cigars capacity of this humidor is 25-50 depending on the ring-diameter of the cigars. High-quality pressed-fabrics are used as the padding materials which make the abrasion-proof bottomland. So, you will find the bottom smooth and lustrous even after prolonged use.

The use of Spanish cedar in the inner room of the humidor has added high streamline to Mantello 25-50 Cigar Desktop Royale Glasstop. Its moisture soaking ability helps in maintaining proper moisture curb. It also leaves a jolly whiff to the cigars and makes your stogies more pleasant.

For storing different types of cigars at a time, there is a divider which is removable. So, it also allows you to save both different or same brands of cigars without mixing their tastes.

The advanced analog humidifier which is attached in front of the humidor regulates proper channeling of moisture and keeps your stogies moist and flavorful for years.

The coating of the crimson red of rosewood tree on the outer side has made it super classy and stylish.

The upper glass case which works as the lid ensures proper air insulation and clenched sealing of air. So, the humidor secures the cigar from any dampness, dryness, and pest.

It is a sage decision to buy this desktop humidor if you are looking for a standard humidor at an affordable price.

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The Repeatedly Asked question before Buying a Cigar Humidor

Before carrying on further, it would be better if we have some necessary and essential information about Humidors.

Why Do You Need a Humidor?

It is the most common question of whom are new to smoke cigars. Why do we invest such amount of money when we can keep our cigars and tobacco in usual containers?

You need it because it regulates the humidity of the air inside the box and a regular container do not have this function resulting in the broken ring or dry cigars. It also maintains a constant temperature which is suitable for keeping the cigars fresh.

What Happens Without a Humidor?


Some of us may think that this is a fancy idea to buy a humidor for the cigars.

However, it is not. The humidor is the most crucial tool to store your precious cigars. The humidor protects your cigars from all types of impairments caused by humidity and noxious temperature. Without a humidor, your stogies may get dried, catch molds & bacteria, smell bad as well as taste terrible.

The wrappers of cigars are very much delicate and amorphous. It can absorb vapor from the air quickly. In this case, your stogies will be quaggy and tough to lit up. Even it flashes up; the smoke will be dim and harsh.

Again, it can throw its moisture in the air when the surrounding air is dry. The frail wraps of cigar start to be cracked and lose its connoisseur oil. As it losses its essential fragmental oil, you will not get the authentic flavor from your cigar. Besides, as the outermost layer gets dried, your cigar will blow out quickly, and you won’t have the time to relax and enjoy your smoke.

However, your cigars can stay safe and fresh from all these humidity problems if you have a solid humidor.

What to Consider before buying a Humidor?


In our busy lives, we don’t have endless time to check out all the possible smoke shops. So, it is quite challenging to pick the rightest humidor which will meet all the needs to keep our cigars fresh and aged.

Merely, we are investing much dough here. We must be picky and alert to choose our humidors. The followings are the most critical points which have to be followed while buying a cigar humidor.

The Types of Humidor



There are many types of humidor which are very much different from each other depending on their uses and sizes. Most of the cigar smokers mainly go for buying a takeout humidor. Anyway, who wants to age their cigars or want to store a large number of cigars need the diverse type of cigar humidor. Here is a list of some humidors which are distinct in their uses and storage capability.

  • Room Humidor

These are humidors which are precisely a room occupying a more prominent space where you can store plenty of cigars packets and keep them fresh or aged. These types of humidors are useful for offices, bars, and smoke shops. You have to walk in and pick out your cigar from this type of the humidor. If you are a cigar-freak like me who prefers old stogies than the new one, you can also keep it in your house too.

  • Takeout Humidor

Takeout humidors are the most familiar humidors. I bet, all the cigar-person have this type of humidor. Moreover, if any of them do not have one, he should buy it immediately. These pocket type humidors can carry of 12-14 cigars at once. The handful size of it makes it portable and lightweight.

  • Desktop Humidor

They are mainly used for stashed way 30-90 cigars at a time. You can keep the humidor on the table or a closet. These are not either big or small. They are perfect for aging your cigars for a couple of months.

  • Cabinetry Humidor

To me, it is the marvelous creativity of the humidor manufacturing companies. Notably, this one will catch your wife’s mood as it is not only a cigar humidor but furnishings like a table or tea-table which can be used for keeping show-pieces and other things on top of it. You can store 100-500 cigars in it depending on the size and function of the humidor. So, identify your needs and pick up the most suitable humidor for you.

