Ask any B&M cigar store owner how many times someone’s asked the question “What’s your best cigar?” and I bet you’ll hear a wide variety of answers that boil down to this: A LOT.  They’d probably be able to throw in some other subjective adjectives that can be substituted for best like favorite, strongest, or mildest that are commonly asked as well.  I witnessed this very exchange happen last week and it got me to thinking.  I know, that’s probably not a good thing, but oh well…

As a cigar blogger (albeit not a regular one lately), I take my cigar smoking seriously.  I try to thoroughly evaluate any cigar I smoke so that I can properly transcribe my evaluations and observations to you my readers.  I give you my opinion on cigars based on the experiences I’ve had with the cigars I’m reviewing.  And the truth of the matter is that my opinion is just that, an opinion.  I try to remain as objective as possible and tell you about objective characteristics like burn, construction, wrapper appearance and the like.

But, does it taste good?  What is the aroma like?  Is this the best cigar I’ve had or is it just so-so?  I can answer those questions for myself and describe them to you, but can’t answer for you.  I like full-bodied cigars.  You might not.  I think that thinner ring gauges hold more flavor.  You might disagree.  I might like woody flavors whereas you like more spice.

So, if you ask me what my best cigar is, I’m going to give you my opinion.  If you ask me what my favorite cigar is, you’ll get my favorite answer for that day/week/month; however long my current favorite remains my favorite.  And, if you tell me what you like, I can guide you to things I think you might enjoy based on my experience and knowledge.

But, if you’re looking for the best cigar, you’re going to have to find that one for yourself.

If you already know, tell me what your best cigar is and why…  Maybe it’ll help others find theirs.