The Maker’s Mark Bourbon Infused Cigars are a classy and high cost cigar to try. The Kentucky Bourbon that the cigar is named after is one of my favorite spirits. It captures the American taste of whiskey. It’s rough, tough, and smoky. Oddly, the Maker’s Mark Cigar is nowhere near that, though it is not bad.

First of all, this Dominican cigar is pretty high end looking. The tubes it comes in is sealed with red wax similar to the spirit’s bottle. Outside of that though the presentation of the wrapper is not all that exciting. It often appears rather dry and flaky. Although it takes away from the gift giving image of this high end smoke, I highly recommend that if you buy these to take them out of the tubes and store them in your humidor for at least a few weeks. They really need to moisten up.

Image aside, the cigar is an easy light and an easy smoke to begin with. The initial taste is quite sweet, which is definitely disappointing considering the taste of its namesake bourbon. I have never had a great whiskey that anyone would describe as smooth or sweet. This cigar could have been more appropriately described as a rum infused smoke. If you enjoy sweet smokes then there is nothing wrong with this, except for your expectations.

I was expecting more complexity. The cigar is average in delivery as well. I didn’t pick up any dramatic smells or tastes. Again, it was pleasantly sweet, especially the Sumatran wrapper, but otherwise a safe smoke.

About half way through the cigar made a turn from sweet to nutty. Not overtly powerful it was no longer satisfying my lips, but casually teasing my palate. At this point, the draw became much more difficult. Perhaps a relight would have been in order. Without one, I was struggling to keep it going in a garage. That feeling was felt by the others smoking with me.

I imagine that Maker’s Mark expects their cigar customers to pair the cigar with their Kentucky Bourbon, but I would definitely suggest something sweeter like a port wine, a brandy, or even a rum. Rum might be just too sweet though, especially with the nutty flavor that comes later.

Some have observed problems with the wrapper of this smoke peeling away, in addition to other issues with the quality of the filler. I wonder if the price of this smoke is due to it being infused with the bourbon more than the quality of the cigar. Again, I don’t know how the cigar was designed or the quality control in manufacturing, but many reviewers have noted this problem. I have only smoked three of these and can say that I didn’t have problems with the construction of the smoke.