The dimension Of Humidor



Despite different uses, there are individual sizes of humidors. You will get many size ranges whereas your humidor is a portable one or cabinetry.

Pick up the size according to your need. I know everyone craves for more prominent space. However, in that case, you have to be must picky. You have to be thrifty about not only the size but also others added features.

The Price of Humidor

Higher price does not adopt higher quality always; while buying a cigar humidor, this should be beard in mind. On the other hand, the little cost will not cut superior facilities or more okay materials thought it is written on the product.

Mostly some ill-minded manufactures produce low caliber humidor and claim of using Spanish cedar wood. However, this wood is very costly, and you will not get one made of cedarwood in low price. Cheap humidors may claim to contain arousing functionality and upper-class raw material. Still, they are not that much of capable and may start to give poor service after a couple of months making your dearest cigars ruined. Point to be noted:

  • Identify fake humidor (Dolefully, they are a lot in the market!)
  •  Consider your needs (cause a cabinetry humidor cannot replace a desktop humidor though the cabinetry humidor is higher in price.)

Your humidor is not only a general container but also a treasure chest of your stogies. So be wise, spent your dollars on it wisely.

The Elements of a Humidor

To understand this, you have to know the construction of a humidor. Generally, it is a wooden box with a glass top or wooden top and containing a humidifier to maintain proper humidity and temperature and a hygrometer to keep an eye on the humidity level.  Some humidors of today’s have some additions which can give extra flavors to your cigars beside keeping them moist as well as protecting your cigars from any types of rodent and pest.

Most of the cases, the box is made of wood with a wooden lid.  Nowadays the glass lid or metal lid are also being very demanding. Generally, the metal hinge is most popular and familiar, but in this case, there is a tendency to catch up with corrosion and lose the efficiency of air sealing.

The kind of woods used in the humidor is directly related to the humidifying ability of the humidor. Mainly three types of planks are used to build a humidor.

  • Honduran Mahogany: It is less expensive than the other two kinds of wood. It does not leave a harsh smell in the cigars as the American Red Cedar does. It has humidifying quality as fine as the Spanish cedar.However, it cannot control the tobacco pest and bacteria formation for extended periods. So, the spontaneous check is required to use the humidor made of Honduran Mahogany.


  • American Red Cedar: It is more expensive than the Honduran mahogany and has good control over humidity. It applies a sweet aroma to the stogies.However, the problem starts with red-cedar-humidor when you store your cigars for a long time span. In that case, your stogies catch kind of woodsy smell which makes them harsh to draw in and taste bad.


  • Spanish Cedar: It is the most expensive and effective one. It stores your stogies as long as you want, protects them from mildews, worms, humidity and any counterproductive elements.Spanish cedar has a distinct characteristic of being porous which allows passing the moisture quickly.Spanish cedar also implements a pleasant aroma which increases the taste and flavors of your stogies. Especially, when you have a mind to age your cigars, Spanish cedar humidor is the best humidor.You can find plenty of quality humidor made from Spanish cedar which will cut your pocket widely but satisfy you with perfect and fresh cigars.

The Technology used in Humidor


I have told you before that with the time, many distinct functions are forthcoming in humidors.  Previous days, they have only insulating property but now have overhanging purposes along with insulation.

  • Hygrometer: Adding hygrometer is one of the newest inclusions in the humidor. It measures the humidity of the air inside the box. It comes in two different modes; the analog one shows the relative humidity in a clock meter, and the digital one shows the relative humidity in digits. Digital hygrometer gives accurate measure while analog makes confusion for whom are less experienced. Humidor with digital hygrometer is costly than that with an analog hygrometer.


  • Thermometer: Thermometer is also used as a built-in function in the humidor. It measures the temperature inside the box. It also comes in two different modes, the analog thermometer, and the digital thermometer. The prices and efficiencies of humidors with thermostats are the same as the humidor with a hygrometer.


  • Coupler & Hinge: the coupler and hinge should be well-placed and have the best quality otherwise the humidor may not conceal the air properly resulting in moist or over dried cigars.

  1. Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor Glasstop

Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor GlasstopThis humidor is another precious from Mantello. Mantello 100 Cigar is the bigger version of Mantello 25-50 Cigar Desktop Royale Glasstop. It can hold 100 cigars to 120 cigars at an instant. It would carry around 140-160 Cigarillo or 80-90 Campana.

