As you may know, Gurkha releases a ton of cigars each year in limited batches with absurdly high MSRPs that somehow always get discounted from online cigar stores. Unfortunately many of Gurkha’s brands are in and out of stock just as quickly as they are produced, thus it is hard to find a great smoke and be able to get it consistently. One exception for Gurkha is the Master Select Perfecto. It is a great cigar that is a reliable smoke and even more reliably available when you want it.

Like the name implies, the Master Select Perfecto lights perfectly. As designed, lighting the perfecto is no challenge. I bought a five pack of this cigar and never had an issue with an inconsistent burn. Every opportunity was so refreshing. When toasting the perfecto, a couple of short puffs was enough to bring the cigar to a full light. No burning taste and nothing overpowering. What a joy.

The Master Select brand is a great opportunity to experience a cigar that is designed to change strength and taste throughout the smoking experience, again due to the perfecto shape. Upon starting the first third of the cigar, the taste is rather mild. Once you get half way through the cigar takes on a medium to strong taste. Finally, on the final third, the cigar goes back to a mild taste.

Throughout the smoking experience I tasted some spice, common to Gurkha medium bodied blends. There were also hints of vinegar and cider. Nothing too complex, this is a great casual smoke and finished in under 45 minutes. The smoke was a heavy gray and quite pleasing to look at.

Finally, I really relished the feel of the cigar in my hand. The oily wrapper was well constructed and never threatened to come off. In fact, the humidity I was keeping the cigar at gave it a great feeling on my hands and could have easily been smoked doing some intense physical activity like the typical golf or fishing cigar smokers enjoy.

For the most part, Gurkha Master Select is a middle of the road smoke for the price. You likely won’t find it as a clearance option like so many limited run Gurkha’s that are available online. Instead, the price is fair and rarely discounted. It is also a shorter smoke for most people and that could play into the value for what you are getting.