Here I am, back at you with another cigar review.  A good friend of mine, Nick, gave me a couple of these cigars to try, and told me I had to review one on the site when I was done.  He knows I am primarily a medium to full cigar smoker, so when he handed me this one, he told me it was mild, but that I would still be surprised.  I guess it’s time to find out if I was surprised, or if this cigar did not live up to the hype garnered by Nick and quite a few other people.

winstone churchill cigar

Pre-Light:  The first thing I noticed about this cigar, is that it was perfect.  The roll was perfect, with no cracks, splits, or tears, and it felt just right, with a minimal amount of “squish” as I held it in my hands.  As I ran the cigar across my nose, I got a faint barnyard smell, with a little bit of carmel-like sweetness.  At this point, I am really looking forward to smoking this cigar.  I clipped the cigar with my ever-trusty Palio and lit it up with my standard Ronson Jetlite.

1/3:  As I lit up and took the first few puffs of this cigar, I got a good blast of the carmel sweetness I was smelling earlier.  At the back of my throat, the barnyard and hay flavors made a quick appearance, then faded away.  As I retrohaled the smoke through my nasal passages, I couldn’t help but notice how smooth it was.  It was very nice, and not real spicy, but had a great smell to it.  The ash it holding pretty tight, and the burn is very nice, and not too wavy.  So far, this cigar is living up to the hype, and I am really enjoying it, even if it is milder than what I usually smoke.


2/3:  As I continued onto the 2nd portion of this cigar, things changed up quite a bit.  The carmel-like sweetness just about went away completely, and the barnyard and hay flavors made their appearance in a big way.  I also started to get some black pepper spice on the finish, which in turn caused a bit of a burn on retrohale.  All of a sudden, it was like I was smoking a completely different cigar.  A good cigar, mind you, but a completely different cigar.  The smoke is still billowing nicely, and it is a very enjoyable smoke.

3/3:  Not much changed from the last third to this third.  The flavors stayed about the same, but the black pepper spice that made itself known got a little bit stronger as I got down toward the end of the cigar.  The smoke billowed nicely to the end of the stick, and I smoked it until I couldn’t hold onto it any longer.  The changes in flavors made for a nice interesting stick.  The burn still stayed fairly even and straight, and there were no construction problems to this point.


Overall Impression:  Overall, I found this to be one interesting cigar.  I had never experienced a cigar that made such a drastic flavor profile change from one portion to the next.  They were all excellent flavors and very enjoyable.  The price range on these sticks is really what keeps me from buying more, but I do see why they are as spendy as they are.  Great stick, not so great price.