It is the best when you want to maturate your cigars to get more flavors. Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor Glasstop is a combo humidor which earmarks you to store different cigars together as it has detachable cigar trays and splitters. Though I have found the tray little flimsy, it is handy for freestanding my cigars from getting mixed. So, you have to be mindful while drawing it out.

Its cherry reddened finish and crystal-clear glass-over top have added beauty to it. The glass-top is scratch proofread and easy to clean.

As I told before it is a larger version of the previous one, it has Spanish cedar indoor and mat-lined bottom panel too. Analog hygrometer gives accurate humidity measurement which you will not find in most of the humidor.

The height of the humidor is 6.3’’, the length is 13.5”, and the width is 9.4”. All the measures are of outside corners.

It has a lock and key system which protect it from snatch up. I will not say that the lock is unbreakable but pretty much useful for the general protection.

The brass alloy made hinges helps in sealing air as well as in closing and opening the box. I am using my own for many days, and it still is new at the time I bought it and functions wonderfully.

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3.Deauville Tobacco Leaf Inlay High Gloss 100 Cigar Humidor

Deauville Tobacco Leaf Inlay High Gloss 100 Cigar HumidorHere comes the no. 3 cigar humidor. Deauville Tobacco Leaf Inlay High Gloss 100 Cigar Humidor is imperial on looks and tycoon at works.

It has a fine-lined interior with Spanish cedar wood which absorbs extra moisture from your cigars. Proper seasoning with salt bath or distilled water will work fine to maintain an appropriate humidity.

It has a liftable tray made of Spanish cedar.  Two separate section on the cedar-plate allows keeping two types of cigars at the moment.

The signature look of maplelike finish reminds me of my first cigar container, though my former one did not have advantages like this one.

The rectangular humidifier works smoothly for around four months without re-setup. No humidifier can guarantee that long time constant humidity without a re-setup. Ultimately, you save your time and seasoning material if you have this humidor. You also can have the humidity measurement from the analog hygrometer made of glass.

It holds 100-150 cigars and weights 6 pounds. The outer dimension has a 9.5” width, 13.5 lengths and 6.5 height.

A tight seal ensured by the Sureseal technology is in stock in all the humidors of Quality Importers. The right angel hinges and proper bonnet seal insulate the air, and you can be sure of it from hearing the “Whoosh” sound, the humidor makes while closing the lid.

This cigar humidor of Quality Importers is very elegant to décor your home too. The tobacco leaf engraved on the lid and the tassel attached key and gold-plated key have taken the humidor to another dimension of elegance. You also can carve your name in the brass nameplate.

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4. Prestige Import Group AJ25 25 Count Acrylic Humidor Jar with Humidifier

I love all the smoke products from Prestige. I bet you will like it too. The acrylic humidor jar is way more affordable than any wooden humidor. It is stylish as well as contains a humidifier.

The acrylic glass is nothing more than a synthetic fabric, named poly-methyl methacrylate which is transparent thermoplastic. It is often called “Risk-free glass.” From the name, you must have guessed the jars ability to abrasion-resistance and strengths.

Now you may be thinking “Where is the Spanish Cedar in this glass jar? My sticks will not get fragmented with cedar aroma if I put them in this jar.”  However, the most satisfying matter is that you are getting Spanish cedar in this glass jar also. A round shaped Spanish cedar disk is placed in the bottom of the glass jar and gives a sweet smelly musk to your cigars.

A round-shaped humidifier attached to the inner side of the acrylic-cover ensures proper 70% relative humidity which is appropriate for the right storage of cigars.

9” high Prestige Import Group AJ25 25 Count Acrylic Humidor Jar with Humidifier has rubberized O-ring placed in the joining area of the lid and the container. It prevents outflow of the air from the jar.

The viselike clasp seals off the air in good order and stops the willy-nilly passing game of humidity. As a result, the cigars stay fresh and preserve their quality and hit you with their aroma when you take a long puff.

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5. Solana Desktop Rosewood with Maple-Burled Wood Inlaid Cigar Humidor

Solana Desktop Cigar HumidorWhile talking about treasure chest, this humidor is a solid one. The burled maple engraved in the rosewood gives a Jolly Roger look when you see it.

It has an analog hygrometer placed on the front side of the container. This hygrometer is a glass-made and suits with the royal look of the humidor.

