The company makes three various regular blends of cigars. All these cigars have an assortment of unique flavors and sizes. As a business, the company tries to cater the needs of all customers. The following is the product line of the company Piloto Cigars:

Pardon Cigar Series 2000-3000-6000

Padron Cigars Series:

There are around 15 vitolas in this series. Each vitola is available in Madura wrapper with natural flavor. Leaving Corticos, all vitolas under this brand are brown with Padron besides being handmade in white lettering. The filler, binder leaves and wrapper are all sun grown Habana which are ordered from Nicaragua. All these are two and a half years old. The various cigars under this product line are:

  • Delicias
  • Cortices
  • 2000
  • 7000
  • Londres
  • Magnum
  • 3000
  • Executive
  • 5000
  • Churchill
  • Palmas
  • Ambassador
  • 4000
  • 6000
  • Panatela

Padron Cigars 1964 Anniversary series:

In the year 1994, the company introduced “1964 Anniversary Series” to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company. These cigars are manufactured completely from tobacco grown at Nicaraguan. These Padron Cigars are available in both natural as well as Madura wrappers. The product line has limited series and to confirm the authenticity, the company places a label or seal on each individual cigar which is a 6 digit serial number. The cigars available in this product line are:

  • Torpedo
  • Diplomatic
  • Imperial
  • Exclusivo
  • Principe
  • Monarca
  • Corona and
  • Superior

Pardon 1926 series

Padron Cigars 1926 series:

This is the third and the final Padron Cigars product line which was created in the year 2002. This cigar was launched to honor the 75th birthday of Jose Orlando Padron. This product line has 7 vitolas and each cigar has either a natural sun grown Habana or Madura wrapper. They all contain Nicaraguan tobacco. This product line is also box pressed and has a 6 digit seal as security code on their product to ensure against counterfeiting. The various cigars available under this category are:

  • 80th anniversary
  • 40th anniversary
  • No.35
  • N0.1
  • No.9
  • No.6
  • No.2

Tag line: The only motive of the company is to strive hard and create worthy and special time Padron Cigars. For years, the smokers have been sharing their special stories with the company and have also been recognized by smoking one of the cigars of this company.