It has a 1” deep accessories box where you can keep your lighters, cigar cutter and other things. The bottom of the accessories drawer is filled with felt which makes it scratch-proof. The length is 14.5,” and the height is 8” and the width is 10.5” for the whole humidor.

The humidor can store around 100 cigars depending on the ring-gauge. It is a large desktop humidor and pretty heavy, of approximately 11 pounds weight.

The lock system placed over the hygrometer and the circular drawer-handle placed down the hygrometer give the humidor a perfect appearance. An O-shaped brass ring secures the mounted-glass hygrometer.

There are two engraved sidebars on both sides for safe carrying the humidor.  The brass sidebars are pretty handy for taking the humidor especially when it is full of cigars.

The oven-dried Spanish cedar ornates the interior of humidor as well as upholds proper routing of moisture.  The movable tray is also made of Spanish cedar and has dividers.

The most appealing matter of Solana Desktop Rosewood with Maple-Burled Wood Inlaid Cigar Humidor is its price. It is affordable along with most excellent quality from other humidors in this price range.

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6. Dublin Desktop Glasstop Cigar Humidor

Dublin Desktop Glasstop Cigar HumidorThe construction and operating panel of Dublin Desktop Glasstop Cigar Humidor will remind you the navigational compass which makes it outstanding from other humidors.

The regular foam humidifier runs in this humidor. The tight sealing lid seals the air properly after seasoning.

The cigar capacity is 90-100. There is enough room for placing any additional humidifier. Its also has a lift out tray made from Spanish Cedar. The tray-shelf is perforated and adds a pleasant aroma to your cigars.

The walls are thick with around half inches of Spanish cedar. The humidor has two separate portions divided by a partition.

The crystal-clear glass top is diamond shaped, and the hygrometer can be seen in the center of the glass. The digital hygrometer is removable. In reality, you have to remove it while placing your cigars in the humidor. This function allows you to replace this meter and set another as your wish.

Pretty practical, right?

The hygrometer gives humidity measures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can set it as you want.

The achromatic color along with metallic finish always catch the eyes of anyone. The silver colored diamond-shaped ingot increases the beauty of the Humidor and signifies the black color of the box.

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7. Quality Importers Desktop Humidor, Capri with Tempered Glasstop

Quality Importers Desktop Humidor, Capri with Tempered GlasstopI will give the no.7 place of my 12 best cigar humidor list to this humidor. Quality Importers Desktop Humidor, Capri with Tempered Glasstop is an excellent classic tabletop cigar humidor.

10.5” width and 4.5” height with 10.5” occupies an absolute space for 25-50 cigars. The weight is only 4.5 pounds, and it enables advantage in carrying the humidor from one place to another. You also can place it in the front drawer of your car.

The walls of the humidor are made of mahogany resulting in the dark brown finish. Besides, the cedar wood in the divider which divides the humidor. The Spanish cedar wood interior lining increases the humidifying ability and absorbs extra humidity.

The round- shaped humidifier maintain 70 percent moister relativity inside the box. This proper moisture condition helps to keep the cigars properly moisture.

It will take 2-3 days for seasoning with distilled water. Never keep your cigar in an unseasoned humidor. The cedar wood lining will take over the water from the cigars and make it dry.

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8. Quality Importers Old World Desktop Humidor

Quality Importers Old World Desktop HumidorThe humidor is way more unique than the other humidors in look and appearance. The world map of ancient time is engraved outside of the humidor. This signature look has made it unique and keep-worthy in your collection.

The desktop humidor of Quality Importers is quite large in size, and 100-120 stogies can fit in in it. The dimension is of 13.8” x 6.5” long with 10” depth. Around 8 pounds weight is perfect for placing it without any movement and sliding over the surface.

The humidor provides a rectangular humidifier. This humidifier is very active. I can go around 4-5 months after one-time seasoning. It pretty much holds 68-70 percent relative humidity for 4-5 months and from about six months starts to drop slowly. Then I season it again to maintain 70 percent humidity.

The inner side of the lid holds both the humidifier and humidity gauge. The humidity gauge is circular and has a frame made of brass metal.

Cedarwood interior helps the humidifier for proper channeling of humidity. It also soaks up excess moisture. There are mainly two dividers made of Spanish cedar at the bottom of the humidor and one tray which also carry a divider. The flat-chest is also made of cedar.

The bottom-line of the humidor is felt-matted. The soft landing is scratch resistance and supports the cigars very firmly.

The glass top is neat rectangle and seal-proof. All the humidors of Quality Importers have Sureseal technology which ensures preserving proper moisture content.

The money-saving price of Quality Importers Old World Desktop Humidor is a bingo offer for the humidor-collectors.

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9. Quality Importers Desktop Humidor, Capri Elegant with Tempered Glasstop

Capri elegant desktop humidor is a medium size humidor. 10.5” width and 4.5” height with a depth of 8.8” can fit into a small drawer or cabinet easily. It can hold around 30-45 cigars depending on the ring diameter of the cigar. If your brand has a smaller diameter, it can keep more than 50 cigars.

Additional hygrometer stands in the front of the humidor. The analog hygrometer is glass constructed and round shaped.

O-shape humidifier maintains proper vapor controlling and preserve the cigars long time without any damage.

The gold-plated hinges are hidden and quadrant in shape. It seals the air and guarantees proper moisture containing. Though there is no lock system, the clasp is pretty much tight.

The walls are made of cedar which is kiln-dried. The divider also contains cedar wood. These cedar woods are perfectly cut to give the best aroma to your cigars.  The most significant matter is that you can replace the divider.

The lid is a glass top with cedar wood frame. The glass top is scratch-resistance and easy to clean with any glass-cleaner liquid.

In my lifetime, I have not seen such effective humidor available in this cost range. I think how the company had managed to keep the price such low. The woody timber finish and gold-plated metal frames will seem very costly but will not cut your pocket that wide.

The mahogany finish with the gold-frame hygrometer has taken the humidor to an elegant dimension.

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10. Old Glory Cigar Humidor, Weathered American Flag Exterior

Old Glory Cigar Humidor, Weathered American Flag ExteriorFor an American, the Old Glory Humidor is a must one in his collection. On the other hand, if you are not an American, you can buy it as a souvenir. The engraved flag on the lid and washed-away muddy color of the humidor make it unique than the other humidors.

The humidor is a sizeable bitty humidor comparing with other desktop humidors. 90-100 cigars can comfortably fit in this humidor. 15” width and 6.5’ height with 10” depth holds enough space for the three dividers and 100 stogies. The weight is very light, around 9 pounds which makes it portable swiftly.

The humidifier is rectangular and very much efficient. The humidifier is quite more prominent than that of others in this price range. I wish that they made the humidifier in a greyish color instead of black.

There is a round shaped hygrometer which is engraved in a rectangular frame just placed over the humidifier. The humidity gauge is an analog hygrometer which makes it more aged and historical.

The hinges and locks are of antique color and very much functioning to insulate the air. The lock is tiny but works very wonderfully.

The cover of the humidor is super unique than others. No glass or metal is used on it. A rough weathered finish and an engraved American flag are increasing its tough-look.

To me, the price is quite high. However, when thinking about the quality of cedar wood, you will find it cheaper than the others. Most of the humidor of this size range cost 150$-160$. Merely, Old Glory Cigar Humidor, Weathered American Flag Exterior offers the same efficiency in low price.

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11. Whynter CHC-120S Stainless Steel 250-Cigar Cooler Humidor

Whynter CHC-120S Stainless Steel 250-Cigar Cooler Humidor 2A built-in cooler regulates the temperature and cools down the air inside the box.

I like the construction assortment in the interior of this humidor. In most of the cabinet humidor, you can see only drawers or only flat chest. However, in this humidor, you will find both. Two flat chests and one drawer of the Whynter CHC-120S Stainless Steel 250-Cigar Cooler Humidor are made of cedar wood. These are removable, and you can adjust them as your needs.

The volume of the humidifier is 1.2 cubic feet where the height is 18.5”, width is 13.5,” and the length is 20”. The drawers are bigger than that of the others. The drawer has a width of 9.5”, a height of 1” and depth of 12”. It can hold more than 250 cigars in it.

In most of the cabinetry humidor, the handle of the door gets rust over a period. The rust makes it unhealthy and lousy to use. However, Whyner always uses to create the handle from stainless steel which is rust-resistant and abrasion-resistant. I like the feature when the door shuts down. It does not get shut suddenly. It sucks out the air from inside and closes with a “whoops.”

The large humidor is pretty pricey among the others humidors in my list. However, the cigar-storage capacity and activeness minimize the price. If you are a cigar nerd and want to store for aging many cigars at once for a couple of years, this is the best humidor for you.

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12. Cigar Caddy 40 40-Cigar Waterproof Black Matte Travel Humidor

Cigar Caddy 40 40-Cigar Waterproof Black Matte Travel HumidorThe humidor occupies large space which can hold minimum 40 cigars of 48 ring gauge. The mini-suitcase type humidor has a width of 12.2”, depth of 10.2” and height of 5.5” As it is made of plastic, it is lightweight; around 1.5 pounds. So, you can bring forth it easily wherever you want.

Cigar Caddy Waterproof Travel Humidor has an astonishing humidifier which sustains proper moisture even if in a hectic environment. The humidifier is placed with the lid.

Use of heavy plastic on making the humidor has made it more reliable and durable.

I go in camping with my family and friends once a year. During the campsite, I always carry my cigars in it. The humidor is waterproof. The company claims for waterproof in 100 feet deep water. I have tasted it around 60 feet deep under the water. The air-moisture and my cigars were all good.

As there is no use of any wood, no seasoning is required for storing your cigar. However, you can place a piece of cedar wood in the humidor, if you want. In that case, keep in mind to season the cedar wood piece.

The portable humidor is cheap and affordable for anyone who has to rush over around all year. The excellent quality material and its performance are unbelievable to its purchasing cost. Though you have to count 45-55 dollars depending on the retailers, you will forget it after smoking the cigar aged in this humidor.

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After reading this lengthy article, you must have fetched some ideas about buying a humidor for your cigar. I always recommend people investing in best cigar humidor as it is the only most straightforward way to keep up your cigar strong and spiced for long moments.

Some may call our dear stogie a cancer stick, but we love and die for our sticks, right?

So, we will not allow any harm to our treasured cigars and do everything to keep it safe and sound. Nonetheless, buying a humidor is a keystone to keep them moist and fresh.

It is very worthwhile to buy a humidor which puts through all the hard-hitting functions and works as a decent humidifier.

Building a Closet Humidor

Building a Closet Humidor

I was asked by a few friends if I would blog about the construction of my closet humidor. I thought that it was a great idea and that it might be of some help to others. So here goes:

After researching and making several calls across the county. And speaking with friends who own cigar shops and walk in humidors in there homes. My dream is happening , my very own closet humidor.

My first call was to the David at Habitat Monitor to order my Habitat Monitor and Evaporative Humidifier. I chose the HM-HAC-XL(R) . I chose Habitat Monitor after hearing nothing but great things. I decided on putting in a Evaporative Humidifier, model HM-HAC-XL(R), because it has a 6 gallon reservoir and I wanted to fill it up by hand rather then using a RO system .

My second call was to order my Breezaire WKL 2200 unit. This unit is made for wine coolers and is also perfect for a cigar walk in/closet humidor for temperature control. I believe tempature/humidity control is one of the most important things for aging cigars.

My third call was to the electrician to wire up plugs in the closet in different areas and to set up some lighting. I would recommend hiring a licensed electrician to do any electrical work in your house.

My fourth call, and also one of the most important things is insulation. After speaking with my dad, Glenn Sorrention, of Lord Chesterfield Constuction he recommended that I use closed cell insultation. This stuff is amazing !!!! Here is some info on the difference between close cell insulation and open cell insulation. Take a look at this video. Part 1

Part 2

The videos should explain everything needed to know.

My fifth call was to ordering some spanish cedar. After speaking with David of Habitat Monitor he recommended that I speak to Fabiola of Wood Projections, Inc . With the help of my dad we presented some measurements to Fabiola and asked for some recommendations. Well after talking and deciding on what to order we came up with this:

3/4″ X 4′ X 8′ Spanish Cedar Plywood for the walls and Solid Spanish Cedar shelfs. Pictures coming soon .

Sixth Call: Sliding glass doors . Not a big deal. Pictures will also be posted soon will some more info.

There is plenty more info to add, so stay tuned. I will be updating this with pictures and updating info as it happens. If you have any questions please leave a comment.

1) Ordered Spanish cedar switch plates.
2) Painted all exposed studs with white mold/mildew proof paint. (Pics Below)
3) Installed mold/mildew resistant drywall. (Pics coming)
4) Called and ordered Granite for the floor. (Pics coming)
5) Granite installed and Spanish cedar has been delivered. (Pics coming)
6) Spanish cedar walls installed and shelving installed. (Pics Coming)
7) Final pics coming soon!!!!

I want to take this time to thank people who gave me some amazing ideas to make my dream come true.
Glenn Sorrentino owner of Lord Chesterfield Construction
Bill & Lynn Davies owners of Tobacco Locker
Matt Uebelacker owner of Granite Enterprises of S.W. Fl., LLC
Jason Wager owner of JW Insulation

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Seasoning a Humidor

Seasoning a Humidor

To season a humidor correctly generally takes about eight days. And to get it humidity-stable using the natural evaporation process can take a month or more! Some things you just can not hurry and humidor seasoning, er, proper humidor seasoning is one of them.

Here’s how we do our seasoning . This is done at a nominal room temperature of 78° F.

1. STERILIZE SPONGES in boiling water. Ring and rinse with distilled water.

2. UNPACK THE NEW HUMIDOR and remove all contents & packaging except the tray and dividers (if any).

3. REMOVE DUST AND DIRT FROM HUMIDOR INTERIOR using a sterilized sponge with all of the distilled water wrung out (sponge is slightly damp, not wet), wipe the interior of the humidor including the seams, top edges, corners, and the lid. This is executed by using only one side of sponge for every wipe. Then flip the sponge and use the other side. Use as many sponges as necessary without spreading any dirt around. The object here is to remove the dust and dirt, not make the wood wet.

4. REMOVE DUST AND DIRT FROM HUMIDOR TRAY & DIVIDERS using the same method as Step #3 above.

5. HUMIDIFY THE HUMIDOR INTERIOR. First take four pieces of plastic about an inch larger than the sponge on all sides. Cling wrap works fine for this. Lay out two pieces of plastic in the bottom of the humidor and two pieces of plastic in the tray. Then take two sterile sponges and soak with distilled water. Squeeze some excess water from it so it is still very full of water but does not drip from the sponge. Place a saturated sponge on each of the protective plastic sheets on the bottom of the humidor. Repeat the process for the tray (if any). At this time, place the dividers in the bottom of the humidor, just leaning against the sides across the corners. We want to season them in the process as well. Insert the tray into the humidor.

6. In the dead center of the tray, place the analog hygrometer face up. Place two calibrated digital hygrometers, one on each side of the analog hygrometer. This will ascertain the accuracy of the analog hygrometer as the seasoning process moves along. Close the lid to the humidor and leave it shut for 48 hours.

7. After 48 hours, open the humidor lid and note the humidity level. It should be between 82% and 92% on the digital hygrometers. Write down the digital readings and the analog readings and note the difference between analog and digital, if any. Now, replace the four sponges with fresh (and sterile) saturated sponges. It is best to prepare the sponges first and have them ready to go when removing the old set. This minimizes the open lid time. After replacing the sponges, close the lid to the humidor and leave it shut for 48 hours.

8. After the second 48 hours has passed, open the lid and note the humidity level. It should still be between 82% and 92% on the digital hygrometers. Write down the digital readings and the analog readings and note the difference between analog and digital, if any.

9. After the second humidity readings are taken, remove all four of the sponges. After removing the sponges, close the lid to the humidor and leave it shut for 48 hours.

10. PREPARE A LARGE HUMIDIFIER WITH PG SOLUTION (or beads). After the third 48 hours has passed, open the humidor lid and insert a humidifier on the bottom of the humidor (below the tray). This humidifier should be properly charged with PG solution. We use a humidifier charging solution consisting of Doa® pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol and deionized water. We use a large humidifier here (200 count) since we don’t know how long it will be until the humidor gets adopted by a nice cigar-loving owner. The employment of a larger humidifier makes the recharging cycle much shorter. At home, use whatever size humidifiers come with your humidor. Close the lid to the humidor and leave it shut for 48 hours.

11. Once 48 hours have passed after installing the charged humidifier, open the lid to the humidor and note the humidity level. It should not have changed (dropped) by more than a percent, if any. Write down the digital readings and the analog readings and note the difference between analog and digital, if any.

12. Leave the humidor lid open for a few minutes, and then close it for 24 hours.

13. After 24 hours, check the humidity. At this time, adjust the analog hygrometer to reflect the digital readings, if necessary. Close the lid to the humidor and leave it shut for another 24 hours.

14. Repeat Step 13. And continue to repeat until hygrometer is calibrated. At this point, even though the humidity is going to be very high (85%) or greater, it is the air in the humidor that contains the excess humidity. When you insert the cigars, they will absorb the humidity which will, in a day or so depending on the aridity of your cigars, taper off to the 70% level that is stabilized by the humidifier charged with PG solution. This is an interesting point in the process.

Even though you may choose to stop here, we do not. We allow the humidity to stabilize naturally, by allowing the humidified air to evaporate through attrition. Given that the humidor is airtight, this takes an extremely long time, often several weeks, depending on the size of the humidor. But allowing the humid air to stabilize at 70% over time, the humidor interior and the internal air become homogeneous.

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How To Make Your Own Humidor And Save Money!

How To Make Your Own Humidor And Save Money!

If you want to make your own humidor and save yourself a bunch of money, there are a few things you should know.

First, you have to be a person that likes to “tinker” with stuff. Also, by making your own cigar humidor it probably won’t be quite as good of quality as you would if you bought it somewhere, so you may have to keep your eye on it a little more.

So basically I would only recommend making your own humidor to people who are very “into” cigars!

So let’s get into it!

Materials Needed For Making Your Own Humidor

  • Hygrometer
  • Humidifier
  • Hardwood For The Exterior
  • Spanish Cedar (for the interior)
  • Polyurethane Finish
  • Wood Glue
  • Building Tools (see below)

Building Your Humidor

When making your own humidor the best part is that you can choose how you want it to look, what wood you want to use, etc. For this option when choosing the wood you can go with whatever you like best, such as cherry, walnut, maple, or even more exotic woods if you like those types of wood.

Step 1 – Cut the board into the length you want your humidor to be. For example, for a decent sized humidor you can cut to to something like 11″ x 20″ and the bottom to 9.5″ x 14″ (leave the bottom a little smaller so no grain is visible once the 4 sides cover the bottom’s edges.You can also round-over the top edges to give it a more finished appearance. To do this just use a round-over bit – something around 3/8″ or so.

Step 2 – Cut the front and back pieces to your appropriate lengths and miter the front back and sides to form corners so no end grain shows like in the last step. In this step you can also choose to cut some “blockers” to make a stop on the underside of the humidor so it makes a good airtight seal when closed.

Step 3 – Assemble the humidor with some wood glue and 1 inch, 18 gauge pneumatic nails. Then clamp the pieces tightly together and let the glue dry for a minimum of 1 hour.

Note: Make sure you’re using high quality glue or the wood might warp!

Next up…sanding. After all that work are you still glad you started to make your own humidor? I hope so!

Step 4 – Sand your wood so you can put on some even coatings of polyurethan or stain. I would put 2 or so coats on the interior and about 5 for the exterior. You can also use steel wool in-between coats on the exterior to give it a smooth, polished look and feel.

Note: Although it’s not “necessary” to coat the inside, you absolutely should. Just think, this wood will be sitting in 70% or so humidity, and we all know waht humidity does to wood!

Next up…lining with Spanish cedar lining.

This next step is very important because spanish cedar lining help enhance the flavor of the cigars and is wonderful at absorbing and releasing moisture – perfect for a humidor! When making your own humidor you can’t miss this step. Keep in mind that this wood is horrible for your lunges so when sanding you should always wear some type of ventilation mask.

Step 5 –  Line the inside of the humidor with spanish cedar liner. Usuaully people say not to use more than 1/4″ but I’ve heard of people going as thick as 3/8″, so that’s up to you. But typically I wouldn’t go over 3/8″ thick. To install these pieces, simply cut them to spec and glue them in, making sure to cover all inner areas. Also, this should be left unfinished so it can do it’s job of absorbing and releasing the moisture.

Step 6 – Now it’s finally time to add your hardware, and this is basically up to you. For this you’ll need some brass knobs to open it and hinges so it opens. When you buy a humidifier it should come with a magnet that can be glued inside to the top, allowing you to refill it when necessary – and the same with hygrometers. You can also use a digital hygrometer for the same effect but with much less hassle, which is always nice.

After you install all these pieces you’ve successful built your own humidor and you can go show it to your family and friends!

Just a few days ago you were thinking whether or not you should make your own humidor, and now it’s completed! Congratulations, now go out there and get yourself some cigars to put in it!